A Story by Loli

You see so much just by traveling on your feet...

Everything’s changed, she thinks.

Crunching the leaves beneath her feet, she follows the wind wherever it takes her. It being the middle of November on the windiest day of the year, that was everywhere. 
She passed houses that were never sold at decent prices, cars not parked correctly on the street, and laughing children. Oh, how loud and annoying they were, and still are.

She kept walking. She kept thinking.

Almost like a child herself, she stepped over the cracks on the concrete with a constant rhythm. Legs longer than her patience, she sometimes stepped over two cracks at a time. A million cracks later, she stopped in her tracks coming across what looked to be roadkill. Practically jumped out of her skin in disgust, but as always curious. Creeping near it as the wind brushed against her small pale face, she grew sick to her stomach preparing for the worst. What could it be? A dead dog? A ran over possum? Another furry animal on the side of the road? Until finally she was face to face with a crumpled-up piece of carpet.

“Note to self,” She says. “Don’t forget glasses next time.”

She kept walking. She kept thinking. She kept regretting.

Looking up ever so often she’d see neighbors greeting neighbors, husbands coming home to their wives, kids being kids. Wondering too often, where does she fit into the mix? And why did she come back?

Everything’s the same.

A car honked. Not once but twice!

She turned around to a red Corvette, and finally realized why she had come such a long way. A small yet frail hand reached out the window, cord in her hand.

She left her charger at her friend’s house.


© 2019 Loli

Author's Note

Thanks for reading, if you did! Means a lot that you took time out of your schedule to do so :)

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I’m glad that wasn’t road kill for once. Too many poor animals killed by the whims of us human. I’m thankful for small mercies always.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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We think we are alone but someone is always around. Very relatable and appreciated by me. Happy New Year!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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some things I read are more real than real.. this is one of them things...

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference, lol.
But the feelings are always the same

1 Year Ago

I think I know that feeling.... go well my friend..

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