System Children...I see a soul

System Children...I see a soul

A Story by Ralphy

How much do you know about children in our court system...are they trapped or can they get out after just one ordeal....?????


System Children

When I was a child, life’s difficulties were numerous as I wrestled with the racism card.  This turmoil trapped many children who weren’t of a certain color or even of a particular religious creed.  Children happen to fall into pit of juvenile delinquency because of the pressures of society.   It seems rebellious but we felt a bit…let say worthless, so we attempted to prove our worth. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t think things through and we only proved the point we were worthless by other’s standards.  Through grace of friends and family, many could stop this cancer before it was too late and through love can reverse this trend.  Regrettably, not everyone made it, many became Juvenile delinquent.

Today, racism appears invisible, but this isn’t about racism it’s about children.  Many dilemmas surfaced picking off our children one by one.  The pressures of life are far more malicious then I encroached in my youth and now the drug addiction and alcohol consumption by minors is a ever growing escape from the world they know.  Although racism cripples people mentally and causes resentment, drugs and alcohol destroys our children’s brains. Today’s world rips our children into directions that not only devour them but crush an entire family.   In addition, with introduction of sex at earlier ages, our girls tend to get caught up into a riff raft of things they would never normally do.  Yes, they expose their self; have sex to fit in with the never-ending social pressure. I’m not going to tell them they can’t but I’m saying they apt to it more because of pressures. In reality, most children just want to be their self but our society hampers lifestyles…POPULARITY.


Our children have many facets of modern medicine, which also limits their self-worth.  Most of our children that enter Juvenile Delinquency, trapped, caught up taking meds to help them cope…*Rising eyebrow…What the “Hell “are we doing?

I’m sorry, now it gets worse.  Our children, now juvenile delinquent, enter the court system.  You can’t have drugs, without runaways, stealing, prostitution or even gang activity not to forget drugs are against the law.  Once our children enter the court system they enter one of the greatest oceans of the world.  Treading water might seem easy but once in the system, it is difficult to get out…and really it’s not even these children’s fault, it has more to do with money.  I will leave that to you to ponder what I mean on money.  Nevertheless they are in the system. The system believes they know what is right but common sense disagrees, and logically reminds the system they are wrong.

Once you cage a child you destroy all hope, even though people think it’s the best thing; it has an adverse effect. Let me explain…first let me tell you about me, who am I.  I am problem solver, a controls engineer, a poet, a storywriter but most of important I am an observer.  I observe and believe me, not much I miss.  If they didn’t treat me a like trash during my growing years I might not have noticed these patterns.

Here is what happens to a child, simulated by a cage dog.  Take a loving kind pet, let us call him spot, and place him in a cage.  Take away his normal activities, and watch him transform.  He becomes more fidgety, as the days go by he become angrier towards other except his master.  Once he finds an opportunity to escape he will, look mom Spot bites, you bet as he becomes vicious, plotting his revenge on someone, something.

A dog can’t conceive the magnitude of the human brain, and a child can become the same as the animal with more vengeance; hateful, angry, revengeful, untouchable, unstable and most of all, a permanent ward of the government.  The system thinks they are doing everything right, or do they, or is it they don’t know what to do.  They know everything I do, and even more, so why do they continue with the slow destruction of our children.  I can tell you why.  It’s because you are not aware of it.  It hasn’t reached you yet but one day, you will meet a child they say is bad…I ask you one question…Why?  Please don’t tell me it’s the parents fault because that’s a downright lie. It is no more the parent. Just think back to when you were a child and ask yourself what did your parents do for you. You can bet these parents did their best but society out numbers them a million to one.  It’s the system and society…so what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to help?


Now you get the picture…we are the making of our society.  We feed society so society rules.  And the children lose.  Hugs…Ralphy

© 2010 Ralphy

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WOW you have certainly given me something to think about! We must do everything in our power to save all children, I think you will be able to go a great distance with your writing. Thank you for explaining it all to me. I wish you all the good luck in the world with your writing. I look forward to reading more of your work.


Posted 13 Years Ago

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