Chapter Six- Auditions

Chapter Six- Auditions

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Six

Angel stood in the shower after P.E. and washed off the sweat.  After running laps and playing volleyball, she felt overwhelmed as her muscles protested.
She changed back into her school uniform and headed for the exit.  Kai stood against the door frame with his arms crossed, and the same smirk across his face. 
“So what did you think?”  he asked as Angel shrugged. 
“I don’t think P.E. is really my thing.” 
“I think I might agree.  Which art class did you decide on?” 
“I decided on theater.” 
“Oh, that’s interesting.  I’m also in theater.”  He stated as they walked.
“Why didn’t I see you yesterday?” 
“I had something to do.  What play did they decide on?”  Kai asked as Anna ran up to them
“A play about a Goddess and a magician, and they’re fighting an evil guy.”  Angel replied as she turned to Anna and smiled.
Kai frowned for a moment than glanced over at Angel.  “I hate that story.”  He replied in a quiet voice. 
Angel and Anna went to their next class and, when the bell to ring, Kai was waiting for them at the door. 
“Ready for theater?”  Anna asked with a smirk. 
“I suppose so.”  Angel smiled back as they walked. 
“Say Kai, why do you hate the story?”  Angel asked as they entered the building.
“It’s a pointless story with no end.”  Kai stated firmly. 
Angel and Anna glanced at each other and shrugged as they all walked up the stairs and to their appointed classrooms.  Angel and Kai walked into the classroom and took a seat.  This time, she chose to seat right next to him. 
Mrs. Aska came in and everyone sat down quietly. 
“Alright, today I’m going to post the characters on the board.  Normally I would allow a vote, but this time I want you to audition for the parts instead.”
“What’s the point of that?  We already know who’s going to get it.”  Monica stated with a sneer.  When she said it, her eyes glanced over at Kai for a moment.  When he didn’t look back, she turned away.
“Now Monica, not everyone here has done theater most of their lives.  Still, I want to see dedication and hard work.  Even a rookie can get a lead role if they put their heart into it.”  Mrs. Aska smiled and began writing the names on the board.  “Oh, I know.  I will judge by how well you do your monologues.”
Angel gulped and looked down at her bag where her monologue sat. 
I wrote it so fast.  Maybe I should redo it and think it through.  No, this came from my heart so it should stay the way it is.
“Alright, we have the Goddess herself, the Magician boy, the villagers, the main bad guy, and some minions.  Good luck with your monologues and may the best actress and actor win!” 
“Oh man…”  Angel groaned as she pulled out her bag and looked over her monologue. 
“You’ll be fine.”  Kai whispered as Mrs. Aska talked to Monica.
“I don’t know.”  Angel gulped again.  Her throat felt tight as she looked over at Monica and sighed heavily. “ I just don’t think I can beat that.”
“If you want something then do it.  You should just be yourself, and you will be fine.”  
“Alright.”  Angel smiled and tucked her monologue back into her bag. 
The class ended, and Kai walked with Angel to meet back up with Anna.  They walked back to their homeroom for study hall together.  Angel waved goodbye to Anna and followed Kai into the classroom. 
The next hour went by quietly as Angel worked on her homework.  When she put the pencil down with a sigh, the final bell rang for the end of the day. 
Kai stood up and waited as she packed her bag and stood as well. 
“Kai, would you like to hang out with me, Anna, and Ryo this Saturday and then have dinner over at my house?” 
“Sure.  What time?”  he asked as they left the classroom, met up with Anna, and headed for the station. 
“How about we meet at the station at noon?”
“Sure.”  Kai replied as Anna nodded and waved her hand in the air. 
Angel looked over and saw Ryo standing by the gate. 
“Ryo!”  Anna called out.  He glanced over at them and froze.  His eyes locked onto Kai and Kai returned the glare. 
  They walked over to him and stopped. 
“Ryo, I would like you to meet Kai.  He really helped me out recently.”  Angel stated with a smile.
“Yo.”  Kai said as his smirk appeared. 
Ryo nodded then looked over at Angel.  For a moment, his eyes narrowed as his eyebrows furrowed.  His lips parted as to speak but held back at the last moment.  Then the look was gone. 
Angel took a step forward towards him, and the world felt like it was just her and Ryo standing there facing each other.  The moment shattered as the train sounded its arrival. 
“Let’s go before we miss the train.”  Anna stated as she grabbed Angel and Ryo and started to pull them both.  Angel blinked and started walking with Anna.  Kai followed silently. They got on the train and took their seats.  Kai and Ryo stayed standing. 
“So I decided that meeting at noon on Saturday, at my stop, would be best.  Is that alright with everyone?”  Angel asked looking at Ryo.  He nodded slowly.
“It’s fine with me.  Like I said, my parents are rarely home so I’m good for anything.” Anna replied as the train pulled into the first station.  “Anyways, see you tomorrow.”
“Yep. Bye Ryo, see you tomorrow.”  Angel got off the train with Kai following her. 
They started walking down the street as the slightly chilled air blew past them. 
I don’t know what to say to him.  My heart won’t stop beating so fast.
“I can’t wait to hear your monologue on Friday.”  Kai stated suddenly. 
“What?  Why?”
“I think it will be interesting to hear what you have to say as a character.”  He replied smirking.  He ran his hand through his hair and glanced over at her. 
“I will do my best.”  Angel smiled in reply. 
“Well I have to go this way to get home.  See you tomorrow.”  Kai waved as he turned down a different street.  Angel waved back and continued smiling.  Her cheeks felt warm as she hurried home. 
Thursday flew by and before she knew it, Angel was standing outside the theater classroom with her notebook in her arms.  Kai and Anna stood on either side of her waiting. 
“I don’t think I can do this.”  Angel muttered.
“You can.  I know you can.”  Anna replied giving her a pat on the back. 
“If you get nervous, just look at my eyes and forget everyone else.”  Kai stated as he opened the door and walked in. 
“I suppose I don’t have a choice.”  Angel gulped and followed him inside.
“Good luck.”  Anna whispered as she rushed to her classroom. 
Everyone sat down as Mrs. Aska came in and hit a switch.  A spotlight lit the front floor. With another switch, the rest of the lights went out.    
“Alright everyone, I hope you did your monologues.  We will go one by one so be quiet while someone is on stage.  Good luck and break a leg.  Monica, you’ll go first.”
Monica got up and walked into the spotlight. She held her head up high and smiled at the audience.  However, her eyes were locked on Kai as she took a breath and went into her monologue. 
One by one the students went up and did their monologues. 
“Kai.”  Mrs. Aska said as Kai got up and took the stage. 
His arms were by his side as he took a breath and lifted his head towards the ceiling. 
“My last memory is forever clear of a sharp intake of breath, my quickened heart, and her warm arms wrapped around my body.  She called out my name.  I imagine she was crying, but I couldn’t tell.”  He smiled gently and looked right at Angel.  “Her beautiful brown hair stuck to her face.  Those dark eyes were wide with uncertainty.  I formed the words but not a single sound escaped my cracked lips.  She understood though.  I could tell she understood”
He reached an arm out for a moment and then dropped it.  The smile faded as he looked down at his hands.  “I wanted to touch her face again, but my arm was too heavy.  I suppose I was supposed to feel pain, but I didn’t.  Everything but my heart was numb.”  His right hand reached up and touched his chest.  “My heart, that overflowing container, was beating for what felt like forever, but it wasn’t forever.  It never would be.”
His arm dropped again as he looked up and moved his eyes over the crowd.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats watching intently.  “The world around her grew dark, and she started to fade away.  I listened to her voice until it, too, faded away.  Then, as the numbness took over, I put all my efforts into one last moment.”  He looked at Angel and onto her eyes as a slow smile reappeared on his face.  Angel caught her breath and realized she was sitting on the edge of her seat.  “I lifted my head up at her and smiled.  That was my last memory before my life faded as well.” 
After a pause, Mrs. Aska began clapping, and Kai walked off the stage and took his seat next to Angel.
“That was wonderful Kai.”  Mrs. Aska stated as everyone stopped clapping.  “Finally, we have our new student, Angel.”  Angel gulped and stood up slowly.  Her hands shook as she slowly walked to the spotlight. 
I can do this.  Just look at Kai and be the person.  I can do it. 
She kneeled on floor, took a deep breath, and then looked up at Kai with a small smile.
“He came to visit me today.  It’s always the same day every year and always bringing a sunflower.  They’re my favorite, and he remembered.  It always makes me happy.”  She looked down at her hands that were placed in her lap and sighed.  “I wish I could stop time when he came.” 
She looked back up, but the smile was gone.  Replacing it was a frown as her eyes searched the crowd.  “But he left again with a wet face.  Then he came back with another sunflower.  He placed the flower down and left again.  This time he his face was dry, but that didn’t matter because that day the sky cried for him.”  She felt tears begin to fill her eyes as she looked back down at her hands.  “Time passed slowly as I waited for my love to return, and he did.” 
Her eyes lifted up and locked onto Kai.  “Yet this time he is with someone, and she is quite beautiful with golden hair just like a sunflower.  He placed the flower down and smiled for the first time.”  Tears fell freely down her face as she smiled and her voice began to crack.  “It was a smile so bright that I felt the chains of this world releasing.  He was finally free and so was I.”  Slowly, she stood up and reached out her hand.  “He left and did not return again, and I am finally able to rest now.  I am finally able to be free and live.”  Her arm dropped as she looked up towards the ceiling.  “Just like the sunflowers on my grave.”  
After a moment, Angel realized that some of the students were sniffling.  Mrs. Aska began to clap and was followed by everyone in the classroom except Monica, who looked the other way and crossed her arms. 
Angel looked over at Kai, who was clapping, and felt her cheeks grew warm as a real smile came across her face.  Slowly, she walked over to her seat and sat down.  Her heart beat steadily as she wiped the tears off her face. 
“Great job, Angel.  Alright, class is about to be over.  Next week we will be assigning roles for the play.”  Mrs. Aska walked over to her desk and sat down. 
“Was it really that good?  I was shaking the entire time.”  Angel whispered as Kai laughed. 
“It was certainly impressive.”  He stated as the bell rang. 
Anna was waiting for them and bouncing on her heels for news. 
“So, how did it go?”  she asked as they started walking down the hallway. 
“She did great.”  Kai stated turning to take the stairs. 
“I did alright.”  Angel replied with a giggle.  Anna smiled and patted Angel on the back. 
“I knew you would.  Man, now I wish I had taken theater.  Though, honestly, I would suck at it.”  She laughed and stepped off the stairs to the landing. 
“Kai did really well, too.”  Angel said as Kai shrugged.  “Really, I was at the edge of my seat.  You’re a great actor.” 
“Oh, I wish I had skipped class now, but I couldn’t because the chorus does a concert during the festival.  Actually, it’s right before your play.” 
“Good, I can’t wait to hear you sing.”  Angel said as they got to the main classrooms. “See you after class.” 
“Yep.”  Anna waved as she kept walking to her classroom.  Angel and Kai entered their classroom and took their seats. 
“So where are we going tomorrow?”  Kai asked as he turned in his seat to face her. 
“I don’t know.  I heard there’s an arcade though.  We can try there.”  Angel replied looking at Kai.  Suddenly, she remembered his words from his act and felt her heart beat faster and her palms get sweaty.  
Why am I getting so nervous around Kai?  I can’t still be afraid of him.
“That’s a good plan.  Maybe we can even go shopping afterwards.”  Kai said with a smirk. 

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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