Chapter Seven- The Promise

Chapter Seven- The Promise

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Seven in the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Seven
The Promise

Saturday morning came with a warmer breeze.  Spring was around the corner with the promise of nice weather.  Angel gave herself one more look in the mirror before taking a breath and smiling.  She wore a brown off the shoulder sweater with a tan sleeveless shirt.  Her tan skirt came to mid-thigh with dark brown boots ending right below the skirt line.  Her hair was thrown up into a ponytail. 
Alright, it’s almost time to meet them. 
She ran downstairs and looked into the living room where her mom sat folding clothes. 
“Oh Angel, you look so cute!”  she exclaimed as Angel smiled and grew red. 
“Thanks mom.  I’m going now so see you around five.”  She turned and left her house and headed to the station.  When she got there, she saw Kai waiting for her.  He was leaning against a post and waved as she got closer. 
Angel looked him over and gulped.  He wore an open gray button up shirt over a black shirt and dark blue jeans that fit him well.  Around his neck was a silver chain that was tucked in under his shirt. 
“Angel!”  Anna called out as she walked over to them.  Ryo was walking with her with his hands in his pockets.  Anna wore a blue long sleeve shirt with blue jeans that were tucked into her boots.  Ryo wore a black button up shirt and black cargo pants. 
Although different, it really suits him. 
Angel waited for them to reach her and brushed her bangs out of her eyes.
“Alright, so I thought we could go to an arcade first.  Is that alright?”  she asked and bit her lip. 
I’ve never really hung out with friends before.  I hope I make today fun for them.
“Sure.”  Anna said as they turned and started walking back down the street. 
“Good thing the weather held out today.  I heard it was supposed to storm.”  Kai stated as they turned down another street.  
“That’s not supposed to happen until late this afternoon.  Let’s enjoy this nice weather while we can.”  Anna pointed out as Ryo nodded.
Angel stopped in mid-step and gulped.  “There’s a storm this afternoon?” 
“Sure, but it’s not until later.  It won’t affect our plans for the day, don’t worry.”  Anna said as Angel caught up to them. 
They kept walking until they reached the arcade.  Inside were games and a prize booth against the back wall.  Angel suddenly smiled and grabbed Anna’s hand. 
“You act like you have never been to an arcade before.” Anna laughed as Angel’s face grew red.  “Oh…”
“I didn’t get to do much because my mom always worked to support us, but now I can because I’m old enough and have friends.”  Angel walked into the arcade and pointed to the games.  “Let’s go to that one!” 
Kai laughed as he followed and even Ryo smiled a bit.  They walked over to a four person shooting game and inserted their money. 
“Let’s see who can get the highest scores!”  Kai exclaimed as the game began.  
“You’re on!”  Anna replied showing her teeth in a grin. 
After ten minutes of shooting the undead, the game ended with the scores across the screen. Angel was at the bottom with the lowest scores and most deaths. 
“Oh, that was harder than I thought it would be.”  She laughed as Anna shouted at Kai.
“Somehow you cheated!”  she pointed to the screen as Kai laughed loudly. His score was perfect without a single death.  Anna died once and almost had a perfect score.  Then she laughed and pointed at Ryo. 
Kai turned and immediately stopped laughing.  Ryo, also, had a perfect score without a single death.  Ryo blinked over at Anna than looked at Angel with a shrug and raised eyebrows.  With that look, Angel started laughing as well. 
“Fine, let’s see who gets the most tickets!”  Kai declared as Anna raised a fist and accepted the challenge.  Ryo looked over at Angel, and she kept laughing.
For the remaining two hours, they ran from game to game.  Angel walked past the prize booth and stopped when something caught her eye.  In the top corner of the shelf was a small pink digital camera with a bunny imprinted on it. 
It’s so cute! 
“Oh look what we have here.” 
Angel looked over at the boy leaning against the counter and staring at her.  His brown hair stuck out at different angles from under a ball cap. 
“Can I help you?”  Angel asked in a whisper as she took a step back. 
“I’m sure you…”  he stopped in mid-sentence and stared past her.  “Never mind.”  He turned and walked away without a glance back.  Angel blinked and turned around to see Anna, Kai, and Ryo standing together staring at the boy.  
They were protecting me. Aw thanks guys.
“Did he bother you?”  Anna asked as she wrapped an arm around Angel’s neck. 
“No.”  Angel stated quietly.
“You really shouldn’t space out so much.”  Kai chuckled as he placed his ticket stub on the counter face down.  “Let’s see who won this.” 
Anna released Angel and slammed her stub on the counter face down as well. 
Angel smiled and looked over at Ryo as he came over and stood next to her with worried eyes. 
“I’m fine. Thank you for worrying.”  Angel said quietly.  Ryo nodded and placed his ticket stub on the counter as well. 
“Alright, we will turn it over on the count of three…two…one.”  They all turned over their stubs at once.  “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  Anna groaned.
“Guess I’m better at the games.”  Kai laughed.
“We tied.”  Ryo suddenly said while holding up the stub. 
“No way!”  Kai went to grab it when Ryo moved out of reach.  “Whatever, let’s see what they have for prizes.” 
Angel looked down at her stub and back up at the camera. 
I’m not even close
She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked over at Ryo.  He was holding out his stub for her to take. 
“Oh Ryo, I couldn’t.”  Angel stated as he frowned. 
“I won’t use it.  I want you to have it.” 
“Thank you.”   Angel took the stub and smiled. 
“Angel, you can have mine too.  There’s nothing on the wall that I want.”  Anna said as she gave Angel her stub.
“Really, Anna?”   Angel asked looking at the two stubs.
“Sure, you can get what you want.” She patted Angel’s head and laughed. 
“Yea, there’s nothing up there.  Angel, you find something.”  Kai handed her the stub without looking at her.  She slowly took it and looked at the tickets. 
“Thank you everyone.”  She said and looked at the wall again. 
  “Just get something good.”  Kai replied as he smiled. 
“Okay.”  Angel smiled back and got the attention of the sales associate. 
“Did you figure out what you wanted?”  she asked. 
“Yes, may I have the camera up there please?”  Angel replied as the woman turned.  She took the camera off the wall, and handed it to her while taking her stubs. 
“You still have some tickets left.”  The woman stated as Angel looked the camera over. 
“Oh…”  Angel looked around for a moment then saw a small pack of phone charms. There were four charms in each with different small animals on them.  Angel pointed to them, and the woman got it for her. 
She looked at the pack and smiled.  Inside were a dog, mouse, cat, and bunny. 
Kai would be the dog because he likes to lead.  Ryo will be the mouse because he is quiet and friendly.  Anna is the cat because she is energetic.  I will be the bunny because of my shyness and cuteness
She opened the pack and handed Kai the dog first. 
“A phone charm?”  he asked as he looked it over and pulled out his cell phone.  “Thanks.”
Then she handed Anna the cat. 
“Angel, this is adorable!  Thank you!”  Anna held the cat charm up and pulled out her cell phone. 
Finally, Angel gave the mouse to Ryo.  He took it and looked it over before pulling out his own phone and connecting the charm.  Angel put the bunny on her own phone and held it up.
“Hey, since Angel got a camera, let’s take a picture!”  Anna said as they started walking out of the arcade. 
“That’s a great idea!”  Angel opened the packaging around the camera and tossed the trash in the trash can on the street. 
“Excuse me ma’am, can you take this picture for us?”  Anna asked a passing woman.  She stopped and nodded. 
Angel stood in the middle as Anna wrapped her arm around her neck and raised the peace sign with her other hand.  Ryo stood on the other side of Anna with his arms behind his back. Kai stood on the opposite side of Angel and smiled with his hands in his pockets.  The woman counted to three and everyone smiled. 
After the woman returned the camera and Angel thanked her, they started walking up the street.  “Where should we go now?”  Kai asked.
“I say since we have a few hours left until dinner, we should go shopping.”  Anna declared. 
“That’s a great idea!”  Angel exclaimed as she turned to look at Ryo and Kai.  Her face fell a bit when she saw the looks on their faces.  Both boys were holding their heads down and sighed heavily. 
“Oh come on, it’s getting close to spring, and I bet Angel doesn’t have a good swim suit.”  Anna pointed out as Angel thought about it for a moment.
“I don’t really have a swim suit at all.”  She stated then looked back at Ryo and Kai.  “What’s wrong?”  Kai was looking up with a shade of red forming around his ears and cheeks.  Ryo looked sideways with a similar look. 
“Well you have to get a swim suit since you live on an island.”  Kai stated as his dark eyes finally met Angel’s.  Ryo nodded and looked at her as well. 
“So it’s settled!  It’s time to commence operation ‘Angel’s first swim suit!’”   Anna laughed and took the lead. 
Angel stood there with a smile reaching as wide as it would go. 
These guys are all trying to do so much just for me!  I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world!
As she stood in her thoughts, Kai and Ryo both placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled. 
“You really shouldn’t daydream in the middle of the street.”  Kai laughed as he released her.  Ryo nodded and did the same.  Angel blinked, laughed, and followed them to the store.  From that moment, Angel began taking candid shots with her camera. 
Inside the store, Anna walked from rack to rack until her arms were full of swim suits. She grabbed Angel and dragged her into the changing room.  As the door shut, she turned and glared at Ryo and Kai.
“There better not be one bad thought coming from your minds.”  Anna whispered as Kai and Ryo just stared at her and blinked.  “Angel, are you ready?”  her voice, returning to normal, called into the changing rooms as she held up the camera for a picture.
“I-I guess.” Angel slowly opened the door and walked out. Anna let out a squeal, snapped a picture, and looked her over. Kai leaned against the wall and smiled with a nod.  Ryo, who had sat in a chair and was leaning on his hand, sat up straight with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. 
Angel gave a shaky laugh and looked over in the mirror.  The swim suit was a light pink full piece with a bunny on the chest. 
“I was right! Your beautiful innocence makes this swim suit perfect for you.  What do you think guys?”  Anna asked as she turned and looked that them. 
“It really does suit you.  You look good.”  Kai stated in a soft voice. 
“Ryo, do you like it?”  Angel asked as she took a step closer to him.  He relaxed, closed his mouth, and gave a simple nod. 
“Alright, I can’t believe the first one I picked out would have suited you so well, but it does.  There’s no point to try on the other ones.  You can change back into your normal clothes.” Anna placed the remaining suits into a bin. 
Angel went back into the room to change and returned a couple of minutes later in her normal clothes.  Anna returned her camera to her.  She took the pink swim suit to the counter and started to pay for it when a hand reached over hers and placed down the money.  She blinked and looked up to see Kai leaning over her. 
Suddenly, her heart raced when she realized how close he was to her.  His body wash had a nice smell, the heat from his chest was radiating through his shirt, and his skin was soft as his hand brushed hers when he placed the money down. The moment felt like an eternity, but only lasted a second than he backed up and smiled. 
Why did my heart just race?  Am I really so innocent that being in contact with a guy makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode? 
“Kai, why…?” 
“Don’t worry about it.  Remember, you’re treating me to dinner.”  Kai winked as he started walking out the door.  Angel took her bag with the suit in it and followed Kai, Anna, and Ryo out the store. 
As the day drew on, more pictures were taken, so they stopped by a kiosk to have a pictures developed.  An hour later, Angel had an envelope with the new pictures in it.  As the afternoon came to an end, Angel took the lead and started walking home.  They reached her house as the sun began to set and dark clouds started moving in.  Angel opened the door, “Mom, I’m home!”  she called as she walked in and held the door open for the others.
 Angel’s mother came out of the kitchen with a pink apron on and a large spoon in her hand.  “This is Ryo, Anna, and Kai.”  Angel said pointed to each one.
“Oh, welcome!  I’m her mom.  Dinner is almost ready.” S he smiled and walked back into the kitchen as Angel shut the door and sighed. 
“Let’s go wait in the living room until dinner’s ready.”  Angel led the way into the living room and took a seat. 
“Oh, this is you as a little girl!” Anna squealed as she pointed to a picture on the mantle. The picture was an eight year old Angel standing in a park with pigtails.  Ryo and Kai walked over to view the picture.  “You’re a little older in this picture with your mom.”  Anna stated pointing at another picture. 
“Why are there no baby pictures of you?  I want to see a cute little baby Angel.”  Kai laughed as Angel blinked and looked at the pictures. 
“That’s because mom isn’t my real mom.  I mean, biological parent.”  Angel stated as Kai stopped laughing instantly.  “That’s okay since I have no memory before I knew mom.  She found me when I was seven and adopted me a couple of months later.” 
“Doesn’t that make you sad?”  Anna asked quietly as she looked down at her hands. 
“No, I’m grateful that I have such a wonderful mom who raised me alone and worked hard to get us this far.  I don’t remember my real parents, but I’m sure they had a good reason to leave me behind.  Mom says that to make a good child, you need a good parent so I think they are out there thinking about me.”  Angel smiled up at them. 
Kai blinked and gave a slight smile.  “Do you ever want to meet them?” 
“Yes.”   Angel reached up, placed her hands over her heart, and closed her eyes. “I want to tell them that I’m happy and not angry with them.  In fact, I feel bad because I imagine that they are just as sad as I would be if I were them.  I love them very much because they gave life to me, and I don’t know if I ever got the chance to tell them that.”   As she took a breath, she heard sniffling.  She opened her eyes and saw Anna trying to hold back tears. 
“I’m sorry Anna.  I didn’t mean to make you sad.”  Angel touched her shoulder and smiled.
“I’m sorry.  I really shouldn’t cry.”  Anna sniffled again, looked up, and smiled. 
“You really are something special, Angel.”  Ryo stated.  Angel blinked and looked at him.   His eyes were soft as he smiled with a tilt in his head. 
“Dinner’s ready!”  Angel’s mom called from the dining room suddenly. 
“Probably wouldn’t be the best first impression if I go in there crying.”  Anna laughed causing Angel to laugh with her.  They walked to the dining room and took seats as her mother sat down the last dish before taking her own seat. 
They went through dinner while talking about school and their day.  When dinner was finally over, Angel helped clean up the dishes while Anna and Kai argued over a game. 
“Angel, you really do have nice friends.”  Her mom whispered as Angel nodded. 
“I think so.”  Angel replied.
“Thank you Mrs. Hawke for having us over for dinner.”  Anna said as she came into the kitchen. 
“Oh, you are very welcome.  Come over any time, Anna.” 
“Angel, I have to get going. I don’t want to get caught in the storm, but I do want to thank you as well for such a wonderful day.  When the weather gets warmer, we definitely have to go to the beach.”  She waved, turned, and headed for the door.  “See you at school on Monday!”  She left, and Angel waved back. 
“I should be going as well.  Thanks for everything.”  Kai said as he patted her head. “Maybe next time, we can do something just us.”  He winked, waved goodbye, and left.  Angel felt her face grow hot instantly and looked away to cover it. 
Angel walked back into the living room and saw Ryo staring out the window.  He looked over at her as she approached. 
“Are you okay?”  she asked as he nodded. 
“I guess I should be going as well.”  He said as he started walking to the door with Angel. “Thank you for today.  This was also my first time going out with friends.”  Angel smiled and wrapped her arm around his. 
“Then let me give you the final part of the day.”  She laughed as they went to the door and opened it.  “Let’s make a promise right here.”
He raised his eyebrows and waited. 
“Let’s promise that we will always be there for each other.  No matter what happens, we will always return to this point together.”  She made a fist, stuck out her pinky finger, and held it up to his eye level.  He smiled and did the same. 
Their pinky’s wrapped around each other.  Angel giggled and released him completely. 
“Goodnight Ryo.” She said as he walked down the steps to the street.  As she turned around, a strong wind engulfed her for a moment then died immediately.  She looked back to see Ryo already gone.  However, sitting at the bottom of her steps was another single black feather.

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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