A Story by Axel Wright

A very short story about a natural heart-breaker.


Nicky was a heartbreaker. She probably still is. You know these people that can find a new partner with a snap of their fingers? That’s not a heartbreaker. A heartbreaker is defined by that plus the ability to break the hearts of the people who fall in love with you all the time. So when it came down to her romantic endeavors Nicky had a very fascinating life. It was also very pleasant too. Every season she had a Swedish table of boys under her disposal-if five of them fell in love with her she could choose and the rest four would just go home. She wasn’t even that beautiful. Okay, she was beautiful but she was no Victoria Secret model. That didn’t matter; the trick to get people fall easily in love with you is not about good appearance entirely-it is about the perfect balance between proper looks and having a great character. The mixture of Nicky could probably replace fittingly the magical potion that Cupid puts on the tip of his arrows.


Nicky had that gift of hers since she was a small kid. When she was 3, all the baby boys in their little carts used to wave at her and Nicky’s mother had become friends with every other mom in the neighborhood. When she was 6, she had arranged her future engagement with about twenty five boys including some exchange student from Europe and he was her favorite. When she was 13, she suffered her first heartbreak and believe it or not the broken heart was hers. The boy had promised her that they would go to together to watch Barbie at the cinema but when they got there some of the boy’s mates that happened to be there started laughing at him and guess what he did? He ran away. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a real tragedy but the really real tragedy did put her in the role of the victim and it happened in 12th grade, around the pro: a classic heartbreak. They started going out two months before the prom, but with all the final exams in the way they barely saw each other. At the prom they were with different partners because they started going out after they had arranged them. After the prom the guy went to study in another country. They talked on the phone all the time but they didn’t see each other anymore. It was slow and painful.


From that Shakespearean tragedy on, Nicky had no remorse. It’s not that she wanted it. That’s just the way things were turning out. Boy after boy: she was unstoppable. Every night she used to spread her hand while lying in bed and count every boy that was into her on her five fingers and then she would sing the “Eeny-meeny” song and the guy standing for her thumb would always win. In time she kind of deliberately started to choose the guy she liked the most as her thumb but either way that didn’t matter. All the five guys were always top-class. And sometimes the heart-broken chaps took it really hard. For instance, once Nicky was passing by Manchester, England for a day. She went into a coffee shop while her parents were loading fuel in the car and a boy started talking to her. The conversation ran so smoothly that they exchanged numbers. Sadly, though, as the boy went to the toilet for a moment Nicky’s dad announced that the car tank was full and it was time to go. Careless, Nicky took the napkin on which her number was written and she wiped the coffee froth from her mouth. Then she put it in her pocket and she was off. Before she could remember about the boy, she had already found a new boyfriend.


Of course, Nicky’s romantic life was not such a heaven. The whole thing backfired horribly once. In university, she cut off this 21-year old guy who never had a girlfriend and who was madly in love with her. The guy followed her and ended up in her house as a house-mate for one year. He got the room opposite hers. She had three boyfriends that year. Neither was him. That was fun.

© 2013 Axel Wright

Author's Note

Axel Wright
Thanks for reading. If you do read it, let me know what you think :)

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Added on July 21, 2013
Last Updated on July 21, 2013
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Axel Wright
Axel Wright

Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I live in the Balkans, Easter Europe, Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv, and I've just finished 12th grade. Thanks in advance for all of your reviews and comments. more..

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