Vaporeon and Hogwarts? (Weird dreams)

Vaporeon and Hogwarts? (Weird dreams)

A Story by Kristina the Lucid Dreamer

I was having difficulty remembering this one.

I was laying in my bed trying to think of a good dream to have. I didn't concentrate hard enough so instead of having a lucid dream i had one of thoes ridiculous out of control dreams that i couldn't even understand.

I was in a misshapen bathroom and then next i was walking through the streets and i swore Hogwarts was a secret government thing and it was under a building. I was supposedly their guest of honor and one of the teachers introduced me to Harry Potter. He didn't look exactly like him he looked more like a stoner and i thought it was funny when i woke up after being attacked by a vaporeon.

What i don't understand about this dream is the fact that Harry Potter was there. Usually my dreams are based on what i did that day, what i watched, and someting i heard about. Yesterday had nothing to do with Harry potter! I did chores and i played video games, then made a writers cafe account to post my stories on.

© 2015 Kristina the Lucid Dreamer

Author's Note

Kristina the Lucid Dreamer
Anyone have any dreams that are all over the place?

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Added on July 26, 2015
Last Updated on July 26, 2015
Tags: Weirddream, pokemon, sleepy


Kristina the Lucid Dreamer
Kristina the Lucid Dreamer

Delaware, OH

I love to practice lucid dreaming and write about them in my stories. I also have a deviantart account. I love Pokemon and i enjoy collecting gemstones and watching stand up comedy and anime. more..