Prologue: Introductions

Prologue: Introductions

A Chapter by AFX787359

The introductions to the story. The characters all arrive.


PLEASE READ THIS!!!! I'm not a fan of long AN's either but this one is important if you want to understand the story that is to come. Thanks! This is an idea that I've had for a long time but never had the time to type up and post.

Summary: We all know of the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom's Shipping War. Well, I decided to write fic about it actually taking place in the Avatar world at the beginning of time. This war would be the first in history and would eventually lead to the second Great War between benders and non-benders which in turn would lead to the creation of the Avatar (See my other fic Spirit vs. Soul). In this fic, the characters will not know that this "war" deals with their love lives. I shall try to be as objective as possible as I go write the story. However, it should be made known that I am an avid Kataanger. In fact, on a couple of forums, I have been given the title of Kataang King. But, like I said, I shall do my absolute best to remain as objective as possible.


The first chapter is introductions and the second chapter is the actual story. I was originally going to make this a single one-shot but then I saw how long the introductions got and decided it would be better if I split this in two chapters. Well thanks for reading this annoyingly long AN!

Disclaimer: Avatar: the Last Airbender or Avatar: the Legend of Aang and all things related are property of Nickelodeon, a division of Viacom International. I am not making any profit off of this work in any way, shape or form.

Several years had passed since the end of the Hundred Years' War. With the help of the monarchs of the world, the world was ready to enter into an era of peace. Five years after the end of the War, Team Avatar held a family reunion on Kyoshi Island, hosted by Sokka, Suki, and their three-year old daughter, Kya, who was a waterbender, and named after Sokka and Katara's mother.


Zuko and Mai arrived with their royal entourage from the Palace City after several days of journey.


Aang and Katara flew in on Appa from the Western Air Temple.


Toph and Haru were escorted by their own royal escort from Ba Sing Se and accompanied by the former General Iroh, the Dragon of the West.


Sokka stepped out of his house to see Appa land in the town square. Aang jumped off and then helped Katara down. Running down, he gave a hug to his sister and her boyfriend, the Avatar.


"Aang! Katara! It's so good to see you! It's been far too long!" exclaimed Suki as she joined the group hug.


Katara smiled as she returned joined the group hug. "It's great to see you too, Suki. I hope Sokka here hasn't consumed the town's treasury with his meat need yet!"


Suki smiled as the jibe at her husband's love for meat that was a borderline obsession.


"No, not yet Katara, and hopefully not for a long time. Come in! We have the guest rooms already prepared. Did you see Mai and Zuko while you guys were flying?"


Aang frowned, "They aren't here yet? We stopped by the palace when we stopped in the Palace City. They said they would be starting soon. I thought they'd be here by the time we got here."


"It's probably nothing," Sokka said, "They'll be here either tonight or early morning tomorrow I bet. The Fire Navy's not as slow as it once was."


Katara rolled her eyes at her brother for the lame joke. Yep, it was the same old Sokka with the same old sarcasm alright.


After lunch, Katara and Aang visited the beach, reminiscing about their past times on Kyoshi.


"Remember the first time we came here how you nearly died because you wanted to impress Coco and her little fan club by riding the Unagi?"


"Of course how could I forget?" Aang grinned. "I wonder if Coco is still here."


"She's in Omashu, studying at Shuma University."


"Oh. Wait, what's that noise?"


Both turned to the water to see a grand fleet of about three ships approaching Kyoshi, flying the standard of the Palace of Ba Sing Se.


"IT'S TOPH!" Aang yelled in excitement.


"Aang, I'm right here, you don't need to scream in my ear." Katara smiled at her boyfriend's childish antics that she loved oh so much.


"Ooops, sorry." The Avatar gave Katara one of his trademark goofy grins.


The fleet of ships docked at the nearby wharf and Aang and Katara ran towards it just as the gangplank began lowering.


As the two approached the ship they saw that the Earth King and Queen had descended.


"Twinkle Toes! Sugar Queen!" Toph exclaimed as the two captured her in a hug.


"Hey any room for me?" Haru asked with a smile as he joined them next to Toph.


"Oh shut up you lazy a*s." Toph teased.


Haru smiled and kissed his fiancé on her forehead before being enveloped in hug by Aang and Katara.


"It's good to see you again Haru." Aang smiled at his good friend.


Katara just laughed and began to lead the group back towards Kyoshi.


Toph motioned for the Regal Guard to stay behind at the ships.


As they trekked towards the town, the group exchanged stories as to how they had all been over the past few years.


"Wait a minute, where's Uncle Iroh?" Aang asked looking around?.


"You might want to pay attention to your surroundings a bit more young Avatar." A voice emanated from the trees. Iroh stepped out with his classic welcoming smile.


Katara smiled, "It's good to see you Uncle Iroh; it's been too long."


"Ah, as with you Katara. My my, haven't you become a fine young lady! I'm sure many lads are envious of you, Aang."


Aang and Katara blushed at the compliment.


Soon the group came in sight of the village and went to their hosts' home. Sokka and Suki welcomed the new arrivals with enthusiasm and soon showed them to their rooms. Now they just had to wait for one more couple.


As dusk began to fall, a light appeared on the horizon. As it came closer, one could see that it was actually a ship. Not just one ship either, it was the entire Royal Fleet of the Fire Navy. With an entourage of four ships, it was one of the most well known and powerful fleets sailing on the world's waters, second only to the Southern Water Tribe's Royal Escort for their Princess Katara whenever she was in their city. The Fire Fleet docked next to Toph and Haru's escort.


As soon as the gangplank descended, Zuko and Mai, the Fire Lord and Fire Lady, descended with their five year old son, Prince Aiza. After they got off, Zuko motioned for the Royal Procession to remain on the ships for the time being. The group of three then turned toward the village and began towards it. After they reached Sokka and Suki's house, Zuko knocked and waited patiently for the door to open.


A few minutes later, Suki opened the door and with a gasp ushered the new arrivals in and helped them get comfortable.


"Zuko! Mai!" Sokka called out, greeting the last members of Team Avatar to arrive.


"How are you?" Sokka asked kindly.


Mai smiled. She had gone through many metamorphoses after the end of the war and had become a more outgoing person though still quite reserved, and had become the great young woman they all knew existed beneath that hard exterior façade. "Things are as they always have been at the Fire Nation, Sokka. Though it is getting more peaceful now."


Zuko smiled at his son who was tugging at his hand. "Daddy," he said in a small, frightened voice, "Who are these people?"


"These are a few of my friends from the old days, Aiza. Say hello to Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki! We will be staying with them for the next few days."


The little boy turned to his parents' friends and gave a weak smile. Suki started cooing on him as soon as she saw him.


"You three better get some sleep," Suki said to them, "if you want to stay awake for the celebrations tonight!"


Wearily, the Fire Nation royalty trudged to the last of four guest room to find two beds. Soon they fell asleep. Who knew a few days on a Fire Navy ship could make one so exhausted?

I was originally going to make this a one-shot but then I saw how long the introductions alone took. This chapter is more than a thousand words by itself! I didn't think that the introductions would take that long and I planned the actual story to be very long as well since I'm going to go through almost every episode as I examine each ship.

Therefore, I have decided that this will be two chapters. The next chapter will be the actual story of the Shipping War.

Also, I'm sure that you all are wondering about how Toph and Haru came together and how did Toph become Earth Queen. I will post a one-shot soon about Toph becoming Earth Queen as for the Toru part, use your imagination! :P

Please review before you hit the back button! :-)

© 2010 AFX787359

Author's Note

Reviews are appreciated. :P

Special thanks to Deepshikha for Beta-Reading this. :D

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Mai seems a little OOC, though, not too much. You can't reverse emoness.

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