A Chapter by Avril Zombie

   "Imagine a moment where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment in your life and you get to spend it with one person. Who's standing next to you?" Ronnie asks Monroe.
She pauses, as if to contemplate at first. Her eyebrows furrow, only causing Ronnie to sigh. Each person he's asked has said it was to hard. The answer was clearer then day for him. 
   "I don't know. I mean, I have an idea, but it's a secret." She responds. 
   "I thought we were friends don't you want to tell your best friend everything?" Ronnie laughs.
   "I mean I do. But, I'll tell you sometime else. Right now we have to go before the pop's come and get us." She says standing. 

   "To late for that." A sigh spills from Ronnie's lips as he turns his attention towards the 3 pop's wearing Ralph Lauren polos and to much men's perfume walk through the door. To him it was perfume. No guy should ever wear anything that's scent resembles that of citrus fruits. Or fruits to begin with.
   "Hoods." One of them snarls at Ronnie.
   "Pop's." Monroe glares.
   "Out of my face broad. You know damn straight that you aren't welcome here." Another says.
   "Hey now. We're all American citzens with the right to be where we want to be. We're paying customers who weren't making any trouble till y'all came around." Ronnie says.
   "Y'all. Using you're southern lingo here? It ain't needed and neither are 'y'alls' !" The first one laughs turning to his friend. 
   "Get the hell out of my face." Ronnie says standing up and getting in the other's face.
Monroe's fear ignites. She was never good with the pops. Mainly because they were scaring her. They hated her, they hated all hoods. Monroe never could figure out why. The pops had everything while the hoods didn't have a lot at all. Everyone hated the hoods because they made the city look trash. 
   "You wanna fight with us hoods? I'm not afraid." The second says. 
   "Guys come on.  We have to get home soon." The third steps in. 
   "Don't be afraid to fight some hoods. Most of them just need to get it through their heads that this town hates them!" The first laughs.
   "Don't mess with my gang... not unless you're willing to fight all of us."

They all turn to see that Joel, Alex, Quinn and Cherry have arrived. 
   "They brought their gang. How cute." The first laughs.
    "Guy's come on. This isn't safe for us." The third protests trying to get away.
    "Shut up!" The second scolds.
   "Just leave us alone. We don't want to start anything." Monroe protests. 
   "I suggest you two leave." Quinn says. 
The pop's leave. Monroe turns to Quinn, wrapping her arms around his tall figure. He hugs her back, knowing that she feared the pops after what happened to her older sister Avril. Her sister was beaten when she was walking home with her boyfriend Jason. 
That reminded Monroe, she would have to call Jason later on. Jason and Monroe had called each other every once in awhile. Both of them equally affected by Avril's death. Monroe was surprised Jason wasn't out for revenge after such events.
   "You alright? They didn't hurt you did they?" Joel asks.
   "What a protective boyfriend." Cherry smiles.
Joel shakes his head, turning to her and flipping her off. The gang sticks together. As they do for the next four years.

© 2014 Avril Zombie

Author's Note

Avril Zombie
Indiana Evans as Monroe
Jayy Von Monroe as Ronnie
Andy Biersack as Joel
Gerard Way as Alex
Sammi Doll as Cherry
Austin Carlile as Quinn
Michael Clifford as Evan
Caroline Costa as Avril
Jeremy Kapone as Jason
Liam Hemmsworth as First popular (Chapter 1)
Louis Tomlinson as 2nd Popular (Chapter 1)
Josh Hutcherson as 3rd Popular (Chapter 1)

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