The Water Age

The Water Age

A Chapter by AFX787359

The First Season of the Show. The tale begins.


Here's the next chapter. I decided to upload both the prologue and the first chapter at the same time. Let me know what you guys think of it!


A note: The years are basically the episodes; each episode is divided into ten "years," i.e. 101:4, 213:7, or 321:9. The first year of each decade is ":0". i.e. 213:0.

Another note: When I did this, I only regarded the actual show. Nothing else… I sometimes looked towards the fandom, but I completely disregarded the trailers, mini-episodes (such as School Time Shipping), etc.


Disclaimer: Avatar: the Last Airbender or Avatar: the Legend of Aang and all things related are property of Nickelodeon, a division of Viacom International. I am not making any profit off of this work in any way, shape or form.

That night, the recently reunited Team Avatar proceeded towards the town center where the celebrations for Ozai's downfall would take place. After several hours of visiting the many stalls and other attractions, everyone attending proceeded towards the shore where a great fireworks display would take place.


Aang lead his friends to a secluded area close enough to the campfire but at the same time hidden.


Iroh excused himself for a while and left the group to itself saying that he would go help the kids into bed.


Fifteen minutes later, Oyaji stood up from his spot next to the fire. Opening his arms wide he said, "Welcome one and all to Kyoshi Island! Before the fireworks, I would like to invite the retired General Iroh forward to regale us with his tales."


Applause followed and Iroh stepped forward with confidence and grace that came from years and years of life.


Iroh closed his eyes and then opened them and looked towards the large audience in front of his and spoke thus:


"Friends, Family, Loved ones… I ask you to listen carefully, for what you will hear is both legend and history. It has defined the very destiny of this world. I am not here to say that the Shipping Wars were either good or bad. They happened and the only thing that we as observers can do is accept this and its impact on the world. It is a tale of truth, cunning, treachery, bravery, and death. The greatness of this portion of our history is very, very important. It would soon lead to not only the creation of the four nations, but bending and the Avatar cycle as well. All of these have directly affected one and all of us. We might not know it… But it is true…


"As I tell you this however, you must remember that at this time in the world the four nations and the bending disciplines did not exist.


"Now… Lend me your ears as I tell you of this tale of history, blood, and deceit…


The Water Age


Today, historians of the Palace City and Ba Sing Se place the founding of the great Kataang Kingdom in 101:0 (AN: Pronounced one-oh-one-zero) W.A. From the very beginning, the Kataangers were extremely devoted and peaceful. It is the very first civilization of this world. Existing thousands of years before the creation of the four nations, and indeed well before the creation of the bending disciplines themselves… This Kingdom lived in several decades of peace. Neither challenged nor supported. By the end of 101:9 however, trouble was brewing…


It is estimated that the prophet Zutra was born in 102:2. This person would show great defiance towards the Kataang government. However, the government disregarded him thinking that he was no serious threat. Alas, were they wrong… In 102:9 Zutra gathered some followers and left the Kataang lands, never to return as a supporter of that government. He will eventually set foot on Kataang shores again, but that would be as a general of his army.


From 103:0 to 103:9, Kataang worked on strengthening itself. Very little happened in

this decade and it was an extremely peaceful one.


In 104:6, the nation of Sukka (commonly known as 'George') declared its independence from Kataang. Kataang officially recognized this new nation as they did not see it as a great threat and some of the members of the Kataang Parliament agreed with the new philosophies of the new nation. Sukka lived in peace from several centuries before it would actually be challenged. While not officially recognized by either government, Sukka and Kataang formed a close friendship and many citizens held dual citizenship of both countries. In 104:8, Zutra would gain some more followers from Kataang and even a few from Sukka.


During 105:0 to 105:9, Kataang and Sukka lived in relative peace with no opposition. However, Zutra had gained much confidence and now ordered his followers to harass Kataang and Sukka. These minor disturbances were disregarded by both the Kataang Parliament and the Sukka Legislature. What a mistake it turned out to be.


106:1 however foreshadowed disaster for Kataang. In this year, radicals from Kataang would leave and form their own tribe of Hatara. It provided minor threat to Kataang, but Kataang remained weary after their encounters with the Zutarian guerrilla raids. It posted troops on the borders of Hatara which only served to make the Hatarians even more annoyed. However, in 106:9, Kataang took over and annexed Hatara with little resistance.


From 107:0 to 108:9, there is little to mention except minor skirmishes between Kataang and Zutara.


Most historians at Ba Sing Se University place the true start of the Shipping War at 109:6. In this year the prophet Zutra made a bold attempt at invading Kataang. Gathering a force numbering in the thousands he returned to his once homeland as an invader. Kataang was shocked and taken aback. However, in 109:7, the Kataang Parliament officially declared war on Zutara and ordered its General Srinivasa to take the Kataang army and engage the Zutarians. The attempt, however, would prove to be futile because in the first moments of the invasion, Zutra had succeeded in forging a powerful stronghold on the shores. It would take another twelve years before Kataang could retake its lost territory.


110:1 (AN: Pronounced one-ten-one) saw the rise of the Jetara tribe. Similar to Hatara, it announced itself as an enemy of Kataang. However, there was one great difference between these two: Jetara was more powerful than Hatara. Kataang positioned its troops near the Jetara but did not officially invade and conquer until 110:9. Jetara was extremely weakened. So much so that it would not dare pit itself against Kataang for several more decades.


Very little happened from 111:0 to 111:9 (AN: Pronounced one-eleven-nine) that is worth mentioning. However, towards the end of 111:9, Kataang drove Zutra and his followers back to their homeland.


From 112:0 to 113:9, the Shipping War went into a time of hiatus as all of the nations turned towards strengthening their homelands. In this time, Sukka became wary of the outside world considering recent events. Therefore, it turned towards strengthening its military and people. Both Kataang and Zutara became very powerful nations during this time.


114:4 saw a significant battle between Kataang and Zutara with hundreds of troops killed on both sides. The eventual outcome is undecided as neither side neither gained nor lost land. Eventually, the two nations would return to their homelands with no major victory.


115:0 to 115:9 was one of the most conflicted decades in history. This decade had an extremely devastating war in it between Kataang and Zutara. With hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of warships at their call, Kataang easily outnumbered their enemies three to one. However, the Zutarians had the home field advantage. The Zutarian navy first devastated the approaching Kataang navy but soon Kataang would destroy the defenders of the sea. As soon as the troops landed, both sides knew that this would be a long, drawn out war. Even with this thought, the two sides attacked and counterattacked with great vigor. Eventually at the end of 115:9, Kataang would claim victory but they had lost tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of their warships that it was a victory that was practically worthless. However, Kataang now saw how much of a threat Zutara was and began mobilizing itself for full-out war.


118:2 saw the birth of Yuokka, the very first threat to Sukka. By 118:9, Yuokka made significant progress but was soon halted by the superior Sukka military.


119:3 saw the progress of Yuokka into parts of Sukka territory and the Sukka government officially declared war on Yuokka. However, this conflict would never be major enough to place an impact on global politics such as the Kataang-Zutara war. But by 119:6, Sukka was weakened enough that it could no longer provide support to its ally Kataang. Nevertheless, in 119:8, Kataang made much progress on its own, taking one of Zutara's most powerful cities in an all-out invasion even more impressive than the one of the decade of 115.


120:7 saw Kataang making even more progress into Zutara territory taking one of their most powerful fortresses. However, Kataang halted their invasion mindful to not stretch their supply lines too far. By the end of 120:9, Sukka launched a huge invasion of Yuokka in order to completely annihilate them. The invasion was neither successful not unsuccessful because most Yuokkans happily accepted the Sukkans as their rulers without much conflict. The remaining radicals fled to find a home in the mountains and other remote corners of the world.


"And so ends the Water Age," Iroh said, "The Kataang-Zutara War is now all-out and Sukka remains unchallenged at the end of the Age. The Earth Era will be even more bloody and devastating for the world…"

So, I INTENDED to make this a two-shot but then I saw how long it was getting. Well, I have decided against it and decided that it will be five chapters.


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Author's Note

Haha, so this is the first chapter of the tale lol. BTW, I am literally copying and pasting whatever I had on my account onto here without changing anything.

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