Splintered Roses

Splintered Roses

A Poem by Silly_Clumsy_Amber

You cut yourself on the idea of love and watch yourself bleed emotions out, it's all sort of like the thorns to the rose, you cut yourself repeatedly until you learn or find the right one.


There was this young girl who loved this boy
She gave him his heart
And he held it in his hand
Careful at first, but in the end he ripped it all apart.
The girl cried and cried all day
Into the night she broke into fine pieces
That were bleeding with her own emotions
Until she fell asleep, her tears giving her kisses.
When this girl woke up, her brown hair was in a tangled mess
While her eyes focused on a rose that laid at the edge of her bed-
It was broken-splintered if you may
And all you could see is that this rose was dead.

There was this teenage boy who gave his world to his girl
Where he assumed everything was all happy and free
But a storm came over them
And a fight made him no longer believe.
His love left him behind
Down in the dumps with clenched fists
While he battled all his emotions that night
Until he decided to go to bed wishing love didn't exist.
The boy woke up with bed head the next day
Where his eyes glazed over to the rose
That laid there, splintered and ready to die
With the petals falling coming to a close.

There was this adult man who was ready to wed
And he waited down the aisle to meet his bride
But that's all he did, he just waited and waited
For the bride had left because she lied.
The man went home that day with a heavy heart
And he looked around his half empty room
To see all of her things like her were gone
So the man decided to rest his mind from this gloom.
When he reopened his mind at the strike of the clock
He saw time had passed into a late midnight hour
Where then he saw the shattered rose dangling in the moonlight
Reflecting off sorrow that was held by the flower.

There was this old woman dressed in all black
Her tears rushing down as she stood by a grave
For she had just lost her husband at the end of last week
And now here she was wishing that she didn't have to be brave.
The woman lost her best friend that day
For he was in ashes under the ground
And her mind raced forward thinking about the past
Before falling to her old knees letting her sadness be crowned.
When he tears stopped falling for a minute or two
The woman looked back up at her husband's tomb
To see a rose wilting on the top of all the other flowers
Wishing for a way to absorb the gloom.

All four of these people along with countless of others
Picked up the splintered roses
Tracing the rotting stems to the fragile petals
Before pulling the flower close, sadness stinking into their noses.
The millions who found these flowers
Began to raise their hands
For something inside told them to
And this could be seen across each of the 7 lands.
The young girl that gave her heart to her crush
Closed her eyes for a minute
While the teenage boy that ended after a fight
Decided that love was no longer cute.
The man who was ready to be wed
Finally let his tears escape his eyes
While the old woman who lost her husband
Realized everything eventually dies.
The rising of the broken roses around the world
Reflected not just one or two things
For each person that held one in their hand
Now knew what it feels like to be under love's stings.
The flowers that wilted
Reflected the people who now were broken
Because they were destroyed some way
Leaving many words left unspoken.
The flowers weren't the ones dying
It was the people who had fallen from explosives
That were fading with time
For they were the ones who became splintered roses.

© 2014 Silly_Clumsy_Amber

Author's Note

Please criticize and let me know your thoughts :)

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I like the concept and the story within your poem, but it's rather long and drawn out, think you can say the same thing if you edit some....sometimes words unspoken are good in poetry, still enjoyed. :-)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2014
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