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Have you ever fallen in love with a house? Have you ever fallen in love with your own drafted dream mansion?
Night Terrors

Night Terrors

A Poem by Double T

This is a simple story poem I wrote a while ago.


The darkness is their cover

The light is their weakness

But their power is unimaginable


They lurk inside the house at night

When the clouds are dark

With the thunder drumming

And the lighting clapping in the sky


They are the shadows of the house

Moving through the center of the living room

Hiding in the freshness of the kitchen

Down the bottoms of the basement

Through the vowels of the attic


It walks in the hallways

No motivation of determination

But it still walks

Still walking

Until it sees one door

Twists the nob

Pushes the door wide open

Raveled to be your bedroom

And you are in it


Under the covers

You are sweating

Drops of fear

On the sheets


You see it

It is a black figure

You can’t run or hide

Because it may find you or chase you


You look at it

With the eyes of fear

No knowledge of what it is

Except in theories

Is the son of Lucifer?

The agent of hades

Ancestor of Freddy Kurger

With each guess, no


It is something sinister

Something much more darker

It is the Night Terror

It comes during the night

Hides under the bed

Sneaks into your dreams

And causes terror until the dawn comes


It is in front of your bed

You are scared now

It tries to reach you with its hands of darkness

Just when it grabs you

A light comes

Than it disappears


It suddenly comes together

The time is now morning

And Night Terror is only the darkest part of your dreams

You now wake up

To enjoy the brightness of the morning

And embrace the pleasures and values of the day

© 2015 Double T

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Added on November 1, 2015
Last Updated on November 1, 2015
Tags: Nightmare, fear, Halloween


Double T
Double T

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