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The harsh realities of life.

The harsh realities of life.

A Chapter by Baila-Eidos

Just a random idea that occured in the shower (all good ideas are formulated there.) It concerns, as the title depicts, prejudices and how we are all blighted by our preconceived ideas of people.


It's difficult climbing stairs but I refuse to take the elevator. I have to kind-of heave myself up in an utterly graceless way and sometimes a grunt escapes me. I'm normally wheezing by the time I get to the top. People tend to stare a lot and if the stairway is narrow and I'm holding people up then I hear a lot of impatient sighing and tutting behind me. The general public has this warped idea that people who have trouble climbing stairs also have impaired hearing. Sometimes I want to turn around and punch them in their ignorant faces. Othertimes I want to give up and go back to the wheelchair or elevator.


That's an object that seems to immediately portray the image of an idiot to everyone; a wheelchair. The few times I've ventured out in public in it I've had to brave the points and giggles of children and the disapproving sneers of their parents. A young lad of about ten once kicked the chair over when I was feeding ducks in the park. I recall flailing on the floor for ten solid minutes before I managed to ooze myself out of the chair and flip it upright again.

The park was busy that day. I remember a lot of people looking at me disdainfully but none of them helped me. No, I was in a wheelchair because of my own wrongdoings.


I suppose that's true in a way.


Another time I was in town by myself. I wanted to try on some trousers in Marks and Spencers so I went to the Big Blonde Lady near the checkout and asked if they had any changing rooms to accomodate large wheelchairs. I recall, quite vividly, the way she flung herself upon her knees, grabbed my flaccid hand and asked me if I would, "Need. Any. Help." It would have been amusing to an onlooker, I'm sure, seeing the Big Blonde Lady addressing a 30-year old man like a mute two year old but I was in a wheelchair, so by association I was retarded. They all seem to think that because I have trouble walking I can't talk or hear or understand simple commands or communicate like the rest of them.


When I lost my leg fighting for my country two years ago I wouldn't have thought this was the price I had to pay.

© 2010 Baila-Eidos

Author's Note

As always, criticism of any shape and size is welcome!

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Added on September 20, 2010
Last Updated on September 20, 2010
Tags: prejudices, life sucks, stereotypes, harsh life, army, soldiers, disabled, wheelchairs, injury
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