Chapter 9: Agneyastra

Chapter 9: Agneyastra

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco



                Azazel looked at Enoch sitting across from him.  Crimson eyes looked over the black fox and narrowed.  His eyes glanced at Kamikaze in the corner for a moment before returning his gaze to Enoch.

                “You said your gun was ‘Sin’…the divine gun?  Did I hear that right?”  Azazel inquired.  After receiving a nod and a simple ‘yes’ in reply, the hound glanced to his sister again and nodded.  He tapped his foot as a cubed cage of energy immediately surrounded Enoch.

                “You’re lying.  Until you can tell us the truth, you will be locked away for infiltrating the palace as an intruder and attempting to deceive soldiers of the queen.”  The cube vanished with Enoch inside it as Kamikaze walked up with a hand on one of her blade handles.

                “That went smoothly.  I don’t like it.  He was able to slip in undetected even bypassing Master Zetsumei and Captain Dusk’s protections.  You’re strong, but he should’ve been able to slip out of that cell,” the hellcat said as she reached her brother.  She looked at the upper level of the library and saw Lepp observing from his usual table.  The locked eyes for a second before the snow felinus stood up and left.

                “I agree.  Gather the others.  We’re meeting in the prison.  I want answers,” Azazel stated.  Without waiting for a response, he immediately left the room and headed straight for the prison where he would find multiple cube cells spaced out along the walls.  He stopped for a moment before noticing another person in the chamber.

                The new person was a fair bit taller and lankier than Azazel.  With a noticeable gun strapped to his back, the light from the cube cells revealed an orange fox with green lines around the orange and at the tips of his ears.  His tail was orange at the base but faded to green and then white as it reached its tip.  He appeared to be talking to whoever was in the cube cell in front of him.

                “I told you…I take back what’s mine…and you have something that belongs to me.  Now how about you break yourself out of that cell so I can take back the fragment?  I don’t mind waiting,” the fox started chuckling to himself as his target responded.

                “Nah, I think I’ll sit back and relax here.  So long as I have this piece…your gun can’t be used at its full power, right?  Frankly, I don’t like the idea of the divine gun being aimed at my face.”

                Azazel stepped forward rapier in hand and placed the tip against the back of the orange fox’s neck.  “Two intruders in one day and I come down here to find them interacting with each other.  Give me one good reason I shouldn’t imprison you right now.  Hmm?” Growling interrupted Azazel as a feral blue saber-toothed felinus approached the hound.

                “Easy, Arctik.  No need to get hostile with him,” the fox said as he raised his hands up.  “My name is Citrix; I’m a mechanic from Geryon and holder of Agneyastra.  This a*****e stole a piece of the gun and fled here, so naturally, I followed him so I could take it back.  Can ya blame me?” Citrix chuckled again as he glanced backwards slowly.  “You’re free to disarm me if it would make you feel better.  I already called my partner off of attacking.”

                Azazel stared at him for a second.  He grabbed the gun off of the fox’s back as the others in his team entered the room.  He sheathed his blade to investigate the gun to find a fragments of the gun missing from its barrel and grip.

                “Geo, bring this to Master Zetsumei for investigation.  I want to confirm it’s real before anything else is done,”  Azazel handed Geo the gun and turned back to Citrix.  “Until we can confirm anything, I’m going to have to have you imprisoned as well for intruding in the castle; your partner as well..  We can’t have unknowns wandering around.

                Citrix merely shrugged, acknowledging what was said.  “I get it.  Can’t say I like it, but what can ya do?  Do what you have to.  I gotta say though…”  Citrix winked at Azazel.  “I don’t dislike that commanding tone…uh…”

                “…Azazel….” The hound responded a hint of confusion in his voice and on his face.  He glanced at Erik who nodded as he stepped up, casting the same cube cell around Citrix and placing him apart from the others.

                Lepp then turned to the cell containing Enoch and immediately set to strengthening it.  “You need to work on your control, Azazel.  The work on this cell is sloppy.” Lepp said as he turned to face the hound.

                “Let’s go report to Master Zetsumei,” the hound said as the group followed in Geo’s steps out of the prison.

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Added on February 7, 2021
Last Updated on February 7, 2021
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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..