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Chapter Fourteen- The Plan

Chapter Fourteen- The Plan

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Fourteen in the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Fourteen
The Plan

The following day, Angel raced to the courtyard and looked around.  Students moved past her to get to the cafeteria.  She held the two sandwiches in her hands and sighed heavily.
He’s not here today either.  Ryo, please come back.
“Angel!”  Anna caught up to her and smiled.  “That block head finally called me this morning.  He said he had to go to out of town and would be back shortly.  When I asked him why he didn’t call me sooner, he said that his phone had no service until then.”  She sighed and put her hands on her hips.  “At least he’s okay.”
“True.”  Angel replied without looking at her.  
“Ryo isn’t at school again either?”  Anna looked around then put a hand on Angel’s shoulder.  “I’m sure he’s fine.  Let’s eat lunch before we have to get back to class.”  Angel nodded and sat down on a bench.  Anna followed and yawned.  
“Do you really think Ryo is okay?”  Angel whispered as she looked at the second unopened sandwich.  “I mean, Kai called you.  Ryo hasn’t called or anything.”
“Well I’ll punch both of them when they return.  You don’t think they’re together, do you?”  Anna asked eyeing the unopened sandwich.  Angel handed it to her and shook her head.
“I’m sure they’re not.”  Anna raised her eyebrows at Angel.  “I mean if they were wouldn’t Kai have said Ryo was with him?”
Anna frowned and thought it over.  “I suppose he would have.  Anyways, when are you going to give that boy a chance?  Not that disappearing for almost a week deserves one but still.”  
“Who?”  Angel swallowed hard and stared at Anna.  She laughed and patted Angel’s head.  
“Ryo, of course.  He clearly likes you.  I think you should give him a chance.”  
Ryo clearly likes me?  No, Anna is just saying that to make me feel better about her and Kai.  Still, I do wish Ryo would come back so I wouldn’t worry about him.
“No, Ryo doesn’t feel that way.”  
“Any guy who acts like he does around you obviously likes you.”  Anna shrugged.  “Why not try it?  You might find that you like him, too.”  
“Anna, I appreciate it, but I don’t want to be rejected and make things weird.”  Angel sighed as the five minute bell rang.  
“I just don’t want to see you give up something that might be good for you.  Anyways, let’s get to class.”  
That afternoon, Angel went straight home, went to her room, and sat on the bed.  As she dropped her school bag on the floor, something black stuck out from a half open pocket.  She reached for it and unzipped it to see the black feather from before.  
I forgot about this.  I’m sure now it’s a demon’s feather but, I don’t want to get rid of it.  
She tucked it back into her bag and sighed.  With a stretch, she got up and walked back downstairs.  Her mother left a note pinned to the fridge saying she would be home late again and dinner was in the fridge.  
I should go see Bryan at the mansion now.  It’s better than seeing Kai.  What if he remembers?  What will I do?
She walked back to the station and took the train to the last stop.  As she got off, Bryan was standing at the station waiting for her.  
“Ready?”  he asked as he turned and started up the hill.  Angel followed quietly until they reached the top and started walking towards the mansion.  
“What will you teach me today?”  she asked as they stopped in front of the mansion.  
“Today, I want to see what you are capable of.”  He smiled.  Angel gulped and nodded slowly.   “Okay.  Let’s do this.”  Angel said and tied back her hair.  
“Alright, imagine I’m a demon.  Now attack me.”  Bryan said suddenly.  
“Wait, w…”  before Angel could finish, Bryan grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground.  She gasped for breath and tried to get up.  Bryan was on top of her before she could finish with a stick to her throat.  
“A demon would have killed you much faster than that.”  Bryan whispered as he stood up and helped her stand.  “We don’t have time to fully train you, but at least I can teach you how to possibly defend yourself.”  
Angel smiled for the first time and nodded.  
“Alright, let’s start with a block.  Swing at me.”  Bryan stood in front of her and waited.  “Don’t worry, I won’t do what I did before.”
Angel nodded, and swung her fist at Bryan’s face.  As the punch got closer, Bryan moved his arms and used his leg to knock her on the ground.  
Angel coughed and blinked up at the sky.
“Alright, you don’t have any bad habits.”  He sighed and helped her up.  “You don’t have any good ones either.  This time, I will show you what I did, and you will repeat it.  Then after three times of repeating it, you will test it.  Do you understand?  If you are afraid, go home now.”  
“No, I’m ready.”  Angel watched him do the move then tried it herself.  Bryan was patient enough to correct her style the first two times.  On the third time, she did it correctly.  
“Now, we test it.”  He turned and, without hesitation, he swung at her.  She got the first part right than tripped on her feet.  Bryan punch landed on her arm.  She cried out and landed on her knee.  “Stand up, let’s do it again.  I barely hit you, and I can promise a demon will do much more damage and pain.”
He’s right.  I have to learn to take it and keep going.  
She stood up again as the sun began setting behind her.  
By the end of the night, she could barely walk.  Bruises covered most of her arms, legs, and chest.  Bryan refrained from hitting her face.  However, she smiled with a limp while following Bryan to the station.
“Did you teach Skyler how to fight this way?”  Angel asked as they waited for the train.  Bryan nodded and leaned against the station post.  
“We go again tomorrow.  Don’t give up.”  Bryan said as the train arrived, and they boarded.  “We should go see Kai so we can figure out a plan for not being in school while we are gone.”
I forgot about that!  To go to the castle, we could be gone for a while!  Mom would be so worried if I just disappeared!
Her throat became dry as they got off at the station and walked to the inn.  Skyler was waiting for them at his door.  
“How did it go?”  she asked patting Angel on the shoulder.  Angel winced and bit her lip to hold back to moan.  “Oh, he’s teaching you that way, huh?  Good luck.”  
“She’ll be fine.  Let’s get inside.”  Bryan said as he opened the door and walked in with Skyler and Angel following.  
Why is she already here?
Elizabeth sat on the bed and was talking to Kai when they walked in.
Wait, why am I upset?  It’s really late, and she’s staying at the same inn.
“Oh, the lover girl has returned.”  Liz stated standing up and sitting in the armchair.  
Angel glared at her feet quietly and leaned against the wall just as Bryan was doing.  
I can’t even sit down right now.  Everything hurts!  The only place to sit down would be on the bed near Kai!  
“Kai, we need to figure something out about why we won’t be in school.”  Bryan said bluntly.   “We can go when school’s out. No one will miss those of us without family. As for anyone with family, we can tell them that you are going on a summer vacation with friends.  It’s common for students to go on vacations.”  Kai replied. 
“Good idea.  Summer vacation would also give us plenty of time to be gone.  Its four weeks long so we won’t be late or missed.”  Skyler added on.  
“This means I will have to schedule my photo shoots before that.”  Liz pouted.  
“So it’s settled.  Whoever needs to, tell your families that you will be going on a summer vacation with friends.  Tell them that we are going to the mainland and will be gone all summer.”  Kai stated and sighed.  “Now, the main issue is how are we going to get to the castle in the sky?”  
“It’s not like we could fly to it.”  Bryan replied with a frown.
“There has to be a way to get there.”  Skyler said in thought.  
“It’s a shame that we don’t have a demon with us.”  Liz sighed and looked around at everyone.
“That’s it!”  Kai sat up suddenly with wide eyes and a smile.  “We will capture a demon and make them tell us how to get in the castle.  Flying can’t be the only way to get inside or all the demons would have been spotted by now.”  
“How do you suppose we do this?”  Bryan asked while raising an eyebrow.  
“We lay down a trap.  Once a demon takes the bait, we’ll move forward.”  Kai replied.  
“So we use bait?”  Skyler inputted.  
“Yes.  That will be the only way.  Now, who should be bait?”  Kai looked at everyone in turn but skipped Angel.  
“It should be Angel.”  Liz stated firmly.  “That’s the obvious choice.”
Angel snapped her eyes at Liz and stared at her.
I don’t want to be…
Angel blinked and slowly looked over at Kai.  
He is purposely avoiding looking at me so I won’t be, but she’s right.  I would be the best choice.
“I’ll do it.”  Angel stared at Kai and waited for his reply.  His eyes met hers, and his mouth opened slightly.  Angel cut him off.  “Liz is right.  I would be the obvious choice.  Demons want spirit more than anything.  I’m also the weakest.  I would make the best bait.”  
“Are you sure about this?”  Kai asked in a hoarse voice.  
“Absolutely.”  Angel stated.
“Great.  Now we have the bait, where and how are we planning on doing this?”  Bryan asked.   “We will do it at the mansion so no one will be near.  Bryan, Skyler, Liz, and I will arrive much earlier.  Angel will arrive at nighttime, alone.  She will go to inside of the mansion and call my name.  I won’t answer.  She will state that I must be gone, and she wants to wait for me at the mansion.  With luck, someone would have followed her from the train.  Once they arrive and announce themselves, we’ll attack.  Is that clear?”   
“Did you just think about this plan on the spot?”  Skyler asked while shaking her head.  
Kai nodded but didn’t look away from Angel.  
“Alright, it’s settled.”  Liz got up and walked to the door.  “It’s late.  Let’s meet up later this weekend.”
“Okay.  Later.”  Kai waved as she left and the door shut.  
“Let’s go too.”  Bryan said and opened the door with Skyler following.  He turned and looked at Kai over his shoulder.  “I hope you know what you’re doing.”  
Kai stared at him and nodded slowly.  
Bryan looked forward and left the room with Skyler.  
Why did everyone leave so suddenly?  Now I’m alone AGAIN with Kai!
“I should go as well.  It’s been a long day.”  Angel didn’t even look at Kai, just turned and walked to the door.  With her hand on the handle, she paused.  
Why am I freezing up?  I should just open the door and leave.  Do I want him to say something about last night?
“Angel.”  Kai said suddenly.  
Angel looked over at him and felt her cheeks get warm.  
“Goodnight.”  He smiled and went back to lying on the pillows.  
Angel nodded, opened the door, and left.  
The remaining part of the week was long.  Anna kept complaining that Kai wasn’t contacting her anymore.  Kai hadn’t said anything about the moment with Angel.  Ryo hadn’t returned to school, and every afternoon after school, Angel was with Bryan at the mansion learning to fight.
On Friday afternoon, Angel fell to the ground in a heavy sweat but with a smile.
“You’re getting the hang of it.”  Bryan stated as he tossed her a water bottle.  
“Thanks.”  Angel opened the water bottle and drank from it.  
“That’s it for tonight.  Let’s restart on Monday.”  When Angel opened her mouth to protest, Bryan raised a hand.  “You have to let your body rest.  Otherwise, you will push yourself to its breaking point.”
“Alright.”  Angel said and got up.  
My body does ache.
They walked to the station and got on the train.  After waiting ten minutes, Bryan’s stop arrived.  He got off without another word.  Another fifteen minutes, and Angel got off on her stop.  
It’s later then I thought it was.
She thought while walking off the train.  Not many people were at the station when the doors shut behind her.  As she took a step forward, she saw someone standing in her direct path.  Her eyes lit up and went wide.  She opened her mouth for a moment before running full speed towards the person with tears filling her eyes.  
Her arms wrapped around Ryo and grasped his shirt.  He sighed and wrapped his arms around her.  
“Where did you go?  I was so worried!  I was so scared!”  she cried into his shirt.
“I’m sorry.”  He whispered.  “I had to leave and wasn’t able to tell you anything.  I’m back now.  I won’t leave you again like that.”  
“Promise?”  she asked, her crying calmed down as she looked up at him.  He smiled and touched her face.  Suddenly, the image of her kissing Kai snapped in her head.  Her face went warm instantly, and she looked away from Ryo.  
“I promise.”  He stated.  She nodded, backed away, and looked him over.  
“Why are you wearing long sleeves?”  she asked.
Why am I thinking about what happened?  
“It wasn’t hot where I was at.”   He stated in a matter of fact tone.
“It’s hot here.”  She giggled and started walking away from the station.  Ryo followed and stayed next to her.  
“What happened while I was gone?”  he asked.  Angel felt her heart skip a beat as she gulped and avoided Ryo’s eyes.  
“A new friend of mine is teaching me how to fight.”  She stated.  “I’m actually getting pretty good.”  
“Oh?”  Ryo laughed and patted her head.  “You’ll have to show me someday.”
“Kai hasn’t been to school either.  He said he had something to do so Anna has been grumpy all week.”  Angel sighed and shrugged.  “That’s about it.”  
“Sounds like I didn’t miss much.”  Ryo stated as they turned and walked up a different street.  
“I missed you.”  Angel blurted out then quickly covered her mouth with her hands.
What am I saying?
“I missed you as well.”  He replied without hesitation.  Angel blinked and looked over at him.  He was looking at her and smiling.  She quickly looked away and looked down at her feet.
He clearly likes you.  I think you should give him a chance.
Anna’s voice rang in her head.  
I’m afraid too.  What if I get him hurt?
“What’s going on in your head?”  Ryo asked suddenly.  Angel stopped walking and looked at him.  “If something is bothering you then you can talk to me about it.”
“Why were you waiting for me?”  she asked.  He tilted his head and blinked slowly.
“You were the only one I wanted to see when I returned.  Since you weren’t home, I figured you would be going to the station eventually.”  He shrugged.  
“Why me?”  Angel whispered.  Her heart began racing fast.  She gulped and waited.  
“You’re all I have, and...”  He replied in a low voice.  “…I only want you.”  He touched her cheek and took a step closer to her.  “Is that okay with you?”
She started to nod when she thought of Kai again.  
“Wait!”  she pushed him away and looked away.  “I’m sorry, but I have to go.”  She turned and started running down the street.  Ryo didn’t chase her.  He just watched her in silence.  
I’m too afraid to be with him!  He could get hurt or die because of me!  Also, I can’t get Kai out of my head!  Why?  Did I betray Ryo by kissing Kai or did I betray Kai by thinking about Ryo?  I can’t figure this out on my own!  What am I supposed to do?  Ryo?  Kai?  
She ran all the way home, inside of her house, to her room, and collapsed on her bed.  
I just want to sleep.  Maybe if I sleep, it’ll all be a dream in the morning.
She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep only to dream about demons and a war that had yet to come.  

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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