A Poem by ......

He was pushed up agaisnt the wall

The man was yelling

He closed his eyes hoping he would vanish

like smoke

or a womans scream in the night

opening his eyes in a jolt from being striked to the through being lifted of the ground

the man slambed him into the wall

asking him what the password was

he replied once again

what password i dont know any password

The mans eyes filled with anger

he slambed him again

then brought him forward smashing his skull agaisnt the hard tile flooring

the brough him back around again and pined agaiasnt a desk holding both his arms out

I will ask you again what the password is

and once again he pleaded he didnt know

tears now running down his cheeks

and blood ouzing out of his mouth

another man appeared in the shadows

he had a machede

he watched as the man put the huge sharp knife into the fire

I will ask you again what it is

He then started to russtle around trying to escape from the tight grasp

he turned around and pat into the man face

The man then called the man with the hot sharp knife

The man held his arms out on the table

The man with then knife then slambed the knife onto his arm right at the elbow

He let out a cry and a scream of pain that would send shiver up your spin

The man then went over to the other arm and did the same as he did to his right arm

but didnt slice his other arm off but chewed at it with the kn ife

as if he was cutting a piece of meat off a steck

The man let go letting him hit the concreat floor hard as rock

his head smashed opne like a watermellon

blood covered the floor ceilings and walls

he was still alive

He said 528491

it was written on the desk

He then slowly closed his eyes

falling deep into a chamber of no return

© 2012 ......

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Added on November 4, 2012
Last Updated on November 5, 2012



edmonton, Canada

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