Dark Nights but Bright Days

Dark Nights but Bright Days

A Poem by Silly_Clumsy_Amber

Let me know your thoughts to this poem, honest thoughts even if it's criticism.

In my darkest seconds, there are nights
Where I promise myself I won't get out of bed
Because I just want to end all the fights
And die before the monsters fully take over my head.

And on those nights, I never feel my breath-
In fact, I feel nothing at all when I'm lying in the darkness
Because it's like my body is preparing for death
Since that's less scary than becoming heartless.

You see, I've lost myself on these toxic nights
Not all at once but slowly and piece by piece
And at times that really bites
Because it builds up until I need to release.

But the release is never as easy as it should be
Since the build up pushes me down by its weight
Harder and harder until I want to flee
And let life take me to my fate.

However there are still days that I really do smile
Even when there are nights that I frown
And that makes me feel like I can go the extra mile
Though I'm aware that I still will drown.

And it's those days I keep in mind
For the morning after a tough night
Because maybe- just maybe I'll be fine
And continue to keep up my fight.

That's why I get out of bed
That's why I continue to try
That's why I won't let the monsters control my head
And that's why I don't let myself cry.

The bright days overcome the dark nights
And the smile overcomes the frown
So I'll continue to battle with my frights
Because there's only one way up when I am down

© 2014 Silly_Clumsy_Amber

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Added on April 19, 2014
Last Updated on April 19, 2014
Tags: dark, light, night, day, pain, smile, hardships, happiness




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