Criminal City

Criminal City

A Story by B30

2040, June 25th, 12 noon is the welcoming of the Criminal City.

2040, June 25th, 12 noon. 

The sidewalks dangerously filled with police cars, swerving by and checking the outskirts of the new city that has taken almost 20 years to build. It had finally been carved into a stone, a larger step into history. The televised programme that everyone had anticipated for finally came live. 

"Dear citizens of America," the president welcomed. "We have reached a peak where two-thirds of us are living in fear." The radio broadcasted as Hamil was walked through the gates with two wardens beside him. 

"Today's your lucky day, Reece," says one of the warden as they throw him into the metal van back at the garage. "You'll get to meet new friends, and possibly, even engage missions with them." Hamil sighed and did not bothered to open his eyes. 

"Today, we enter a new stage of less and maybe free corruption to determine the citizen's safety, and everyone else. We call upon your understanding, families of the yellow ribboned, to show care and concern to those around you, ensure that they feel the need to be safe as they should be." 

Hamil's hands clutched tightly as he lowered his heads, hearing the prospects of sentences from the president's mouth himself. 

"What's the matter Ham? You ain't feeling lucky yet? You should be. Today's your big announcement. It's just too damn good to go inside this, 'paradise' you're living on and force your way out of it." 

"I didn't do it." Hamil whispered. 

"Then tell them. Don't tell me." The warden retorted. 

"In order to make America a safer place, we have instilled almost billions of dollars into funding this project, eliminating threats from all corners of the world and bringing them to where they should be - out of our lives," the president continued. "This is not a playground. Security will be massive, the details will be highlighted and the bridges will be burnt. There will be no connection between them and you and you will be safe. I promise you this. You will be safe." 

Hamil's depressing flashback happened, but brought to a halt almost immediately as the car broke to a stop. 

"What happened?" 

"The car's tyres broke." The second warden who was in the driver's seat, held his free hand up as he opened the door. "I will check it. You take care of im'." 

"And this is why it is, ladies and gentlemen. You will be promised a bright future with criminals behind closed doors. With it on the verge of the island, I bring to you, Criminal City that will close all doors to everything else, and your life will be filled with misery no more. Your connections with those in the jail cells will be terminated and removed." 

The car jumped back to life. 

"Let's move." The warden closed the door. As soon as the engine cracked, Hamil immediately dropped upfront, and pulled a lunge on to the warden guarding him. Despite his full forced actions, the warden would not let go. This was a doomed escape. Hamil had no choice but to pull back his punches as the warden held him to his neck. 

"Listen Hamil. I know what you just heard, and the court ruled you guilty. You think they owe you a favour? You really think so? You're headed to Criminal City. Your lines with your family - broken. Your every action watched by security. Your life inside would be hell." 

"I didn't do it," Hamil repeated. 

"Suit yourself boy. I couldn't care less. I say we move." 

The truck carried on it's migration towards the big city unfolding. Hamil's persistence had failed, and his time had only just started to become sick for him. 

"And those with possible extensions to those within the inner cell, I have no choice and I am here to say sorry that those condemned shall forever be staying there. A price to pay for it all will include a million dollars fee for those inner cells to be evoked. For now, let us treasure what the future will bring for only time will tell." 

The future had become a suitable nightmare. An existence that will catch people and destroy all their loved ones. The world had succumbed to destruction, ruin and chaos. Possibly, a gone case. 

© 2013 B30

Author's Note

Just randomly thought and written up.

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Added on February 28, 2013
Last Updated on February 28, 2013
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