The lights go out

The lights go out

A Poem by ......

I close my eyes

A blancket of black is fadding

Now a violin playing the most beautiful music i've ever herd

The violin then disapears but not the beautiful and dark music

black fills my eyes once again but now its raining on the left side of my eye lids

and snowing on the right side

On the left I see a little girl no older then four standing on a dock in the middle of a lake

And on the right I see a little girl no older then two years standing at the window

Both sides have the cold dark feeling of death in the air

And both girls look so very sad

On the right side with the snow i then are drawn into the little girls body

and i see what she sees from her eyes

It's snowing so hard

All the lights are out except the street lights, but they are flickering

Infront of my eyes i see an ambulance placing a young woman into it

And a police car driving of with a man

I turn around and all i hear is the crying of an infant

And the street lights go out

Black splashes itself at me as quick as it disapeared

Rain drops then start falling infront of me

and once again im drawn into the four year old little girls body

The sound of gun shots echo in the ice cold air

I look at my feet and see a pool of blood trailing into the dark, scary, angry looking water

The dock I am standing on looks like it was going to breck off any second from the shore line

I see the street lights flickering

and the police Taking away a man who is struggleing

He calls out the name of Janet, No janet my beautiful duaghter

He then screams out sending shivers down my spine

RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK!!!!!!!!!

I then look into one of the officers trying to take me away

I then turn around and start running as fast as i can go

And the street lights go out

Black drowns my words

And i wake up from my deep slumber

I'm back in the woods

The sky is pitch black whith lightning striking it and thunder roaring out my name

I look around to see rain everywhere

RUN!!!!!!!!!!!RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK!!!!!!!!!! echos in the back of my mind

Time stops in its track 

The street lights go out





© 2012 ......

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Added on October 12, 2012
Last Updated on October 15, 2012



edmonton, Canada

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