A Poem by Avni

Life is full of…..


Amazing amazes

Changing changes

Moody moods

Thoughtful thoughts

Emotional emotions

Identical identities

Impressive impressions

Creative creations

Laughing laughs

Celebratory celebrations

Artistic arts

Realistic realities

Fantasizing fantasies

Imaginative imaginations

Exceptional exceptions

Doubt-able doubts

Insecure insecurities

Secure securities

Focus-able focuses

Perfect perfections

Imperfect Imperfections

Planned plans

Momentary moments

Regretting regrets

Sharable shares

Comfortable comforts

Painful pains

Silent silences

Noisy noises

Impossible impossibilities

Possible possibilities

Believable beliefs

Illusory illusions

Glorious glories

Inventive inventions

Inspirational inspirations

Awesome awes

Dangerous dangers

Adventurous adventures

Mistaking mistakes

Passionate passions

Certain certainties

Uncertain uncertainties

Happy happenings

Memorable memories

Confusing confusions

Dignified dignities

Faulty faults

Powerful powers

Answerable answers

Questionable questions

Risky risks

Promising promises

Fearing fears

Adjustable adjustments

Smiling smiles

Excusing excuses

Desiring desires

Dreaming dreams

Interesting interests

Poetic poems

Able abilities

Unable inabilities

Bounded boundaries

Obliged obligations

Reasonable reasons

Intuitive intuitions

True truths

False falsities

Prior priorities

Inferior inferiority

Superior superiority

Conditional conditions

Delightful delights

Attractive attractions

Distracting distractions

Probable probabilities

Depressive depressions

Messy messes

Sane sanities

Insane insanities




Life is randomly random and can’t be explained completely..



Definitely Definite


Indefinitely indefinite..

© 2014 Avni

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Added on June 7, 2014
Last Updated on July 30, 2014
Tags: moments, moods, thoughts, emotions, identity, impression, laugh, celebration, definite, insmile, random, interests, insane, messsy, depression, attraction, dreams, poetic, adventure, truth, poems



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