F**k like S***s

F**k like S***s

A Poem by Hippy

Given flesh, take as you please.
Desire breathes, let it feed.
Media lies how you should lay,
so take hands. Let's play!
you're given bones, push 'em hard.
like Savage beasts! the s***s we are!
Embrace passion, desire free,
Hell it's only you and me.
so let's f**k like s***s.
try it all twice.
just to make sure
we didn't like it.
leave intellect to the mind,
love to the heart,
our souls to each other,
But that's just a start.
Our bodies are gifts!
senses to explore,
Let's touch 'em all,
And all that fancies it!
don't just kiss,
make it more.
let souls dance!
You're no w***e.
societies eyes are blind,
seeing all that's spoon feed.
You're a spiritual/sexual being.
will it matter when you're dead?
oh wait, you've lost you're head!
your body to, yet much more.
your soul will see a fail to explore.
let shadows of society creep.
It's just you and the world.

© 2013 Hippy

Author's Note

It is a bit rough and i am trying to explain a misconception of how we are spoon fed what is sex yet we are very sexual animals and we have a desire in us that can make us all sluts. I am not saying be a slut cause well diseases but just explore your fancies. also it is like you have to feed the soul with love ( a bond of souls touching or something) feed the mind and please the body all in a way it wants to really hold a relationship or something. imma stop rambling, take it as you will... slut.

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I can see what you are getting at .surely there its no real reason that sexual repression b the norm in the right context, one should view sex as we do any other normal natural thing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 7, 2013
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Underland, IN

My names austin lee wallace i am a hippy and thats what they all call me. i love music its the greatest, i play guitar the harp piano flute violin and whatever i can get me hands on. Im not much of a .. more..

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