Premature Elephants

Premature Elephants

A Poem by Poe Redd

no description LOL


Really using her eyeballs the word falls

through air calls direct current into

disturbed minds listening after all

but finds the warm wine rewound

sunk sound into the low ground

requiring them to stretch their necks

in a vex of peculiar animal styles

a test of true common guile in the wild

legs spread and head lowered to lap

at the red ocean yes red because

white wine is fine if only one dines

but the bigger the party the eath hardly

holds itself together when the weather is starting

to turn intoxicated and we're all dancing and

dreaming of being feathers, dare chancing

the enhanced play at birth a sick purr

stuck in the throat like a burr almost floats

out into the world stout and pink tries

to shout out a high curse but it's

too young to think.

© 2012 Poe Redd

Author's Note

Poe Redd
inspiration: me and my sister folding laudry, and trying to call everyone to dinner telepathicly. O.O Now, i dont know if 'rewound' is a word. For some reason my dictionary didnt even have 'rewind' but poets are aloud to make up words right? :3

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Cool! :) No, no elaphants:) I like the rhyme especially. Except, you wrtoe eath, instead of earth, I htink:) Love it, As always poe

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2012
Last Updated on February 22, 2012
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Poe Redd
Poe Redd

Ontario, Canada

I'm back!! Will update all this nonsense soon. Much new writing to arrive shortly. Not a place for children. more..

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