A Poem by Double T

The Expreience of World War 1


I look in the mirror

Seeing myself

My new self

But I hear my old self

Through bullets and yelling


Years ago

In the voles of Vern

The battlefield was the devils playground

Gun fire coming straight us

If you dare go up

You go down

With a bullet in your head


We took base in the trenches

The worst place to operate

Battalions were like legion of rats

Platoons were a small handful of them

We were like a legion of trap rats in corners


Everyday was battlefield sunrise

But every night was blood bath evenings

Soldiers would be killed on the battlefield

With blood staining the ground

Dead rotting one by one

With the smell of corpses

Stinking up the once great lands


Smells of dead bodies were natural

Smells of poison gas were unnatural

Green smoke would come on the field

And each soldier would lay dead

By each breath of the deadly air

That was contained


Huge mammoth beasts of machines

Would wipe us all out

With humongous cannons

Deadlier than any gun

Tanks were the machines of death


After the war

Victory was achieved

But the price was big

Each night when I sleep

Ghosts haunted me

Ghosts of deceased friends

Lost to battlefield

Following me everywhere

Day and night 

Nightmares were new enemies  


But after years of battling ghosts

Years of being lost, I was found by a nurse

She healed my wounds

Stitched my scars

And opened my eyes

Together, she helped battle the ghosts

The victory was her heart

Now I am with her always


I look in the mirror

Seeing my new self

But remembering my old self

My old self was then

My new self is now

I embrace the now

I asked myself  “If not then, what now?”

© 2017 Double T

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Added on July 16, 2017
Last Updated on July 16, 2017


Double T
Double T

Tampa , FL

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