Chapter 5: Weakening

Chapter 5: Weakening

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

Azazel undergoes observation after his encounter with Venik and an unexpected encounter ensues.




                Takumi glanced through the window as Oktober and several other medics looked over an unconscious Azazel, trying to determine what the best course of action to take is.  He sighed to himself and began walking to the large central doors leading to the throne room.  As he walked in, he was met immediately with the queen.

                “What happened out there?  I heard Venik resurfaced.  Talk,” she said curtly to her right hand man.  Her face gave away her held back frustration at not being told about events right away.  Piercing blue eyes looked directly into Takumi’s silver.  Takumi stood his ground as he responded.

                “There wasn’t time to backtrack to get you.  If we didn’t confront Venik immediately, there was no guarantee he’d stick around for long.  As it is, he still escaped and left the town with one more orphan.  Freya will now be staying at the castle.”  Takumi’s eyes wavered as he thought back to the sobbing he heard in the house.  “Venik was after Freya, but Azazel intervened.  I imagine he went for the next best target since he couldn’t get what he wanted.  After striking at Azazel, he must’ve gone straight to Luxi’s house next.”

                Indi raised a hand to stop Takumi.  “So Freya is staying at the castle now.  Were you able to confirm your suspicions in the process?  And you said Venik struck Azazel, how is he?”

                “Freya has inherited Artemisia as we suspected.  She had it at the ready when we finally reached her and Venik.  As for Azazel…” Takumi turned his back and glanced back.  “Follow me.”  He led Indi down the hall back to the medical ward where Oktober had just left the room Azazel was in.  “Oktober, what’s going on?  How’s Azazel?”

                Oktober couldn’t look Takumi in the eyes at first.  He glanced to the room before finally locking eyes with Takumi, taking only a glance at the queen.  “That punch did more damage than a normal punch should have.  Venik severed the nerves in Azazel’s lower back.  We’re working on repairing them but…something about Azazel is making it difficult.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s almost like there’s a magic barrier surrounding him.  As soon as we try getting invasive, we get pushed back.  I can’t figure it out.”

                When Oktober finished speaking, someone inside the room peeked out.  “Oktober, we finally got in.  We have to move quickly.”  The man, a white fox, looked to Takumi and Indi.  “Takumi, Your Majesty, pardon the interruption,” he said before looking to Oktober and sliding back into the room, with Oktober rushing in behind him.

                “Being pushed away after invasive action is taken…Takumi, what does…”

                “It means there’s Ryuukin blood in Azazel’s veins.  I can think of no other explanation.  I may have to go to Valhalla.  They might know something more.  Perhaps I’ll pay her a visit as well,”  Takumi closed his eyes.  “Though I’m not sure she’ll be happy to see me.  She made it clear she didn’t want to see us again…”

                Before he could finish his though.  A mass of energy shot out of the room, launching Takumi and Indi into the wall behind them.  The wall around the room had crumbled down, revealing what was inside.

                A shaky image of a large black Ryuukin was standing over Azazel.  Shining, golden eyes stared at the unconscious hound.  “At last…this is where you’ve been hiding.  Alara was certainly intelligent to hide you here.  Soon, you will die.  All who opposed me will die…”  The image of the Ryuukin looked at Takumi and Indi. 

                “Frigga’s seal is weakening its grip.  Prepare yourselves for war.”

                Azazel’s eyes snapped open, revealing a purple and gold hue in his right and left eyes respectively.  As soon as they opened, the Ryuukin’s image dissipated.  Oktober got to his feet and rushed over to his patient to find Azazel’s eyes closed again.  He went to where his pouch was on a counter and ruffled through the scattered contents before he found what he was looking for: a small round orb.

                Oktober moved back to Azazel and slowly moved the orb along the hound’s body.  The color in the orb stayed a solid blue until it reached his lower back where it added a faint yellow hue to the orb before it passed past the trouble spot.  “The nerves are reconnected…they’re not connected fully but…they reconnected themselves.  I’ll have to keep him under observation for a few days at least until we can determine if there’s anything that can be done to improve the nerves further, but he’s out of immediate danger.”

                Takumi nodded and looked at the medical crew.  “Move to another room.  I will explain what just happened after it’s discussed with her majesty.  I will get a crew down here to begin repairs immediately.  Queen Indi, I suggest we move back to the throne room for the time being…” he suggested.  Nodding in agreement, the duo left the medical ward and returned to the throne room.


                “I have to go to Valhalla now.  I need more information about this.  That image…it was definitely an avatar of Equinox.  Frigga’s seal is weakening if he can slip through even for a moment.  Then there’s what he said to Azazel…”

                “ ‘This is where you’ve been hiding.’  What did he mean by that, and who is Alara?”  Indi inquired, pacing back and forth.

                “Alara is a Ryuukin high priestess.  In the absence of a Kaiser, she leads the Ryuukin.  I’ll leave right away.  Valhalla and The Void call,” Takumi said.  He sighed for a moment; two places he wasn’t too happy to go to and now he had to visit both.  He glanced at the door to see an orange hound standing there.  Bright purple eyes looked at Takumi.

                “I’m…I’m sorry for interrupting.  Did I hear that you were leaving, Master Zetsumei?”  The orange hound was wearing armor that resembled stone and had a large axe strapped to his back.  The coonsune nodded.

                “I have to.  Don’t worry, Geo, your training will continue with Dusk until I return,”  Takumi glanced back to Indi.  “By your leave, my dear,” he said.  She nodded and Takumi began walking out of the room.  “Geo, I expect your shields to be nigh impenetrable when I return, understand?”

                “Yes sir!”  Geo smiled and left the room in search of his interim instructor.  Takumi smiled as he continued on his way.

                Alara…High priestess  of the Ryuukin…and Equinox’s wife.  What were you hiding from me the last time I visited?

© 2018 AzazelSirocco

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Added on August 18, 2018
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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..