After The Rain

After The Rain

A Poem by BackupAccount: Summer D.

We all have those moments where our feelings don't make much sense. We're all just waiting for the rain. That'll wash it away and make it okay. After The Rain.


Store away lies in June, in my drawer beneath my heart, where you left that stormy night.

The truth before me spawns into sepia, a bursting color that soars through my mind and uplifts my spirits.
The meaning of drawing close and its warmth escaped me, forgive me, I had forgotten the feel of the exhilaration of your presence. 

Perhaps I am wrong in saying, “ You don’t mind being alone.” A good-bye passes your lips.

I thought I was tired of hearing that kind of comfort

Merciless memories echo on endlessly, they’ll never release me. 
When I close my eyes they just grow stronger, you laugh in the distance

Will the rain ever stop? It's unrelenting pounding and chilling cold has thrived inside me- It's been a long time.

Why does the rain choose me? When I have no place to run

I finally found a new beginning but time haunts my past- reminding me of my very essence.
I’m not headed for the “next,” all I chased was the “past”

You, my savior who rescued me with your kindness and comfort, and I, this rueful coward
"It’s time for complications to spill out as I fumble blindly for your tired cheek."

Eyes that struggle against the truth of he past, fingers that wash it away
A placid stride heals the scars, the distance is farther than it looks

Will the rain ever stop? It's unrelenting pounding and chilling cold has thrived inside me- It's been a long time
Why does the rain choose me? Should I let it wash over me?

The rain never ceases and it keeps raining today
Amongst the rush of the people and the blurring city lights I draw close, underneath my open umbrella, towards the warmth. 

© 2012 BackupAccount: Summer D.

Author's Note

BackupAccount: Summer D.
I'm not entirely sure if this would ACTUALLY go under a poem. Oh well~

**Warning**: Grammar errors are to be expected. I fail at it but if it is any consolation- I fail "epically."

Inspired by a song. Similarities might be evident.



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Added on March 6, 2012
Last Updated on March 6, 2012


BackupAccount: Summer D.
BackupAccount: Summer D.

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