I'd Die For You

I'd Die For You

A Story by Jami Sturgill

never mess with a wolf's pup


Ayame ran through the woods, rain falling down leaving the forest floor a muddy mess. Her crystal blue eyes glowing slightly the lightning flashed on and off. She slid to a stop as she ran into her den and looked at her sister who was waiting for her with a worried face. "Amaroq what’s going on, why did you call for me?" She asked as she sat down and looked at the pack and noticed they were on edge. Amaroq shifted and looked down. "Aya I’m so sorry. I was away from the den checking the area like normal, When I got to the south side of the den I picked up a strange scent I followed it all the way back here...and well Kiley and Aaka where playing when I left and when I got back...Kiley was knocked out next to a tree and Aaka was gone." She said lowly. Ayame growled and looked at her sister and turned and headed out of the Den. "Aya wait we'll go with you" Amaroq said.
     Ayame stopped with and growl and shook her mussel. "no they have my pup. I’m going to be the one to take their life and bring her back. Or die setting her free." Ayame said before she ran out of the Den and jumped of a rock onto the ground and ran into the forest searching for anything. the lightning flashed as the sound of thunder rumbled through out the whole forest. She kept her eyes on the ground with her nose smelling the air. About a mile out she pick up Aaka's scent and picked up her speed and ran, she leaped out of thick bushes to see a clearing and stopped and looked around. She growled as she looked at a huge black and red male wolf with Aaka a few feet behind him knocked out. "aww if it isn't the little princess of the pack. Is this your pup?" He asked as he looked at Aaka and pressed his paw down on her chest making her yelp in pain.
     Ayame growled and ran at him and jumped at him to only get kicked with his back legs and thrown into a tree. Reku laughed as he watched Ayame get back up growling and her teeth bared. "you know i really wasn't trying to take your pup. Just your sister's the pack leader’s daughter. To bad to but i guess this will do taking yours and your pups life will put her in hell. I can just see her face now when she see both of your lifeless bodies.” He said before he jumped at Ayame with bared teeth. "think what you want but she's leavening even it's your dead body or both of ours" She growled as she jumped at him to and bit down onto his left front leg. Reku howled in pain and swung his giant paw at her muzzle. Ayame yelped in pain and jumped back and shaked her head blood sliding down her check from three deep cuts. Then she ran back at Reku both of them slamming on to the other and standing onto their back legs. Reku dug his nails into her shoulders and force Ayame on her back.
     Ayame yelped and kicked Reku off of her using her back legs and rolled back on to her feet and jumped on to Reku's back and bite onto his shoulder right on the back. Reku jumped around growling and ran to a tree and slamming Ayame into the tree. Ayame gasped in pain letting go of his shoulder and fell to the ground. Reku looked at Aya and laughed as she laid on the muddy ground her once sliver fur clumped with Blood and mud. Aaka opened her eyes her golden orbs staring at her mother. "Get away from my mom!!" she yelled as she ran at Reku and bit his back leg. Reku growled and kicked his leg out and sent Aaka flying into the ground.
     Ayame growled and jumped right at Reku and bit into his jugular and sent him onto the ground. She growled as she started to rip through his fur and ripped his throat off. When she stopped and backed up and looked at Reku. "Don’t ever touch her." She growled to the lifeless corpse her sliver mussel drenched in blood. She ran over to Aaka and licked her small mussel. "Are you ok?" she asked as she looked at Aaka for any injuries. Aaka shook her little head. "I’m fine. Your the one hurt though.” she said as she licked Ayame's check. Ayame smiled and started too laughed.  "I love you honey don't worry I’m fine.” She said with a smile. Aaka tilted her head.” Why are you laughing?” she asked her golden eyes shining with confusion. Ayame smiled and said. "Because I’d do anything for you.” she said as she licked Aaka's cheek. "I’d Die For You."     

© 2008 Jami Sturgill

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Jami Sturgill
I hope you like it please review and rate. thanks

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Wonderful, Aya,


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Jami Sturgill
Jami Sturgill

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