Chapter Thirteen- Elizabeth

Chapter Thirteen- Elizabeth

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Thirteen

It took Kai two days to wake up.  During this time, Angel had to return home and go to school.  When she saw Anna, she made up a story that Kai suddenly had to leave town for a while.  Anna was upset that he didn’t tell her anything but dropped the subject after a day.  The one person Angel had wanted to see wasn’t at school either day.  On Tuesday, she went to the inn room and knocked on the door.  
Her eyes opened wide when Kai’s voice answered.
“Come in.”  he said in a low manner.  Angel gulped and reached for the handle.  
All this time I have been waiting for him to wake up that I didn’t think about what I would say to him when he did.  
Shakily, she opened the door and walked in.  Kai was propped up on pillows and was reading a book.  Their eyes met as she walked in and shut the door.  
I wish I wasn’t the only one here.  
“I’m glad you’re okay.”  Kai said while putting the book on the bed.  
“I’m so sorry, Kai.”  Angel whispered.  Her throat felt tight.  
I won’t cry in front of him.  I need to be strong.
“Why?  It was the demon that made you do it.”  He frowned and motioned for her to come closer to him.  “I just woke up.  What happened after…?”  
“After I stabbed you with a poisonous dagger?”  Angel walked over to him and sat at the end of the bed.  “I snapped out of the spell and somehow attacked the demon.”
“Did you kill him?”  Kai asked while leaning forward with wide eyes.  When Angel shook her head, he sighed and leaned back on the pillows.  
“The other spirit appeared and saved him.  He also gave me the medicine to make you better.”  Angel stared down at her hands and bit her lip.  “It was the only chance we had to save your life.  When we looked back, spirit and the demon were gone.”
“Thank you.”  Angel snapped up her head and looked at him.
I thought he would be so angry that we had help from the enemy to save him.  Although, spirit isn’t really the enemy, right?
“You had no other choice.  I’m sorry I put you in that situation.”  Kai tried to lean forward and winced.  As his breath caught, he reached forward and took her hand.  “I’m sorry I didn’t protect you.”  
“Kai, I told…”  Angel began, but Kai shook his head.
“I know, but it doesn’t matter.  I can’t stop myself from wanting to be with you and protect you.  Maybe it’s because your spirit, but I should’ve been there.”  He squeezed her hand and smiled.  “So please don’t tell me not to protect you.  I just can’t agree with that.”  
Angel slowly nodded and swallowed hard.  “After we gave you the medicine, Elizabeth showed up and got you a room here.”
“Who’s Elizabeth?”  Kai blinked and leaned back onto the pillows while releasing her hand.
“She’s another fragment.  She found us while we tried to carry you to safety and got this room for you.  She said she was sent here by Ender.  Kai, he’s apparently the boy from the story! The one who got immortality when Hina gave up her life!”  
Kai’s eyebrows rose, and his eyes went wide.  He blinked and stared at her for a moment.
“Where’s Elizabeth?”  he asked slowly.  
“She said she would be back today.  I don’t know where she went.”  Angel frowned and crossed her arms.  
As if on cue, the door knocked and opened.  Bryan, Skyler, and Elizabeth walked in and shut the door.
“It’s about time you woke up.”  Bryan said as he went to the wall and leaned against it.  
“How do you feel?”  Skyler asked as she placed a basket of fruit and bread on the bed.  
“I’ll live.”  Kai sat back up and winced again.  “So you’re Elizabeth.”  
Elizabeth smiled and flipped her hair.  “I am, yes.  I’m happy to see you are well.”  
“Thanks for the help.  Angel said you were sent here by Ender?”  
“I was.  Let me start from the beginning.”  She sat in the armchair and crossed her legs.  “Ender rescued me when I was a little girl.  I was raised in Wales at the school where all the gifted children are protected from demons.  Ender has been looking for the fragments for many years.  He told me last week that the fragments would gather here on this island.  He said the island draws all the fragments here.  I had to help you find the other fragments and bring everyone back to Wales.”
“Well that about sums it up.”  Bryan stated.  “So what can you do?”  
“I am the fragment of lightning.”  Elizabeth smiled.  “Also, you can just call me Liz.”  
“So Ender sent you here to help us find the other fragments.  That’s all he did.  No actual instructions on where to find them?”  Kai asked while grabbing a piece of bread and biting into it.  
“He just said that the fragments would come here.  He also said that two of the fragments were with Akuma.”
“Damn.”  Kai muttered after swallowing his food.  
“Well we know for a fact that one of the fragments is the other spirit.”  Skyler pointed out.  
“So mind, soul, animal, and light are either with the enemy or on this island?”  Angel asked.  “Are they helping him or being held captured?”
“That’s a good point.”  Kai replied and bit into the bread.  “Either way we will have to go there.”  
“There?”  Angel blinked and looked over at Kai.  
“To the castle in the sky.”  Kai stated as the room went silent.  “Don’t look at me like I’m losing it.”  He snapped and glared at Bryan.
“Well you might as well be.”  Bryan replied as he pointed at the ceiling.  “You want the five of us to go to a castle that is floating in the sky.  Mind you that’s covered with demons that would like nothing better than to capture and torture us.  Where the demon lord is.  Just to take a chance to rescue the others that we assume are only being captured and will leave willing!”  
“That’s pretty much the plan.”  Kai replied sitting up straighter.  “Do you have a better one?”
“Oh no, I’m all up for the chance to die in battle.  I just hope you realize that not everyone here is capable of protecting themselves.”  His eyes glanced at Angel before returning to Kai.  
“That’s not fair, Bryan.  Angel almost destroyed that demon.”  Skyler protested as Angel opened her mouth but stayed silent.  
“Leave Angel out of this! That situation wouldn’t have happened if you had protected her like you were supposed to!”  Kai jumped out of bed, stumbled, and corrected himself with his fists raised.  
“Protect her! I was never told I had to! She’s your lover! You should have been the one to protect her!”  Bryan also raised his fists.  
“Wait, I’m not…”  Angel whispered as watched them with wide eyes.  
“This is ridicules.  Obviously, she doesn’t feel the same about him since she stabbed him.  I agree with Kai’s plan.  We should go to the castle.”  Liz spoke up.  
“She’s not my lover! We’re a team, Bryan! You need to get that in your head before I knock it in there!”  Kai took a step forward.  “We have to protect each other and work together!”  
“Bryan, don’t.”  Skyler mumbled as she reached forward to place a hand on Bryan’s arm.  Bryan shrugged it off and took a step towards Kai.  
“ENOUGH!”  Angel stood up and shouted.  The room went silent, and everyone stared at her.  Kai and Bryan lowered their fists, and said nothing.  “I don’t care who was supposed to protect me.  Kai, you can’t do anything until you are healed completely.  Skyler, you should try to make your healing powers better before we do this.  Bryan, you promised to train me to fight, and Elizabeth, you should keep modeling and singing so no one figures out that you’re a fragment.  We might have that on our side.”  She finished, blinked, and felt her face get warm.  
I just gave orders to everyone! No, I just want to bury my head and never see daylight!
“Okay.”  Kai said.  His words cut the air and the tension faded.  “I promise I will not fight until I am completely healed.”  
“I will try to improve my healing abilities.”  Skyler said with a smile.  
“I was never planning to quit the modeling and singing.  My fans would be furious.”  Liz stated with a flip of her hair.  
“I suppose I should teach you how to fight since your boyfriend can’t.  You’ll only slow me down if you don’t know how.”  Bryan shrugged and leaned back against the wall.  
Emotion filled Angel as she turned and faced Bryan.  “Let me put something straight.  He can’t possible feel that way about a weak and useless girl.  He never will so that’s the end of that.”  Tears filled her eyes, but she continued to glare.   
Bryan shrugged and looked away.  His ears were red, and Skyler put her hand on his arm.  He looked at her and sighed.  
“Well this was fun, but I have to be at a shoot in twenty minutes.  Let’s meet back here in a couple of days.”  Liz got up and left with a wave.  
“We should go, too.”  Bryan stated when Skyler nudged him.  “Angel, meet up with me tomorrow at the mansion after school.”
“Bye.”  Skyler winked at Angel and left with Bryan.  
“I should be going…”  Angel started to walk when Kai reached forward and grabbed her hand.  Angel turned and faced him.  
“Just stay with me for a little while.”  He whispered and sat back on the bed.  Sweat covered his body, and his hand was trembling.  
“Kai!”  Angel helped him lean back on the pillow and frowned.  “You really shouldn’t have gotten yourself so worked up.  It wasn’t worth it.”  
“No…”  he whispered with a groan.  “You are worth it.”  He looked up at her.  His breathing had increased.  
He’s still injured.  The wound might be closed, but it will take time for him to heal.  
“I told Anna you were out of town.  She wasn’t happy, but she believed it.  You should call her and tell her you’re okay.”  Angel blurted out.  
Kai sighed and closed his eyes.  “I’ll call her tomorrow.”  He whispered.  “For now, I want you to stay with me.  I don’t want to be alone.”
Seeing Kai like this reminds me that he is just a fifteen year old boy.  It makes me want to be strong and protect him.
  “You’re wrong about two things, by the way.”  His voice was getting quieter as his breathing calmed down.
“About?”  Angel asked.
“You said that you were weak and useless.  I don’t agree with that.”  He said slowly.
  “What was the second thing?”  Her heartbeat began racing as she leaned closer.  
“I already feel that way.”  His head got heavier on the pillow, and his breathing became steady.  
“What?”  Angel blinked and felt her face heat up fast.  Kai was already in a deep sleep.  
He feels what way?  There’s no way he meant that about…me! He’s so injured that he doesn’t know what he’s saying.  I know this, but I can’t slow down my heartbeat.  What’s wrong with me?  This is wrong! I don’t want to hurt Anna! Why do I even care what Kai feels?  I can’t possible… or do I?
She reached up and brushed hair off of Kai’s forehead.  
How do you know if you feel that way about someone?  What should I do?
She blinked and saw her fingers running along his jawline.  Quickly, she pulled back and stared at his face.  He didn’t wake up.  
Kai kissed Anna to see if he would like her, right?  Maybe if I kissed him then I would know!
She gulped and took a deep breath.  
No one would ever know.  
She closed her eyes and leaned forward until their lips were inches apart.  
I can’t do this to Anna! This is wrong! Kai didn’t mean what he said!
She felt tears fill her eyes again so she slowly opened them just to gasp when her eyes met with his half opened dark eyes.  They stared at her for a few seconds until her mind caught up with her.  
No! I’ll just make an excuse that I was getting something that…
She backed up fast, and, just as fast, he reached up, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him until their lips touched.
This is wrong, but…
She closed her eyes and let the tears fall.  Then, Anna and Ryo popped into her head.  She snapped open her eyes and backed away from him.  He watched her without a word, then smiled slowly, and closed his eyes.  A moment later he was deep asleep again.  
What did I do?  Why did that make me so happy?  Anna will be furious! Oh, she doesn’t have to know.  Kai probably won’t remember it anyways.  I’ll just pretend nothing happened.  I should just leave now.  I don’t belong with him like this.  I’m just spirit in his eyes, anyways.  
She touched her lips and walked over to the door.  She opened the door and stepped out quietly.  As the door began to shut, Kai whispered one word that cut through the air.

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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