Chapter Eight- The Play

Chapter Eight- The Play

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Eight
The Play

Monday came and Angel stared at the door to her theater class with Kai beside her. 
I know I won’t get the part, but I think I’ll feel bad if I don’t. 
“Angel, it’s okay.  If you get the part then you will be great at it.  If you don’t, then you will make a great supporting character.  Either way, I will help you through it.”  Kai nudged her towards the door.  
She nodded, took a deep breath, and opened the door.  She found her seat, sat down, and waited.  Kai sat down next to her and patted her head.  She gave a small smile that went away as Mrs. Aska walked in with a piece of paper in her hand. 
“Alright everyone, settle down. I have the roles so listen carefully.  If I do not call your name then let me know, and we will find a supporting character for you.”  She stood in the front and cleared her throat.  “The magician will be Mick.”
Mick smiled and gave a hi-five to another boy. 
  “The Priestess is Monica.”
“Wait, I’m the priestess not the goddess?”  Monica asked with a sneer. 
“That’s correct.”  Mrs. Aska’s eye flashed toward Monica.
“The main evil guy is Kai.” 
“Fair enough.”  Kai said softly.
“Finally, the Goddess is Angel.”  Mrs. Aska looked around the room and smiled. “Everyone else is either an evil minion or a town’s person.” 
Angel gulped and stared at Mrs. Aska for a moment before Kai patted her head to get her attention.  She looked over at him and blinked.
“I’m the lead role?”  she whispered.
“Yea, but don’t worry.  I’ll help you.”  Kai laughed as class continued.  Mrs. Aska passed around scripts for the play.  As she got to Angel, she smiled and leaned down.
“Don’t worry; I know you will do just fine.”  She whispered before moving on to the next student.  Angel gave a sigh and looked at the script. 
I’ll just have to do my best!
As she looked back at Kai, she saw Monica glaring at her from across the room.  Angel gulped and looked away. 
“Um, Kai, can you come by my house this afternoon to go over the script?”  Angel muttered and glanced over at Kai again.  He smiled and nodded.
“Sure, we can go over it as much as you want.”  He said gently. 
“Thanks.”  Angel returned the smile and opened the script.
This might take a miracle to do, but I can’t give up. 
The day ended after study hall.  Angel walked to the train with Anna, Kai, and Ryo.
“I’m so happy that you got the lead role!  So what if some snotty girl wanted it?  You will be amazing!  Oh, can I do your hair and make-up?”  Anna asked as they reached the station.
“I guess.”  Angel clutched her bag and climbed onto the train.  “Kai is going to help me with the script.  With your help with the make-up, I think I might manage to make this work.  You guys are so amazing.   I’m really a lucky girl.” She laughed as the doors shut, and the train began moving. 
“I think we’re the lucky ones.”  Ryo whispered.
“What?”  Angel asked as she leaned forward to hear him better.  Ryo just smiled and shook his head. 
The train pulled into the station moments later.  Angel and Kai waved goodbye and got off.  As they walked to her house, it started to sprinkle. 
“You don’t think there will be another storm tonight, do you?”  Angel asked as they turned to walk up another street. 
“There might be.  Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”  Kai patted her head again and laughed. 
“It really is a silly fear, but I can’t help it.”  Angel stated with a giggle.  They arrived at her house just as the rain started to come down harder.  She called in the house but received no answers.  “Guess mom went out.” 
“That’s okay.  We can still work on the script.”  Kai followed her in and closed the door.  
“Yep.”  Angel led the way to the living room, sat down, and opened her script.  Kai sat next to her and opened his scripts as well.  After a moment of reading through, Kai reached over to Angel and showed her the scene. 
“Alright, this is your first scene where your village is being attacked by villains.  The village leader just found you hiding in a hut.  He gives you a bag of food and water and tells you to run.  At this point a villain comes in.  The man tries to protect you and but dies.  This is where you cry and say ‘No’.” 
Angel stood up and closed her eyes.  She imagined a man being killed in front of her. 
How sad that must be to be the goddess.  She must have felt really lonely and scared. 
Angel felt tears fill her eyes as she reached out with a trembling hand and opened her eyes.  “No…”  The word slipped her lips in a shaky manner. 
“Great, now you run past him and out of the village.  Hours pass by and you are lost in the forest and cold.  Then you say…”
Angel leaned against the wall and peaked at her script.  “Maybe I should rest.  What should I do now?”  She slowly fell to the floor and pretended to fall asleep. 
“Alright, you’re doing great.  Are you sure you have never acted before?”  Kai asked leaning forward.
Angel opened her eyes and smiled.  “No, but I just imagined being her.”
“Well it’s pretty amazing.  Let’s continue.”  He turned the page and scanned the script. “Alright, here is where the magician comes in and finds you asleep.  He covers you up and starts a small fire while watching you.  Now you wake up and jump from surprise.  He says ‘You’re awake! I didn’t mean to frighten you, but I was traveling.  When I saw you I had to make sure you were alright.  I’m Mick by the way’.”
Angel does this and tries to move.  “Are you going to hurt me?”
“He says ‘Not at all, you can imagine my surprise when I found you lying in the dirt.  I’m a magician in training’.” 
A sudden flash came into Angel’s head causing her to grab it.  The image was of a young boy.  His hair was dark red, and his eyes were a soft mixture of blue and grey.  He wore a sleeveless shirt and cotton tan pants that were tucked into his boots.  A dark green cloak was sitting over a root next to him. 
“Are you okay?”  Kai asked as he got up and went to her hurriedly. 
Angel blinked, and the image was gone.  She nodded and slowly stood up.
What was that just now? 
“I think we should stop for now.  It’s getting late too.”  Kai said as he helped her to the coach. 
“Kai, you said you hated this story.  Was it a true story?”  Angel muttered and felt her cheeks grew warm. 
Of course it’s not. There is no such thing as a magician and goddess. 
Kai sighed and sat down next to her.  “It’s an old story passed down for generations.  It started with a demon and goddess falling in love and having a child.  The demon world and human world thought this was a betrayal since they were at war.  Both parents were killed but the little girl escaped with help.  Over time, both sides realized how powerful she was and wanted her on their side.  When the magician boy found her, he wanted to protect her.  In the end, she protected him by giving her life so the demon lord wouldn’t be able to use her and gave the boy immortality.  So the story goes.” He looked over at Angel and shrugged. “They say he lives his life looking for a way to bring her back.”
Angel frowned and felt tears again.  This time, she tried to brush them away, but they started falling. 
“That’s awful.  To live a life without the one you love for eternity.  How lonely and painful that must be.” 
Kai laughed and wrapped an arm around her.  “There are worse things than to live a life without the one you love.  You could have never loved at all.”

The following weeks went by quickly, and finally it was time for the spring festival.  Kai helped Angel out with the lines as much as he was able to.   Some nights, Ryo came by to watch with Anna. 
The day of the spring festival was warm with cherry blossoms in full bloom.  Booths were placed out in front of the school with food and games.  Student chattered with excitement as they finished last minutes details on their booths. 
Angel and Kai weren’t able to go to Anna’s performance but were able to hear it from behind the curtains as they finished getting ready.  Angel looked at the mirror and gulped.  She wore a white kimono with white slippers. 
“You look great.”  Kai said as he came up behind her.  As the villain, he was dressed in black armor.  It was ornately decorated with black markings. 
“So do you.”  Angel caught the sight of Monica in her own kimono and frowned.  Monica was glaring at her than turned away with her nose in the air.  “I don’t think she likes me very much.”
“She doesn’t like anyone who outshines her.  Don’t worry about it.”  Kai patted her head and smiled.  “You’ll do great.” 
“Thanks.”  Angel whispered as Mrs. Aska came over. 
“Okay, it’s time for us.  Is everyone ready?   Go break a leg!” Angel walked over to the stage and got into position.  Another boy from class stood facing her with a bag in his hands. Behind them was a scene of a small hut.  The auditorium became silent as the curtains started to rise. 
Here goes nothing.
The boy, Tony, jumped right into the scene as he took a step in front of Angel to block her.
“Goddess, take this and run! You’re not safe here!” he handed her the bag, and Angel took it with wide eyes.  A crashing sound came over the speaker as someone else came in wearing armor. 
“I found you Goddess!”  Kai shouted with a smile.  He laughed as Tony took stand and blocked Angel. 
“Run!”  He shouted as he jumped forward and pretended to fight with Kai.  Kai stabbed Tony and Angel cried out “No!” 
Tony and the villain fell to the floor.  Angel took her cue and ran off the stage.  The curtain closed, and Angel took a sip of water before returning on stage for the next scene.  As the curtain rose, Angel walked slowly and looked around with her fear across her face.  The backdrop became a forest.
“Maybe I should rest.  What should I do now?”  She slowly sat on the floor, pretended to lean back, and fall asleep as Mick entered wearing a tunic, pants, cloak, and staff.  He stopped and saw Angel on the ground.  Quickly, he came over and sat down next to her. 
“She’s just a girl.”  He stated as he brushed her hair form her face and tilts his head.  “I can’t just leave her like this.  I’ll just wait until she wakes up.”  He waited for her to wake up. Angel sat up and yawned.  When she saw Mick, she jumped and moved away.  “You’re awake! I didn’t mean to frighten you.  When I saw you I had to make sure you were alright.  I’m Mick.” 
“Are you going to hurt me?”  Angel asked slowly. 
“Not at all, you can imagine my surprise when I found you lying in the dirt.  I’m a magician in training.” 
The different scene played out, and Angel began to deliver her lines strongly and without hesitation.  She focused on Mick as the last scene came.  Kai stood in front of Angel, Mick, and Monica and laughed. 
“You really thought you would be able to escape me?”  Kai laughed as Mick tried to use magic on him but failed.  “If you come with me now Goddess, I will allow these children to live.  What is your choice?”  
Angel looked up at him with tears freely flowing down her face.  She turned and looked over at Mick.  “Thank you for protecting me.”  She looked back at Kai and frowned.  “Let’s make a deal. You can have my powers on one condition.”
“Oh and that is?”  Kai asked as he took a step forward. 
“Mick and Monica will stay alive until you have my powers.”  Angel stated in a clear voice. 
“Very well, you have my word.  As you know, I’m unable to break my word.”  Kai bowed with a grin.  Angel took a step forward and closed her eyes.  Multiple different colored spotlights suddenly came on her at once. 
Suddenly, a scene came inside her head.
A man was standing in front of her with large black wings.  Behind her a boy’s voice could be heard shouting.  The wind blew around in the night air as light engulfed her.  Angel grabbed her head as she fell to the ground.  The spotlights went out as the pain faded.  Angel pretended to be dead as Mick ran over to her and picked up her head. 
“No, it’s not supposed to be like this!  I love you!  No, don’t go!”  he cried out as Monica pretended to cry in the background. Kai looked at his hands for a moment then became angry as he raised a blade over Mick. 
Mick looked up, his anger showing with bared teeth.  Kai was unable to bring down the blade.  He took a step back and ran off stage then the curtains closed with Mick calling out Angel’s name. 
The audience stood up and clapped.  Cheers and shouts could be heard as the whole crew came out onto stage for a bow.  Angel gripped Kai’s hand and smiled. 
I really did it!  

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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