A Poem by BackupAccount: Summer D.


I see the words on your lips.

 The writings on the walls.

The turn of the leaves and the dagger in the flat of your palm.

This evening fall, there’s no need to hide, the day has fled and night has come. 

My scars are wider. My scars are darker.  

Yours are deeper. Yours are lighter.

I never could see it. I never could breathe it. 

I’d pull the shades for just that moment.

You’re much too fast. I’m much too slow. 

Was it really years or moments as you sunk it low?

  I’m too blind, far to naive, far to trusting, far to faithful to see.

To catch hold to your trail of lies, to realize the passing time, to see the flashing lights.

So high, so fearless, so airy you were.

What’s this? In the flat of your palm?

It’s rather bright. You tell me not to worry now. 

The burn of tires, the screech of fate, the smoke of your sins shall overtake.

The tables have turned, your world has shifted, it’s much closer to the opening now.

I ask you to stop, I ask you to think, I ask you to reconcile with the great.

What’s that? In the flat of your palm?

I hear something. It’s faint. It’s louder. It’s piercing.

You grow weak as you are claimed. 

The line falls as you grow faint. 

They hold their heads as you part way.

They hold my hand as I wail.

 They hold my body as I shake. 

They tell me-

Oh they tell me-


© 2012 BackupAccount: Summer D.

Author's Note

BackupAccount: Summer D.
Inspired by Ami's " Betrayal " and Teralyn's " Shaky." Can you see how?
Not spectacular. :)

I actually discussed three themes. :P In one poem. Sort of unintentionally though ^^"
I didn't realize that, till much later.

a) Betrayal
b) Road Safety
c) Death
d) God

**Writings On the Wall **
** Hospital **

I think it's sort of clever..
Aha, that's just me of course.

Flashing lights was referring to
- Death
And stoplights ;)

The ending was referring to the
Red = Stop
and stop grieving. :)

Anyway! Another completed!
Comment And Rate.

Much Appreciated,


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Added on March 6, 2012
Last Updated on March 6, 2012


BackupAccount: Summer D.
BackupAccount: Summer D.

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