Writing as a disabled author

Writing as a disabled author

A Story by Autistic Alice

It's not easy being a disabled writer...

It's not easy writing when you have multiple disabilities. It's not easy when you are self educated. When you can't go to college because of the emotional problems that make stress disabling. So writing as a disabled writer is always hard when things don't go as you plan. You want to inspire people and to write like your favorite authors with ideas that run through your mind quicker than the speed of light.

You can't organize these thoughts and you can't turn them into anything. I feel like my mind goes blank every time I do. It's hard when you are forced to do things on your own with no real understanding of what others say. I have comprehension problems and for me to be a writer is stressful enough to make me want to give up.

Sometimes I've even gotten so close to giving up that I really do give up. My friends or boyfriend can't inspire me like they used to. I just don't know how to become a better writer. I try to work hard to not let my doubts bring me down but imagine being disabled like me and having everything come crashing down.

I need an inspiration. A writer who knows what it's like and who can say they know what I am going through but I guess that would be asking too much, huh? Being a writer isn't easy for some with a disability. It always seems like it's harder being a disabled writer than for a normal writer...

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Author's Note

Autistic Alice
This was something I wrote out of the blue. It's just to help those understand my struggles as a writer... but I don't think I explained it as much as I wanted to. I'll post something later I wrote about writing or I'll just rewrite this.

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Added on April 1, 2012
Last Updated on April 1, 2012
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Autistic Alice
Autistic Alice

Gold Canyon, AZ

My name is Alice. I am 23 years old and I am diagnosed with multiple disabilities. I am emotionally-sensitive and socially-awkward. I have worse problems in real life than I do online. I am a writt.. more..

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