Paper Thin

Paper Thin

A Story by BackupAccount: Summer D.

"Can we pretend that Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?” - B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams “ Airplanes “ Don't you wish, you could just blow it all away?


Paper Thin 

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.”  Fingering the smooth stone in her palm Erin let her eyes drift over the surface of the lake, studying the small bugs that skirted gracefully over the surface, small ripples blossoming at their dainty touch. Blowing a stray strand of her ash colored hair out of her eyes Erin let her eyes close hesitantly as the memories came flooding back.


“ She’s still our child Richard!”  Erin’s mother whispered quietly, her knuckles whitening as her grip on the arm of the chair tightened, sweeping the wisps of hair back, that had escaped from  her bun. “ You mean his daughter.” “ She’s still our little Erin.” “ Enough Hannah.” “ Richard- “ The table rattled as his beefy, hairy hands came crashing down on the kitchen table.  “ You lied to me.” “ I’m sorry h-” “ Damn it all.” Richard interrupted bitterly as his eyebrows knitted together in frustration. It was difficult for him to come to grips with his wife’s betrayal of his trust and that the beaming girl he kissed goodnight every nightfall was not his child. Outside on the porch amongst the chirping of the crickets, Erin crouched against the screen door listening attentively to her parent’s rising voices. “ Richard please-” “ Where is he?” Richard growled, cutting of her pleas once more. Helen hesitated  her sea green clouded with fear, as she licked her lips tentatively. “ Richard, “ There was an unearthly silence that settled across the dining table, “ What will you do?” “ That’s my business,” Swiping the clutter off the table Richard fixed his stony glare on his wife, “ where is he?” When she didn’t answer Richard’s fingers closed around his goblet of wine, his eyes darkened pools of envy and rage.

Freeing herself from her uncomfortable position, Erin stumbled forward crying out loudly, “ Mommy!” Rushing into the embrace of the petite woman she had known since birth, she buried her face in her bosom, keeping her eyes closed shut tightly. “ She looks like him.” “ Richard stop.” Helen hissed running a hand through Erin’s short bob, murmuring sweet words of comfort to her child. “ I’m leaving.” In a split second, Erin was roughly detached from the warmth of her mother’s embrace, and she could feel a hand tightening around her wrist. “ I’m taking Erin.”
“ R-” “ I’m taking her to Louise's place while we sort this out,” His voice dropped to a cold undertone, “ and we
will sort this out.” 


It had been two years since she had been taken while her parent’s sorted things out. Blinking away tears, Erin leant back as far as she could, pulling her elbow back until she could feel her muscles stretch. Before, she could snap her wrist forward, a cool hand slipped over hers. “ Stop.” Jerking forward wildly, Erin swung her legs back over, leaping to her feet to study the new arrival. It was a boy. His lower lip poked out in a daunting manner, the silver piercing in his lip glinting under the final rays of light from the setting sun, his disheveled hair swept over his eyes almost artistically. He ignored her blood-shot eyes and bed-head hair, his eyes glued firmly to the smooth stone cupped in her palm. 

“ Can’t you read?” Prying her fingers open slowly, he ignored Erin’s dazed look as her left arm dropped to her side limply. “Please do not throw rocks.Brilliant. Just brilliant. “ Sorry.” “ Whatever.” He snorted, tucking his arms neatly behind his neck, staring blatantly out at the lake. The murky waters rippled slightly as if to thank the strange boy,  branches and leaves, a manner of other things coated the surface. “ My name is Erin.” Why am I telling him my name? “ I’m sixteen-” “ Can you shut up?” He barked, whipping his head to the side quickly to fix Erin with a piercing stare. Silence followed as Erin played with her ratty shoelaces as she struggled to come up with a topic to make him talk. “ Is that a real piercing?” Erin blurted suddenly, leaning forward curiously to get a better look. The boy was bewildered, to say the least, and in a smooth motion, he had stepped back missing Erin’s outstretched hand before snapping, “ What the hell do you think you’re doing?” “ Touching it.” “ That’s my lip idiot.” Erin’s gaze dropped to her shoes before it rose again slowly, “ May I touch your lip?” “ No.” “ Your a jerk.” Erin declared boldly swiping away any traces of tears before smirking at him. “ You’re crazy. You know that right?” “ Challenged is a much politer time.” “ I don’t give a -” “ Can you play piano?” “ … You’re a creep.” “ Can you play piano?” Erin repeated jutting her chin out.

“ If I answer your question are you going to answer mine?” Erin pretended to contemplate it, twirling a light strand of her hair around her forefinger. “ Deal.” The boy gestured for her to continue and a small smile crossed Erin’s face, “ What’s your name?” The corner of his eye twitched in annoyance as he contemplated the audacious beast before him. “ Hal.” “ Hal?” “ Yes, Hal.” He bit out between tightly clenched teeth. “ Your turn.” “ Why’d you move here?” Hal watched Erin’s face drop in disappointment as she stared uncomfortably at the dingy tops of her shoes. “ I needed out.” “ Out?” “ Yeah.” It was obvious he wasn’t going to get any more out of her and Hal let out a slight yawn. “ Parents were drunkards. Out here with my aunt.” He kept his face impassive as Erin let out a soft gasp of surprise before nodding quickly. “ I see.”

“ Go ahead and throw the stone. Remember to make a wish though.” Jamming his hands in his pockets, Hal spun on his heel, stirring up a small cloud of dust as he trekked off the dusty path and onto the dewey lime green grass. Leaving the rock he took from Erin, tossed carelessly at her feet. “ I’ve always wanted to fly!” Erin called out to his retreating figure and Hal never broke his rhythm as he pointed coolly towards the airplane just passing over. “ Wish that this air plane was a shooting star. Make two!” He shouted as he disappeared over the steep hill. Planting a quick kiss on the surface of the stone, Erin flung the stone into the water, sinking it quickly on contact with the water.  The airplane let out a loud rumble and Erin allowed her thoughts to drift back to her family. Let there be a place I can return to. 

Turning back, Erin raced after the mysterious Hal, calling his name out to his fading figure. He paused briefly, angling his head slightly toward her, before a mysterious smile creased his thin lips. Brown met steel, as his grey eyes met her’s unwaveringly before swinging  frontward. The message was clear, as he continued forward, and Erin found herself  laughing despite his arrogance. Come get me.

© 2012 BackupAccount: Summer D.

Author's Note

BackupAccount: Summer D.
OMG. It copied the text exactly how it looks in Pages! AMAZING -first time it did that-

Anyway, just a random spur of the moment I had been working on a month ago- Just finished it.

Hal and Erin are both characters from a series in the works right now.

Not impressive.
Just a little something, I played around with.

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