Chapter 4: The Sniper

Chapter 4: The Sniper

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

One of the Dragon Generals has been located and his target identified...




                With Oktober being implemented in the medical ward of the castle, the wheels began turning more and more in Azazel’s head.  He kept an eye out for more skilled trainees while he continued his own training with the others.  He noticed an orange hound with purple eyes in the distance who seemed to be able to produce strong barriers.  Azazel made a mental note to approach him with the others later.

                Every day after his training, he immediately went to the library to read up on the known divine weapons.  “The divine spear, Gungnir.  The divine bow, Artemisia.  The divine axe, Labrys.  The divine twin swords Mercurius.  The divine gun, Angeyastra. The divine staff, Fimbulvetr.  The divine scythe…huh?”  He stopped when he came to a page describing what was called a divine scythe.  He stared at the name for a second before closing the book and taking it with him up to the desk.

                “Excuse me.  Do you mind if I take this with me for the day?  I promise I’ll bring it back,” Azazel smiled at the woman behind the desk.  A wolfen/felinus mix-breed with blue fur and white around her muzzle glanced at Azazel with black eyes under slim wire glasses.  She had a black bow tucked in front of her left ear and had a black leather top on with a black skirt that went to her knees.  She sighed and shrugged.

                “Not the first time you’ve left with a book and it won’t be the last.  Just make sure you return it on time this time, okay?  Don’t make me track you down to get it,” she muttered as she returned to her work putting scattered books away.  He smirked and rushed out of the room to find Oktober.  Going straight to the medical ward, he glanced in a few rooms before he found his mark.  Before he went in though, he glanced through the window and just stared for a moment, uncertain what to think.

                Oktober was in a traditionally female nurse’s outfit in high heels going over a few liquids in vials as he mixed them together and stoppering the resulting concoction.  He had a small smile on his face as he placed the vial into his pouch.  Azazel raised an eyebrow and opened the door, walking inside.

                “Umm…hey…Oktober?”  Azazel said to get his attention.  Oktober turned to Azazel and his small smile turned into a huge grin.

                “Hey Azazel!  Come on in!  Don’t mind me, I’m just getting some salves ready to go for whatever comes our way…hey, what’s with the look?  Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase “in heels doing heals?”  Oktober chuckled to himself.  “You didn’t realize I occasionally dress like this, did you?  I didn’t mean to surprise you.  Or is it…you’re uncomfortable…?”  Oktober averted his eyes.

                “No, not at all.  It just caught me off guard, that’s all,” Azazel smiled as he set the book down and hugged the hound.  “Oh!  Speaking of off guard, look at this.  Your Ouroboros…” Azazel went back to the book and flipped to the page he slammed it shut on.  “…is one of the Divine Weapons.  Did you know?”  The hound showed the page describing the Divine Scythe, Ouroboros to Oktober.

                The medic glanced over the page as his eyes widened.  “I had no idea, this is amazing!  Wait, that means our group already has two of the Divine Weapons, doesn’t it?  Lepp has Fimbulvetr, right?”  Azazel nodded.

                “And Gungnir is behind Master Zetsumei’s seal.  The locations of the others are still unknown though, as far as I’m aware.  There’s also a mention of a “Ragnarok” in the book, but all it says is that details are unknown about it…it’s really frustrating.  I might go ask Master Zetsumei about it.  I think I’ll go ahead and do that.  Keep on those salves, I’ll let you know if something changes,” Azazel said as he left his friend in the room smiling and going back to his work.  It wasn’t long before he found his master.

                Before he could say anything however, Dusk rushed up.  The white felinus was out of breath as his crazed eyes locked with Takumi’s.  “It’s Venik.  He’s been spotted in the city!  Reports state he was following someone as they left the castle.”

                Takumi glanced at Azazel and quickly apologized before rushing after Dusk down the hall and out of the castle.  Curious, Azazel rushed in pursuit.  He saw Kamikaze as he ran past and stopped for a moment.  “Follow me, something’s happening in the city,” he said before quickly resuming his dash down the halls and out of the castle.  Waves of darkness were being launched at a figure in the distance and beams of light were flying in the opposite direction.

                Kamikaze looked at Azazel and they nodded as the launched themselves towards the fight only to find themselves stopped by their coonsune master.  “Don’t even think about getting closer.  Dusk is already on his way over.  You can observe from here,” Takumi said in a curt voice, not even trying to hide his agitation towards his pupils.  Azazel’s tail dropped for a moment until he heard a cry in the distance.  His eyes snapped forward as he saw where the cry came from.  He saw a familiar half-breed in black…

                “That’s…”  He only said a word before his body just lunged forward, breaking free from Takumi’s grasp.  Go after her!  She’s worth saving! He heard a voice in a head that wasn’t his, but he ignored it for now.  He noticed a sleek black fox begin to charge towards the half-breed as he hopped buildings to intercept with his rapier.  Electricity charged around Azazel’s blade as he thrust it forward, sending the electric magic into the black fox.  Reeling back for a moment, the electrocuted pursuer snapped back into position as he looked at the hound, sniffing intently.

                “You…why?  Why do you smell like him?!”  The fox shouted as he vanished from sight for a brief moment before reappearing behind him, thrusting his fist into the small of his back.  Azazel’s eyes widened fell to his knees.  The fox stood sneering above him.  “Start talking.  Why the hell do you smell like Master?  Start talking or…”

                “Enough…” A female voice spoke up behind the black fox.  “Don’t move…”  The voice came from the wolf/felinus woman who had a sleek golden bow held taught with an arrow notched.  The arrow was emitting a pale white glow.  “You are to leave here immediately.  Is that clear?”

                The fox smirked.  “There’s the confirmation I was waiting for.  Fine, I’ll leave.  The hound irks me, but I learned what I needed.  Know this, half-breed…you are nothing compared to Frigga, don’t even try to fill her shoes.”  The fox faded away as if he was only an illusion as he was cackling maniacally.

                The woman’s eyes narrowed at the fox’s words before kneeling down next to Azazel.  “Let’s get you back to the castle, shall we?  Looks like he managed to get a good hit on you…”  She looked over to Takumi who was coming up already and stood back up.  “He’ll live, but better get his back checked out.  That black fox got a good blow in before he fled…”  The woman turned her back to the group and sighed.  “And don’t worry, I’ll still be working tomorrow.  I just wanted to check on my father…he hasn’t been doing well.”

                Takumi nodded in understanding.  “I take it his illness has taken a turn for the worse, then.  Freya, you know if it comes down to it…”

                “I know…I have a room waiting if I need it…” The woman, Freya, muttered quietly before jumping off the building and leaving.  Azazel groaned as he slowly got to his feet with Kamikaze’s help; he could barely move his legs.  His eyes darted around as if searching for something.  Takumi walked over and placed his hand on his pupil’s shoulder.  As he did, the hound slowly faded from sight.

                “Rest well…your recover might be rough,” Takumi mumbled to himself.  He turned to Kamikaze with a stern look.  “Once your brother recovers, both of you are in trouble.  Neither of you should have been out here at all.  Azazel’s lucky to have gotten off with severed nerves and not worse.  Get back to the castle, I’ll deal with you later.  I have other matters to attend to,” Takumi stated without even raising his voice.  Kamikaze’s ears flattened against her head as her eyes looked away from her master and made her way back to the castle.

                Once Takumi was sure his uninjured pupil was closer to the castle, he glanced to a house in the distance and made his way in the same direction Freya had gone.  Once he reached the door to his location, he heard sobs from behind the door.  Stopping himself from welcoming himself inside, Takumi leaned against the wall of the stone house, closed his eyes, and cried quietly.

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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..