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The Accessories that Complete a Man's Wardrobe

The Accessories that Complete a Man's Wardrobe

A Story by BISSQ

The outfit is selected according to the occasion but something still seems incomplete. What is that? The final touch, the cherry on top, the style on top of style, the personality enhancing accessories that have become the essentials in a man’s wardrobe. The add-ons that absolutely steal all the attention in the room and makes it irresistible to not look at you. These must have accessories not only add to one's personality but also serve a purpose.


Wrist Watches

Centuries ago, when watches started evolving, nobody knew they will be so important and valuable in a man's life. This intricate product of art and design won hearts centuries after centuries and transformed itself into its better self. And the betterment didn't just stick with the wrist watch itself, it also transformed the bearer and enhanced his personality. This didn't happen in a moment, it took time. The complex yet so beautiful design of wrist watches and the efforts involved in making them is still one of the most fabulous results of art till the date. The sole purpose of the wrist watch is to keep one updated on time but that's not the only purpose it ended up serving. The multiple designs and materials made it more than just an accessory. It became a life style. The classic wrist watch, when worn with a crisp ironed formal suit gives a man a very serious and ambitious look. No doubt, the wrist watches will always be irreplaceable and unique.






When the sun shows its extreme power and rage, this accessory saves the day while adding style to one's personality. The sunglasses are no doubt one of the most meaningful and important inventions of the 19th century. In the times of high radiations and sunlight, sunglasses manage to keep the eyes cool and comfortable. They also provide the visual clarity and protect the eyes from dust and ultraviolet rays. But keeping eyes safe from the heat and the sun is not the only kind of "cool" sunglasses provide. A pair of sunglasses also makes its bearer look cool and stylish. That is the major reason sunglasses are so famous among youngsters. The multiple designs and colours of sunglasses make it a little hard to choose from but the internet has changed that. Now it has become very easy to find the perfect colour and design from many designs and shapes like wayfarers and aviators.



When the leather belt was introduced into fashion, it was mostly about function, that is to keep the bottom wear, a pant mostly, in its place, but now it's more about fashion than function. The leather belt has not changed much over the years but it definitely has reformed and improved a bit. The classy leather belts add that final touch to the crisp ironed suits that are worn to work and enhance the personality of its bearer. The stylish belts have promised themselves a long future and are irreplaceable till date.

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Added on July 15, 2017
Last Updated on July 15, 2017
Tags: Wrist Watches, Sunglasses, Belts