Memories of Kate

Memories of Kate

A Story by B30

This is blog-story by Jake Gold who has an informal crush on his classmate, Kate Halcy.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the person in this story. The name of the person (writing the blog posts) is Jake Gold, and his crush is classmate Kate Halcy. 

Wednesday 3rd January 2011 

It's the start of school! What more can I say? Whilst enjoying my day with Gabe and Correy, I just couldn't help but have a second look at a class that I'm going to be with for two years. I mean, come on! Two years! How do you live that long with people that do s**t, talk s**t and do absolutely nothing? I know I can't, but I'll try. 

There were so many new people I met. There was geeky Hanson Rette, which no, he is not a Warcraft or whatever bullshit gamer. He is smart though, credits to that guy. Then there's Freddy Crumbs. The last I heard of anybody with the name 'Freddy' just freaks me out since the last time I saw the remake of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. Okay, okay, the remake wasn't as scary but it was still epic. Yes, Freddy Krueger was one of my characters but damn! You sure can't look twice at that face for long. 

Then there was her. I can't believe that I'm actually writing down here. Why am I doing this? I just saw a glance, but she looked better from afar. If I do recall, I think her name was... Kate? Kate Halcy? Damn... What is this they call it? A crush? Man I don't know... 

Friday 6th January 2011 

Well this is the end of the week, and I can't believe it. This whole class is like my playground again. People so lively, it's really hard to believe that as a class we're just so united. Let's not forget the teachers, Mrs Forrest and Mr Blake. Their good teachers, but too bad there's just the awful side of school that makes everyone wants to puke. 

I can see Kate make some new friends. There's Monica, whose sort of a third world b***h which I have no idea of. She's kinda' crazy but not lunatic? Is that what you call it, feral? Who cares. Then there's Liesse, whose actually like a badass chick. I don't dig her, I still dig - never mind. Seems I invested more than I continued. Guess next week we'll be going for some learning journey or something. I'm much more hyped with our trip when we're in the bus, actually. That's just me. 

Thursday 12th January 2011 

The learning journey was fun! I can't believe I'm saying this right now! I managed to talk to Kate! 

She is actually pretty sweet and hands on. Oh, I almost forgot. Our trip was to the zoo where we managed to see most animals there. I guess my main thought is still on Kate, who is my main attraction so far. 

There were so many points that I could pick from her. Today, she had her hair tied around her back in style and that was elegant. She almost looked like a princess and that was just so worthy of her. I mean... you know exactly what I mean. Anyways, I managed to talk to her on the bus. I could do some recalling, yeah. 

She was sitting diagonally left from me as I remembered switching the songs on my phone. I haven't actually talked to her before, so this was my first time. But she was casual, alone and I just decided to go for it. 

She was sweet, and I cannot use that word enough. When I asked her if she was comfortable, she said, "no problem. How about you?" Wow, that ecstasy feeling just hit a high point for me. I just had to say that was the first time I interacted with her for that day... and it was the last. 

Some good memories also involved taking pictures with a gigantic cobra snake, and emphasis on that gigantic. There was also several elephants riding around and man, are they huge! Guess I'm replace gigantic with huge on this phase. 

Though this was a fun day, I didn't interact with Kate as much as I wanted to. Though I can see that if she's pretty enough, she's definitely got suitors. And... maybe she's already got one. There goes my eggs in one basket. 

Wednesday 25th January 2011 

We changed seating positions today, and I am just not pleased. The distance between Kate and I was like the height on the Eiffel Tower. I didn't want to choose the Dubai Tower because... the Eiffel Tower is much more realistic. Who the hell am I kidding? 

We didn't talk, but there was some small pointers. She became the class monitress, and I was just happy for her, and I don't know why. Surprisingly, she would be our class representative and also the leader, or the face, of the class. 

The time went by so quickly, and secretly admiring her from afar was just something I couldn't stop doing for the few minutes every time. The teachers would pick on me for daydreaming, but I wasn't daydreaming. Not that I was sight seeing but she is a luxurious plank of wood for any carpenter. 

She was passing around papers later on during Mr Blake's class, and I barely looked at her while saying "thank you" in a voice softer than my original and natural tone. Maybe this is why God wants me to say no to her. Just... no... 

Thursday 16th February 2011 

I can't believe it, why am I the unlucky one? I barely got through a month of studying and I've got myself involved in some rashes. Sorry if my entry was so late than the last one, I didn't even go to school for a week. Glad to be back though, feels like World War III just ended. 

The times at home was just so boring! Everyday gaming with Gabe and Correy while on Skype was just so dumb and so ridiculous. I can't believe I got through that week doing stupid things like that, wasting my time on efforts that couldn't be done. Gaming is not my profession, and I don't think it is much of a living. But well, I can't forget that Valve also had a Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2 competition. The prize pool was worth 1 million dollars... and the winner takes the million. It's not a risky job, but I'm saying that this is just so grand. 

I was back to school, and everyone seemingly avoided contact with me as if I've contracted some sort of disease. Well, truth is, the rain is over and the rainbow is clear but still people are not convinced. So did Kate. 

She was like a random stranger and while my conversation went on with Gabe and Correy, all she did was talk to her own pals. I'm not saying that's awkward, but... okay, maybe that is awkward. The last time we ever talked was already a month ago and I can't sit this down. 

Tuesday 21st February 2011 

I can't believe it! I managed to make Kate smile! Well, after so long I just managed to do it so is that what you'd call, 'Achievement Unlocked'? Sure is! 

Here's what happened: there's Cedric whose a complete weirdo and a complete wreck. Basically, he's smart but boring, talented but not sociable. In class, he's the 'I know everything' type of guy and basically is the person that everyone in the class hates. 

So Cedric, like he always does, raises his hands for questions he thinks he can answers, and manages to get them wrong. That's when I jump in, crack a few jokes about him and gets the class to rumble again. I'm not saying that Cedric can take it, but thinking how proud and selfish he is, probably that guy's going to care but that doesn't care about me. He's been a complete badass to the class and we just ain't havin' it. 

Okay, so the whole class cracked up upon my jokes, but I can still recall how Kate smiled and looked at me. I was just astonished and my confidence level grew like a hundred percent. But other than that... there was no conversation. 

Friday 2nd March 2011 

If there was anything we can agree on, it's Mr. Cross. As awesome as his name tells you, he is a very figurative person. His first impression included jokes, comedy and promised easy homeworks. His second glance was this unstoppable menace that can rip any student's brain out within one minute. Yes, literally one minute. 

As our new English teacher, Mr. Cross is simply what Cedric would be if not for a student and teacher relationship. They could even secretly be father and son for no reason! 

Well that is what we'd all agree on, if not, the whole class. We would have small groups of discussion and I would join in, with Kate in the middle of it too. That was like common ground and topic for me and her to talk about. Otherwise, there's nothing else. Without that, I don't know what I can say to her. She is like a gown that fits, but when you take it off, it feels uncomfortable. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about but I'll end it here. 

Wednesday 21st March 2011 

We had Sports Carnival today, and I am just sweating all over right now. The moment Kate Halcy was playing, my mind was dragged across to her. She was just fantabulous. 

For us, our class joined in the basketball competition managed to make it to the semi-finals. We were knocked out by another experienced class and it was almost a thrashing. They were just so good, and I'm glad I'm watching the game. Yes, I am a substitute. 

But that's not entirely a bad thing. As a substitute, I was able to roam about the place through different sports in which I was able to see Kate play. Correy was with me too, I guess I just can't dip a foot in to tell him about her, or about me actually. 

Kate was just so relaxed the entire time. She doesn't look her usual sorts back in normal day physical exercising. I would say she is in feral mode cause' she just does everything with gracious effect. Opponents would fear playing with her. 

Thursday 22nd March 2011 

I'm sorry I ended abruptly yesterday guys, I felt like I've had enough. This 'love' thing, seriously, is too s**t for me. You know what? Love is s**t. To me, love is like a nightmare and a dream. It can keep you awake and it can let you sleep at night. Most importantly, it is what troubles human beings. Well, it is what troubles me. 

Today, I couldn't stand how Kate was able to talk to anyone, and still smile as if nothing happened. Nothing flirtatious, but I guess I'm either being paranoid or jealous. I'm not. If she was as good as she was, she would have a boyfriend right now, then why talk sweet nothings to Gabe and still hit it off well while I'm in their shadow? I've had enough. And you know what? If Kate talks to me again, I might not talk to her ever. 

This s**t is over today. Goodbye Kate. 

© 2012 B30

Author's Note

I disabled ratings, as I felt like I didn't want people to rate other people's blogs or personal stuff, just like they would to you. Discuss whatever you want! Read request as well. I would appreciate it!

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You are sharing this blog ? So this isnt a story kinda stuff ? Its real ?

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