A Moment of Joy

A Moment of Joy

A Story by Alesko

A quick short during break at work.

There once was a gnome, not your average gnome with tiny green clothes and pointy hat; this was a special gnome. His mother and father often disproved of him and his ideas, but the gnome considered himself the most special and awesome gnome in the world. For he was not like the others; he was more than the others.
    A fortnight ago, while looking for laundered socks to steal in the human settlements, he had found it: The Batsuit. It was pitch black, and made out of fake leather; but it felt just as wonderful as the real thing. He tried it on immediately and found that he became both stronger and more cleaver while wearing it. He immediately ran home to show everyone his new favourite outfit.
   He arrived in the village soon after the sun had set, and started his way to the campfire in the village square. He hurried over to his parents who looked him over in shock, the other villagers cast him glares of disgust and many started to whisper eagerly to eachother, pointing at the little gnome.
   His mother furiously told him to remove his outfit on the spot, but the little gnome would do no such thing; he had finally found just the thing to show everyone just how special he really was, and noone would take that away from him.
   Alas, the gnomes are, more than a bit, xenophobic people and anything out of the ordinary was frowned upon; and it was unforgivable for one of their own to shame themselves in such a way. They gave him an ultimatum to either throw away the human outfit and put on the traditional cotton one-piece again, or leave the village forever. The little gnome cried and pleaded to his parents, whom turned away from him.
   Sad, the little gnome left the warm embrace of the campfire and his former friends and family. He exited the village and continued walking further into the deep forest. He found a cave, at the base of the large mountain towering the village and its surroundings.
   For three days he sat in the cold, dark cave. Crying, and crying until no more tears came. But then, like a lightning strike from the sky, he decided; he was going to prove to his family and friends that he was more now, that change wasn't a bad thing and he wouldn't have to be shunned.
   With newly found determination he started to climb the mountain, where at the bottom the cave was. He climbed, and climbed for what felt like several hours until, finally, he reached the top. He looked out at the amazing view. He could see his village from here; campfires warming its spectators while they were happily singing and dancing. The little gnome felt a tear dripping down his cheek. They would soon know, he thought for himself. He took a deep breath, moved one foot in front of the other and leapt forward over the edge...

Two weeks later a party of gnome hunters were out hunting for food near the towering mountain. One of them suddenly stumbled over something beneath the snow, that had come about a week before. Lots of it. He called out to the others and started digging. Underneath the snow, he could see something dark, with leather like texture. The others came and helped him finish with the digging.
   All of them took a few steps back in shock. Underneath the snow lay a tiny gnome, dressed in a pitch black bat-suit. His limbs were twisted in unnatural angles; but burnt into his face he had the biggest and proudest smile ever to be seen; because, for a moment, he had flown and felt the air in his face, just like a real bat...

© 2014 Alesko

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Added on April 4, 2014
Last Updated on April 4, 2014
Tags: dark, gnome, batman, phobia, alone, loneliness, courage, shunned




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