We Stand Together

We Stand Together

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

                Azazel could feel the wind chilling around him as he walked towards the white cat before him.  Enduring the bitter cold, the hound continued moving until he placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder.  The cat tensed as the wind became even colder.  Azazel could feel the tips of his fur starting to freeze, but he refused to let go.

                “Lepp…you’re angry.  I know.  I can only begin to imagine how you’re feeling right now.  But you need to ease up on the cold before you kill us all.  Can you do that for me?”  Azazel’s grip loosened.  Lepp turned to face his friend as the cold wind slowed and stopped.  As the wind died down, two graves became visible.

                The names “Kao and Nith Lepp” were etched in stone with birth and death dates; the death dates were only a few days old.  As clouds rolled in overhead, the sun shining on the stone faded away as the crusader cried out in rage and buried his head in Azazel’s chest.  The hound embraced his friend as he heard footsteps behind him.

                “I wish I knew what to say.  This could have been avoided.  This should have been avoided.  We have work to do after all this is over.  I need you to remember something though,” Azazel said as he turned to face the rest of the Crusaders who had arrived.

                “No matter what, we will always have your back.  No matter what, you have us with you.  And above all else..." Azazel turned back to Lepp and pulled him into an embrace.

            "We stand together."

© 2020 AzazelSirocco

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Added on June 5, 2020
Last Updated on September 10, 2020
Tags: furry, fantasy, anthropomorphic, BLM




Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..