Tap Water

Tap Water

A Poem by BackupAccount: Summer D.

People can be a bit like ' Tap Water ' can't they?

Tap Water

Blisters scorch and scar, a graceful pirouette along the inward arch of my palm,  a constant reminder of the flame that hid  in the heat of the summer rain.

The rope is withered and worn, the knots are loose and old,  a loop" much like us, my beloved.

You run cold and hot, a murky mix of water, that burns my tongue and lays waste to the flame that once hid in the heat of the summer rain.

Cynical and calculating, uneven and sloped, you are the tilted water in this china glass.
I prey victim to your running waters.

She calls to me, from the far corner, her image flickering and faded" a banished thought where you ought to have lied.

Crawl and shiver, startled and surprised,  my footing betrays on the wooden mount.

I cradle your broken frame to my numb cheek; ignoring the frayed rope that lies at my feet.
The flame that hid in the summer rain, departs at my tears, vanishing without a trace.

I felt a burn, I felt a chill, nothing is quite clear in the heat of the summer rain.

 Fulfilling and Sparse.

Burning and Biting.

You, my dearly beloved, are much like tap water.

Ever so sweet. Ever so bitter. 

You never stay the same.

I rather like you this way.

Nothing is quite clear in the heat of the summer rain.

Summer D.
Also Known as: Aisha_U

© 2012 BackupAccount: Summer D.

Author's Note

BackupAccount: Summer D.
You never stay the same... I rather like you this way.

I've been rather inactive, haven't I? I'm behind on posting my Thanksgiving, A Birthday Gift, a somewhat Christmas-related poem, and it's going to be NEW YEARS!

Anyway. The satire in this is pretty obvious, isn't it? I like doing that.
Like Tap Water. People are much like ' tap water ' aren't they? They can't decide on a mask to wear– It's a shame, this ball is a span of years, with many people coming and going. Ignore my horrible grammar. :P It's a wonder I do well in school.

Think of this.. as a humble apology...
It's a horrible work of ' art '. Hope it serves its purpose.
( To trick you into forgiving me!)


Summer D.

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Added on March 6, 2012
Last Updated on March 6, 2012


BackupAccount: Summer D.
BackupAccount: Summer D.

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