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We're Stuck Together

We're Stuck Together

A Story by Jami Sturgill

wolves are bonded but wolf sisters are stuck together




Ayame's silver fur shined in the moonlight as she ran through the forest. She picked up her speed as a figure in the darkness started to close in on her. Ayame ran fast and jumped over a thing of bushes landing in a clearing and going through the creak. "you might as well stop you know you can't out run me." the voice from the darkness said. Ayame sighed and slid to a stop on the other side of the creak and sat down. Amaroq walked out of the darkness her Black fur almost making her invisible. she walked over to the creak and took a drink. Ayame did the same and sat back in her spot to see Amaroq sitting right across from her on the other side of the creak. The wind blew around the sliver wolf and the Black wolf their fur moving with the wind. Crystal blue eyes and Emerald Green eyes locked on each

Amaroq looked at Ayame, "come on Aya this is silly you’re not really going to leave the pack are you?” she asked. Ayame looked at Amaroq. "And why shouldn't I? I’m so sick of being treated like a little princess and have to be watched and protected.” She said as she glared at Amaroq when she said the word protected. Amaroq laughed a little. "Well Aya what do you expect you are the princess of our pack and my little sister. It’s my job to watch over you and protect you. Plus you do have away fo attracting trouble to you all the time.” she said. Ayame laughed a little, "yeah well i handle things differently then how you handle things you just go crazy" she said as she smirked. Amaroq growled. "Well you let people do whatever they want and walk all over you. I kick their butt not go crazy.” she said with a huff.

Ayame laughed."Yeah right you've been in more fights then I’ll ever be in my life time.” she said with a smirk and stood up shaking her fur. Amaroq smirked as she stood up and shook the leaves off of her. "Yeah well I’m also stronger and faster then you'll ever be.” She said as she watched Ayame's movements. "Well that can change.” she said as she started to run with Amaroq right next to her on the other side of the lake. The wind blew as Ayame ran on the left side of the creak and Amaroq on the right side, their reflection on the water making it look like they were side by side. Ayame picked up the speed Amaroq caught up to Ayame and kept running. Ayame looked to her side and growled to see Amaroq running next to her like it was nothing and went faster.

Amaroq looked at Ayame and saw her pushing herself, "don’t push yourself pup” she said with concern in her voice. Ayame looked at Amaroq and picked up her pace.” I’m not a pup!” She said. Amaroq picked up her speed and caught up with Ayame and watched her.” Come on Aya your going to get hurt if you keep this up.” she said. Ayame kept running shaking her head."Aww sis are you scared that I’m going to beat you for once.” she said with a smirked as she passed Amaroq. Amaroq growled as she speed passed Ayame."You’ll never beat me Pup.” she said as she kept running. Ayame gasped as she watched Amaroq go and tried to push herself to go faster but couldn't catch up to her. Amaroq was still running when she heard Ayame yelp and a splash and looked around to see her in the creak. Amaroq stopped and turned back and ran over to her. "Are you ok?"

Ayame sat in the creak laughing and nodded. " I’m fine.” she said as she walked out and shook her fur drying herself and sat down.Amaroq smiled.” good are you cooled down now you stubborn wolf" she said as she looked at Ayame. Ayame laughed a little." ha I’m not the only stubborn wolf your are to, but your as stubborn as a bear and act like on to.” She said with a smirk as she looked at Amaroq. Amaroq smirked to, "you know what I think you need another dip.” She said as she jumped over the creak to Ayame's side and pushed her into the creak but got pulled in by Ayame as she bit on to her tail and pulled her in the water to. Ayame and Amaroq sat up and looked at each other and started laughing.

Ayame smiled and laughed "this is so much fun."Aya said as she walked out of the creak. Amaroq laughed and smiled to."Yeah it's been a while since we had fun like this.” she said. Ayame shook her fur drying herself and sat down as she looked the way she was heading to leave. Amaroq shook her body so her fur was dry and a little puffy like Aya's and sat down and looked at the ground." you'll still thinking about leaveing?"She asked trying to hide the hurt in her voice. Ayame looked at Amaroq and smiled and pushed Amaroq in the lake. "of corse not if I did who would keep you from fighting the world for nothing” she said as she jumped to the other side of the creak.Amaroq smiled and got out of the water and shook her fur again and walked with Ayame heading back to the den. “Yes and who would protect you from all the trouble you attract.” Amaroq said with a laugh.

The two wolf sister walked side by side back to the den Ayame's silver fur shining in the moonlight and Amaroq's black fur blending with the shadows. they walked up to the den to see their daughters playing in front of the den together. Kiley was the wild one of the two just like her mother as Aaka sat their watching Kiley being the peaceful peace maker like her mother. Aaka and Kiley smiled when they saw the mothers. Amaroq walked over to Kiley and sat next to her and smiled. "Plus you can't leave us with these two. Their to much like us i would go crazy.” she said as Aaka ran over to Ayame and sat next to her. "Face it Aya." Amaroq said with a grin. "We’re Stuck Together."


© 2008 Jami Sturgill

Author's Note

Jami Sturgill
please review and rate thanks

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a few typos...but nice read about life in a wolf pack,I'd like to see the final edit of this work,add a few pics of them running,a sweet melody in the background and this could make a cool video

Posted 12 Years Ago

"Of course not, if I did who would keep you from fighting the world for nothing?"

"Yes and who would protect you from all the trouble you attract?"

You picked the two phrases that fit us like peices to a puzzle.

I love you, Aya.


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 27, 2008
Last Updated on November 29, 2008


Jami Sturgill
Jami Sturgill

baltimore, MD

found this animal layout at :: MyHotComments more..

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