The Earth Era

The Earth Era

A Chapter by AFX787359

The second season of the show.

Please keep in mind that I don't mean to bash anyone's ship, and any and all characters in here are all made up from my own mind.


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The Earth Era


201:8 saw a very powerful Kataang naval victory against the Zutarian navy even taking their powerful naval base at Nasti.


Following up their naval victory in 201:8, Kataang ordered another invasion of Zutara in 202:0. The Kataang invasion was largely successful and for next ten years, Kataang managed to take over half of Zutarian territory. This was the bloodiest and most successful invasion in Shipping History up until its time. Results of this war were so great that for several generations to come, even after the war, Zutarians would resent Kataang for pillaging their lands. Further helping Kataang was the rise of a small nation called Songko in 202:7 though it would not stay for more than a couple of years, it managed to put Zutara on the edge. Finally towards the end of 202:9, Kataang halted its war. However, they refused to leave the Zutarian lands. They would form several colonies that would directly be ruled by the Kataang Parliament.


203:3 was a year of revolution for Kataang. In this time, the son of the great Kataang General Srinivasa, who lead the Kataang defense against Zutra in 109:6, named Kiran staged coup d'état and took over the Kataang Parliament soon to become Kataang King under a constitutional monarchy. He kept the Parliament but he now had full control of the military and economy of the Kataang Kingdom. 203:8 saw the birth of Maiko, allied with Kataang and Sukka, it declared itself an enemy of Zutara. By the end of 203:9, Maiko had become one of the "main Shipping nations."


204:4 saw the birth of Taang. While minor, it was treated with caution by the great nations such as Kataang and Sukka. Zutara, however, formed a close alliance with this new nation by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, the Kataang armies in the Zutarian lands were as strong as ever: Holding back and crushing any resistance they encountered.


The decade of 205 saw little action with Sukka maintaining its history of peace and Kataang still holding onto Zutara lands.


206:2 saw an attack on the Kataang Navy by Taang. Backed by the mighty Zutarians, they successfully launched an ambush on one of the naval bases in the Zutarian colonies. Several ships were either damaged or sunk and hundred killed and even more injured. However, after a few years, the attack would prove for naught because of the unlimited supplies and resources of Kataang, but it was draining Taang. Zutara too was being stretched.


207:0 to 207:9 saw minimal action on global politics but Zutara managed to regain some of its old territories, but the victories were so small that they were virtually disregarded by the Kataang monarchy and Parliament.


208:1 and 208:4 saw some minor skirmishes between Kataang and Taang and Zutara. 208:7 saw the birth and rise to power of Ty Lokka. Even though it put itself against Sukka, both Sukka and Kataang nearly disregarded this new people as lunatics that honestly couldn't give them opposition.


209:3 and 209:7 saw two major naval victories for Kataang against Taang.

210:0 to 210:9 saw very little action on global politics.


211:3 saw a great morale boost for Zutara and Taang and they managed to take back up to a third of what Zutara had lost to Kataang in the war of 202. But alas, it would not be for long. By the end of 211:9, Kataang once again controlled most of what they had conquered.


212:3 was a "golden age" for Sukka. Making significant advances in their culture and society, they were considered the greatest of the Shipping Nations by this time with minimal violence on its history records and much great advancement in technology and culture. 212:5 saw the birth and rise to power of Tokka. Within the course of one year, it managed to declare itself an enemy of Taang, Sukka, and Ty Lokka but it had no allies of its own. Tokka was at first completely disregarded by Kataang, Zutara, Sukka, and Maiko just as they disregarded Ty Lokka. However, Tokka was a much more powerful group of people and managed to do severe damage to Ty Lokka and destroy one of Sukka's naval fleets in 212:8. At the same time, with the help of Sukka, Kataang managed to once more take control of several Zutarian lands in 212:8. However, the battle was extremely bloody and cost Kataang much money. This however was not an impediment to the Kataang King and he ordered his armies forward to take the next Zutarian city. If Kataang kept at this rate, they would reach the Zutarian capital by the end of the century. 212:9 saw the return of Jetara. Once again putting itself against Kataang, this violent tribe declared itself an enemy of the powerful Kataang Kingdom. At the end of the decade, Sukka managed to deal a devastating blow against its enemies of Tokka and Ty Lokka.


213:6 saw a very minor victory for Ty Lokka against an invading Sukka force but it was so minor that it was almost completely disregarded by the great nations of the world.


214:4 saw a minor victory for Kataang when they attacked a nearby Zutarian outpost.


215:7 saw the rise of a very minor nation that is not known well. Though loosely allied with Kataang, Jinko remained isolated from the global war.


Very little occurred during 216:0 to 216:9 that is worth mentioning.


IN 217:3 Jetara made its attack on Kataang. With a force numbering in the tens of thousands and backed by the superior Zutara army, they attacked the Kataang homeland. This invasion was largely successful and is remembered as the first successful invasion of Kataang lands since Zutra's invasion in 109:6. In this war, Kataang King Vijay III himself gathered his armies and led them. The two sides fought relentlessly and with much passion and courage. The invasion soon faltered in 217:8 with many Jetarians questioning the need for the war. In 217:9, Kataang finally put a halt to the invasion and went on a campaign of total annihilation against Jetara. Fearful for their lives, many Jetarians either joined Kataang or fled to serve in the Zutarian military. Jetara was completely destroyed by the end of 217:9.


218:7 saw another rather minor victory for Kataang, Sukka, and Maiko. They three nations combined their forces launched two successful invasion of Zutara and Tokka. Tokka was greatly damaged but its people still stood strong. Zutara as always fought with the passion that had become their insignia. The battle lasted for three months and was a very bloody one at that.


The decade of 219 and the following 220 would be two of the bloodiest in Shipping History. The wars of these two decades saw the great Kataang and Zutara nations fighting many battles that would leave hundreds of thousands dead and millions injured. 219:0 saw morale boost for Zutara and they ordered their armies forward but once in the ready position, their queen ordered them to stop and wait for their right moment. 219:5 was a time of guerrilla war from the Kataang side. The Kataang armies became nearly obsessed with raiding and damaging as much of the Zutarian army as possible and they were largely successful because they managed to cause well over three-thousand casualties to the Zutarian army. However, this only worked to a certain extent. Soon, Zutara retaliated with a full-front attack. Taking several thousand casualties, Kataang was forced into retreat. But Zutara was greatly weakened after several years of fighting on its own soil. It was soon forced to stop its attack and Kataang took advantage of this. Making an attack on its own, it set up the stage the war of 220, which would have hundreds of thousands deaths and the battlefields would be red with the blood.

220:3 saw a great attack by Zutara. Emboldened, their queen ordered her armies and navies to attack the Kataang strongholds on her lands. Their hearts crying out for revenge for all the years the enemy had lived off their lands, the Zutarian armies attacked. With great leadership, they dealt devastation to the Kataang forces and they were forced to retreat. The entire year was filled with Zutara victory one after another. 220:5 saw a minor battle between Sukka and Ty Lokka but it was so minor that it is not even mentioned among many historians. As this was happening, Zutara made another largely successful attack against Kataang. However, halfway through the year, Kataang received reinforcements from the homeland and was able to defend itself and even take the offensive. In 220:8, Kataang took the offensive once more and this time it was aided by Maiko. Under the leadership of Kataang High General Elcundil I, a good friend of the then Kataang King, the Zutarian armies were forced into retreat. By the end of 220:9, High General Elcundil had the Zutarian armies once again on the retreat and Maiko was now powerful enough to root out the Zutarian armies.


"Thus the Earth Era comes to a close," Iroh said, "The Earth Era ends on an extremely ominous note. Kataang is now on a campaign of complete annihilation, accompanied by Maiko, of Zutara. After centuries of war, the Zutarian Empire is finally starting to waver. And Sukka as well has now decided to destroy its enemies. The Fire Epoch will be the bloodiest era in the entire world's history, not just of the Shipping Eon. Maiko will now attack Zutara head-on with the backing of Kataang. Sukka will face a few invasions of its own… And now friends, family, loved ones… The Fire Epoch"

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Oh. My. God. This is pure, undiluted brilliance. I didn't expect anything like this!

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