Chapter 2: The Frozen Sorcerer

Chapter 2: The Frozen Sorcerer

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

The Frost Sorcerer


                After several more weeks of intense training with both Master Zetsumei and Dusk, Kamikaze and Azazel took to sparring with each other in their off time.  On one cold snowy day, Master Zetsumei walked into the courtyard to see the two sparring.  He noted the weapons each was using; Kamikaze was using twin short swords while Azazel was primarily using a spear, though he had a rapier sheathed on his back as well.  He overheard some of the banter between the two.

                “Zazers, why do you focus on the spear so much?  You’re better with the sword, so why are you handicapping yourself all the time?”  The hellcat continued swiping at her target who parried the blows with the shaft of his spear.  The hound thrust forward hard before ducking down, using his right foot to sweep Kamikaze’s legs out from under her.

                “It’s better to train your weaknesses in battle than to focus solely on what you’re good at.  That’s the way I see it.  I’m already proficient in the rapier I use.  I want to get better with the spear as well as hone my magical abilities,” the hound said, helping his sister back to her feet.  “It’s just the way I want to train.  Besides, the spear feels natural to me, though I can’t begin to fathom why.”  Azazel looked towards the cliffs surrounding most of the castle.  “We have a natural defense from most sides here but there’s no guarantee that the castle won’t ever be attacked.  We should always be ready…”

                Azazel looked at his sister and smiled before his eyes caught sight of someone he had never seen before.  A snow-white felinus with bright green eyes.  The cat was wearing brown leggings and a dark blue tunic.  The golden staff he held in his right hand had a blue crystal hovering over it.

                “You speak of magical abilities, hound…but can you show me how far you’ve grown?  I must admit, I’m curious how well the pup and kitten the queen took in are faring in their training.”  The felinus spoke with a soft voice as he stepped forward, staff held in front of him in a defensive position.  “Can the orphans keep up with someone that’s trained all their life?”  The crystal shone for a moment before several icicles shot towards Azazel and Kamikaze.

                Azazel’s eyes narrowed as he pushed around his sister and dropped his spear in one swift movement.  His left hand found his rapier’s handle and released it from its sheath.  As soon as he thrust forward, multiple fireballs shot from the tip of the blade, colliding with the icicles his opponent launched.  His eyes flashed as they did in front of Gungnir for a moment as the felinus continued to advance.


                Azazel and the felinus diverted their eyes to the voice to find Takumi walking up to them both.  “Lepp, get back to your training.  You’re here for a reason and I doubt your parents would like to hear your picking fights; especially when you’re using your father’s staff,” the coonsune mused, catching a glare from the white felinus, Lepp.

                “Forgive me…I…no, it’s not important.  I’ll return to my studies…”  Lepp muttered, the staff vanishing from sight as he walked through the door leading directly to the library.

                “Kamikaze, Azazel, I must admit, I’m impressed at how far both of you have come in your training.  Azazel, your quick reaction is to be admired. I wonder, can you channel your magic through a spear as well?” he asked.  Azazel shook his head and sighed.

                “No.  Despite how many times I try, I can’t seem to channel anything through any weapon other than a rapier.  Perhaps I’m not meant to.  Like Kamikaze said, I’m easily more proficient in rapiers than any other weapon we have here.  Forgive me sir, I would like to go back to some magical studies, if you don’t mind,” Azazel replied.  After receiving a nod from Takumi, Azazel went through the same door the intruding felinus went through earlier.

                “Kamikaze, speaking of magical abilities, how has your training progressed?  I noticed you haven’t used any magic in your sparring matches with Azazel.” Takumi glanced over at his other student who glanced away.

                “Lightning still escapes me whenever I use it.  I…I don’t want to risk it until I’m more comfortable with it.  And before you ask, I can’t control that other ability very well yet either, but I’m doing better.”  Kamikaze leaned against a wall and looked at her teacher.  “I’m just not as magically inclined as Azazel is, that’s all.  I’ll get it right, I’m sure of it.” The confidence in her voice was strong.  Takumi smiled and gripped his own weapon, a bo staff taller than he is.

                “How about you spar with me for a time?  Don’t hold back; use everything you’ve got!”


                Glancing through the books in the library, he finally found one he was looking for.  “Magic Channeling…here we go.”  Grabbing the book, he walked over to the closest table to him.  He glanced at the sealed door before quickly averting his eyes and sitting down.  However, his focus betrayed him as he kept glancing at the door before he caught sight of his real target.  He stood up and moved to another table and sat down across from the white felinus.

                “Lepp, was it?  I feel like you have this negative view of me and my sister.  I have to ask…why?” Azazel asked, determined to get an answer.  Lepp glanced up from his book for a moment before moving his gaze back to his reading.

                “Doesn’t matter.  I’m here because I’m expected to be.  You’re here because you have nowhere else to go.  We’re both slaves of circumstance, why don’t we just keep it at that?”  His tone was short as he turned a page and continued reading.

                “Slaves of circumstance?”  Azazel thought to himself for a moment before resuming the conversation.  “That might’ve been true at first for us but, and while I can’t speak for my sister, I’m here right now because I want to be.  I’ve been able to learn so much here under Master Zetsumei and Master Dusk.  It wouldn’t be right for me to leave my learning unfinished.  What do you think of how your studies have gone?”

                “Lucky you.  I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.  My parents would rip me apart if I did.  They…”

                “I don’t care what your parents think.  I want to know what you think.  Your own thoughts.”

                “But my parents…their opinion is everything, they hel-“

                “I don’t give a damn about your parents or who they are or what they’ve done.  I want your thoughts,” Azazel interrupted Lepp in seconds as the felinus tried bringing up his parents again.  Lepp looked up with a look of confusion in his eyes.  He looked away for a moment before returning his eyes to Azazel.

                “I…this is the first time I’ve heard someone talk to me without even know who my parents are.  It’s…Azazel, right?  Why do you care so much about what I think? You don’t even know me.”

                “I know you have conviction.  I can tell you have a desire to prove yourself, though I don’t know…and really don’t care why.  Here’s the thing; I haven’t told anyone this yet, but I want to try forming an elite group of guards who serve on the queen’s orders directly, rather than a troop that serves under Master Zetsumei or Master Dusk.  You seem like a good candidate.”  Azazel smiled at Lepp’s intrigued look.  “It’ll be a small group of, hopefully, elites.  I mean, obviously we’re not considered elite at anything yet, but we’ve got the drive to get there.

                “What about that hellcat you were sparring with? Do you plan on including her, too?”

                “Of course.  We’re always pushing each other to improve ourselves.  I couldn’t imagine doing this without her.”

                “How many more are you considering?”  Lepp asked.  He closed his book and prepared to leave.  He glanced at Takumi and Kamikaze coming inside from the courtyard and looked back to Azazel.  Azazel shrugged and leaned back.

                “Whoever I see that I feel I can trust with my life,” Azazel answered as he got to his feet.  Lepp chuckled softly and shook his head.

                “You’re an idiot, you know that?  You barely know me, and yet you trust me with your life?”  Lepp laughed out loud, drawing disdained looks from others in the library and raised eyebrows from Takumi and Kamikaze.  “Count me in.  I’ll be in here most of the time.”

                Azazel smirked and watched his new friend and ally leave the library.  “An idiot huh?  Yeah, I guess I kind of am.”

© 2018 AzazelSirocco

Author's Note

Tentatively complete.

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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..