Because of Me

Because of Me

A Story by Aven

Snippet from my story...


  My heart was pounding.

Meredith collapsed in the corner of the room; I looked back at Simon,

   “You’re sure it was Caroline?” I asked, her name leaving a fowl taste in my mouth,

   “Yes... Hesh, please, no one can reason with her…” Simon breathed. I closed my eye’s, it occurred to me then more then ever that I had brought them nothing more then misfortune.


  When I first arrived three years ago, I had been searching for Liam. He was hiding here, and they accepted me as well - despite the danger.

They were connected to the society as were we, but not as directly so; Meredith’s husband, Isaac, was killed by members of the society. From the vague references she’s made and the few times his name came up – he was apparently a runner. He partnered up with Warren Michael in his early twenties. Warren would bring the alcohol across the border and Isaac would then sell it under the table here in this very restaurant. A job Meredith took over and still does to this day. Of course, Warren stuck around to help out and whatnot… He even picked up a new partner apparently – Raphael something.


  Nevertheless, from what I heard, Isaac got himself in some nasty dealings that involved the society and soon after he was dead. I’m not surprised. The society rarely functions properly.


  This, however… This was my fault. My former wife, Caroline, joined the Society nearly a year after I had – after she cheated on me with the Society’s second in command, Linden. I refused to associate myself with her after I found out, which was rather difficult seeing as we both worked so closely together. She made it clear that she wanted me back, I rejected her and eventually transferred to the Society’s outpost in Heidelberg, Germany where I lost track of her.


  I moved back over fifty years ago.

I neither saw nor heard from her, but it’s very apparent now that she knew I was back; that I was here. She evidently assumed that I was married to Meredith and that Seamus was my son. In her deluded mind – that made Seamus her son as well.


  She took him.

Straight to the Society to have him sired, I’m sure… Saving him would mean going back; to the Society and Caroline – two things I swore never to involve myself with again.


  Simon cleared his throat, I glanced in his direction, he motioned towards Meredith – she was staring at me, her eye’s glazed over. I nodded, grabbing my coat and passing James, who had been listening from the hall,

    “Hesh…” he started,

    “Don’t worry kiddo...” I smiled, I didn’t mean it but he seemed slightly reassured. I walked out the front door leaving the warmth of the restaurant and heading into the early morning mist alone. 




© 2008 Aven

Author's Note

I'm just starting out, this isn't a chapter or anything - just a snippet~
Let me know what you think...

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Very interesting! Nice write! Keep it up, fellow writer!

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is a fabulous write, looking forward to reading more,well done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

It's great. Intense and very well written. Can't wait to see your next stuff!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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