Chapter Sixteen- To The Beach

Chapter Sixteen- To The Beach

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Sixteen of the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Sixteen
To the Beach

The following morning, Angel left her house and took a deep breath.  The air was wet with promising rain.  She gripped her umbrella and looked down at her phone in her hand.  
I’ll just call him.  Ask him to meet me somewhere.  
She scrolled through her contacts and hovered over his name.  
What if he doesn’t answer?  Even worse, what if he does and meets up with me and decides that his feelings have changed?  No, Angel, be strong and call him.
She pressed his name, and the phone called the number.  After two rings, he picked up.
“Angel?”  his voice was low and husky.  
“Good morning, Ryo.  Sorry, it’s early.  I hope I didn’t wake you.”  Angel stated quickly.  
Shuffling noise came through the phone for a moment before he replied.  
“No, I was getting up anyways.  Is everything okay?”  
“Oh yes.”  Or it will be.  “I was wondering if you wanted to meet up with me.”  
“Of course, where and when?”  he cleared his throat and waited.
“Anywhere you want and now if possible.”  Her voice squeaked.  
Ryo chuckled.  “Alright, let’s meet up at the station then we can figure out what we want to do.  I’ll be there shortly.”  
Angel smiled.  “Alright.  Bye-bye.”  She hung up and giggled.  
The station had few people at it when she arrived.  Ryo was standing in another long sleeve shirt and pants at the entrance with his hands in his pockets.  He smiled when she came into sight.  
Wow, he must live close by.  
“Good morning!”  Angel said when she got to him.  
“You’re especially cheery today.”  He stated.
“Oh, sorry.”  Angel frowned and looked away.  
“Don’t apologize for being happy.  It makes me happy to see you this way.”  He replied.  “So where too?”  
“I don’t know.”  She blinked and looked back at him.  “I really just wanted to talk to you about something.”
“Alright, let’s go to the park.  Shouldn’t have many people there with the rain coming.”  He turned towards the station.  “It’ll probably be faster to take the train two stops up.”  Angel nodded and followed him.  When the train arrived, they got on and took seats.  
“I didn’t even know we had a park on this island.”  Angel stated quietly.  
“It’s one of those places you have to find on your own.”  Ryo replied.  Ten minutes later, they got off and started walking.  
How am I supposed to start this conversation?
“Want to tell me what’s on your mind?”  he asked.  
I swear it’s like he can read my mind!   
“I’ll tell you when we get there.”  She replied while looking at her feet.  
“Well you might want to figure out what you wanted to say because we’re here.”  
Angel looked up and opened her mouth in awe.  
“It’s beautiful!”  The small circle of trees, a few benches, light posts, and paths that were hidden by the small businesses that surrounded it.  
“I found it by accident a long time ago.  I come here when I need to think about things.”  Ryo walked in, and Angel followed.  Once inside, the trees blocked the view of the businesses.  Ryo stopped once they reached the center and faced her.  “So, what did you want to talk to me about?”  
I just realized that Ryo has changed.  When I first met him, he was so quiet that it was rare to get a word from him.  Now, he will have full conversations with me.  I really enjoy hearing his voice more.
“Alright, hear me out.”  She took a deep breath and looked into his dark eyes.  “Ryo, I had someone confess to me.”  Ryo blinked, gave a small frown, and stayed silent.  “I didn’t accept his feelings though.  I could have, but I didn’t.”  
His frown faded slowly.  “Why?”  
“Because I realized that I had feelings for someone else.  It just took me awhile to recognize those feelings.”  She felt her cheeks heat up, but she didn’t look away.  
He gave a smile and took a hesitant step forward.  “Who do you have feelings for?”  
“Must I say it out loud?”  she whispered and bit her lip.  He nodded slowly and waited.  “I like you Ryo.  I have since the beginning.”  Ryo didn’t give her a moment to think after that.  He moved forward, wrapped his arms around her, and embraced her.  Her hands found the back of his shirt and gripped it.  
“I have waited so long to hear those words.”  He whispered into her hair.  
She giggled and released him.  “I just have two conditions.”  
He raised an eyebrow and looked down at her with his arms still around her.
“We have to move slowly.  This is all new to me, and I’m a little afraid.”  She stated.  Ryo laughed and nodded.  “Also, you must promise to trust me.  I might have to leave for a while, but I promise that I will return to you.”  
“I may worry, but I’ll trust you.”  He replied and released her.  “May I ask which guy got rejected over me?”  
“Kai.”  Angel frowned and sighed.  “He didn’t take it well.”  
“School is going to be interesting.  Isn’t he with Anna?”
Angel nodded and shrugged.  “Oh, but you can’t tell her that he did that.  He’s planning to stay with her.”  
“It’s none of my business.  So, what shall we do now?”  he held out his hand.  She smiled and took it.  “Want to go get some food?”  
That evening, Ryo walked Angel home.  When they arrived at her door, she turned and faced him.  
“I had a lot of fun today.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  He smiled and embraced her again.
I don’t want him to let me go.  This was the right choice.  I’m finally happy.
He leaned forward and gentle kissed her forehead.  “Goodnight.”  She gave an awkward smile, started walking backwards to her door, stumbled, and caught herself.  He shook his head while laughing, turned, and started walking away.  
She sighed and went inside.  Her mother was coming down the stairs and tilted her head when Angel came in and shut the door.
“What are you smiling so big about?”  she asked.  
“Oh, mom.  I like someone, and they feel the same.”  She giggled and started to go up the stairs.
“So Kai finally asked you?”
  Angel stopped and looked at her mother.  “No, Kai is dating Anna.  I’m dating…”
Dating.  I can actually say that for the first time!
Angel nodded and stepped past her mother.  
“I’m happy for you.  Will he be going to the summer villa too?”  
“No, he has to go somewhere with his family.”  She lied without looking at her mother.  Quickly, she went to her room and shut the door.  
The following morning, Angel ran to the station and stopped suddenly when she saw Kai standing there.  
I forgot Kai was returning today, and we had the same bus stop!   Just be normal!
“Good morning!”  she called out as she got to him.  
“Good morning.”  He replied while giving her a smile.  The train arrived before any more words could be spoken.  They climbed on board with the other students.
“Kai!”  Anna pushed her way to him and smiled.  “Is everything okay with your family?”  
He nodded and yawned.  “Yes, but I didn’t get much sleep these last few days.”
“Good morning.”  Ryo said from behind Angel.  She turned and smiled.  
“And a good morning to you!”  she replied.  He chuckled and gripped her hand.  Her face went warm, but she didn’t pull away.
This is how it’s supposed to be.  
When she looked over at Kai, he was laughing at something Anna said.  
Yes, I think everything will be just fine.  I know there’s still so much to do, but at least this is one obstacle that I have gotten over.  
The train came to a stop at the school and all the students started filing off the train.  Angel held onto Ryo’s hand until they were in front of the main building.  Kai and Anna walked ahead of them.  
“I’ll see you at lunch?”  he asked and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.  
She nodded and released his hand.  They went their separate ways, and Angel started walking towards homeroom.  Once she got to the door, she froze.  
Oh no!   I forgot Kai’s in homeroom with me!   He sits directly in front of me!   Alright, just open the door, go to your seat, and talk to him like you used to.
She pulled open the door, walked straight to her seat, and sat down behind Kai.  As the class filed in, Kai turned in his seat and smirked at her.  Although he smiled, his eyes were narrow.
“So you did it?”  he whispered.  
“Did what?”  Angel asked in a clear tone as the teacher came in.
“Alright, students, everyone get out your books.”  
Kai frowned and turned around.  
I guess it’ll take longer for Kai to forgive me.  I’ll have to put it straight right now.
The class went by and Angel was grateful for the bell.  She gathered her books and stepped in front of Kai.  He raised his eyebrows and waited.  
“Look, I’m dating Ryo now.  This is a fact and not going to change.  I know this doesn’t make you happy, but I would very much like to stay your friend.”  She whispered quickly as students filed out of the room.  Kai looked at her and sighed.  
“I don’t have much choice.  I planned to stay your friend, but I can’t promise to stay his.”  Kai stepped past her and left the room.  She bit her lip and sighed heavily.  
Well, it’s a start.
After more classes went by, Angel ran to the cafeteria, bought two sandwiches, and ran to the courtyard.  Ryo hadn’t arrived yet, but Anna was sitting on the bench.  She waved to Angel and motioned for her to sit next to her.
“So, tell me the news?”  she asked as Angel sat down.  “I saw you and Ryo on the train holding hands!   When did you do it or did he finally do it?”
“We both kind of did it.”  Angel smiled as Kai showed up with a sandwich.  
“The food hasn’t gotten much better since I left.”  He mumbled and sat down on the other side of Anna.  
Ryo showed up last with his hands in his pockets.  He smiled when he saw Angel and took a seat on the ground next to her.  She started to get up, but stopped when he shook his head.  
“I bought you a sandwich.”  She said and handed it to him.
“Thanks.”  He took it and opened it.  
“It’s great to have everyone back again.  It felt weird with just Angel and me, no offense.”  She patted Angel’s shoulder and laughed.  
“No, it’s been a while.”  Angel agreed and took a bite from her sandwich.  
“So, Ryo, you were away too.  How come?”  Kai asked bluntly.   Everyone looked over at Kai as Ryo answered.
“I had to handle family issues.  That’s all.”  He stated.  Kai looked away and took another bite of his food.  
“I did as well.”
“Well next time it would be great if both of you let someone know.”  Anna stated firmly.   
It’s a bit tense, but I think everything will be fine.
Angel laughed and finished her sandwich.  
“We have two weeks left until summer vacation.  What should we do?”  Anna asked and Angel choked a bit on her sandwich.  When she swallowed, she glanced at Kai than at Anna.  
“Sorry, I have to go somewhere for most of the summer.  If I get back in time, I will definitely call you.”  Angel replied.
Anna blinked and frowned.  “Oh, well okay.  What about you, Kai?”  
“I, also, have some more family issues to handle.  It shouldn’t take long.”  He said calmly.  
“I’m free.”  He replied and finished his sandwich.  
“Well, I guess it’s just Ryo and I this summer until you both return.”  Anna sighed and stood up.  “That’s fine.  This weekend, we should go to the beach like we planned to do before.  Angel still has to show off the new swim suit!”  
“That’s a great idea!”  Angel stood up as well and smiled.  “It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend.”  
“Alright, I’m good with that.”  Kai stated as Ryo nodded.  
The bell rang and everyone started walking towards their next class.  
This will be the last time we all have fun like normal students.  I’ll have to take lots of pictures!
The rest of the week went this way.  Every day, Kai talked to her more and more until Friday, it seemed like everything was back to normal.  As the train stopped at her stop, Angel and Kai stepped off and waved goodbye to Anna and Ryo.  
They walked in silence for a bit until Kai cleared his throat.  
“So, this weekend and next are out last weekends before we start the plan.  Are you ready for that?”  
Angel nodded and glanced at him.  “I hope it doesn’t take all summer though.”  
“If all goes right, it shouldn’t.  What did Ryo say when you told him that you were leaving and wouldn’t talk to him until you returned?”  Kai asked as they turned and started walking up another street.  
“He said he wouldn’t ask questions and would trust me.”  She replied firmly.  
“That’s good.”  Kai’s voice dropped.  She glanced at him again and saw the frown across his face.   
“It’ll be alright, Kai.”  Angel said and smiled.  He looked at her and slowly returned the smile.  “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow at the station right around nine.”  She waved and started walking up her street.  Kai nodded and went his own way.  
The next morning, Angel stood in front of her mirror in her swimsuit.  She threw on a tee-shirt and shorts over it, slipped on her shoes, and tied back her hair.  Her mother poked her head into Angel’s room and smiled.
“You look great.  I put new batteries in your camera, and packed a basket of food for you and your friends.”  She stated.  Angel turned to her mother and smiled.  
“You’re the best, mom.”  She said.  They went downstairs and into the kitchen.  
“There are sandwiches, snacks, a few drinks, and a blanket.  Also, here’s a few dollars to get you something.”  Her mother stated and handed Angel the basket.  
“Thank you.”  Angel replied and kissed her mother’s cheek.  
She left the house and headed for the station.  Kai was waiting for her in a blue tee-shirt and khaki shorts.  She walked up to him and smiled.  
“I guess you won’t be able to take off the shirt while we’re there.”  She stated as they climbed onto the train and took seats.  
“It’ll be hard to explain why a fifteen year old boy has his entire back covered in tattoos.”  Kai laughed.  “It’s alright though.”  
They waited as the train stopped a few more times and Ryo got on.  He wore a gray long sleeve shirt with blue jeans.  
“Morning, Ryo.”  Angel said when he sat next to her.  
“Morning.”  He replied and gave a smile.
“Ryo, why are you wearing long sleeves and pants?”  Kai asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow.  
“I’m not comfortable showing off my body.  Sides, the sun doesn’t like my skin too much.”  He replied.  
“I think you should wear whatever you want too.”  Angel stated.  
Anna was the last to get on.  She wore a tank top and skirt.  Underneath the tank top was a blue bikini top.  She sat next to Kai and smiled.  
“Alright, let’s go.  We’ll have to go to the stop before the end.  After that, we can walk to the beach.”  She looked at Kai, than at Angel, than at Ryo and tilted her head.  “What are…?”
“Anna, what kinds of things are at the beach?”  Angel interrupted.  Anna blinked and looked at her.  
“Oh lots of things.  There’s the water, volley ball court, snack stands, and at night they do fireworks.  It’s lots of fun!”  she laughed.  “So why the huge basket?”
“Oh, my mom packed us lunch and some other assorted items.”  She replied.  
“You really have the nicest mom.  My mother wasn’t even home.”  Anna stated.  “She works a lot so she’s rarely home.  My dad’s the same way.”  
“Come to think of it, I have never met your parents.”  Kai said.
“No, it’s rare for them to be home.  They leave me money and notes to get by with.  All I know is that the bills are paid on time, and I have money for food and whatever I might need.”  
“Don’t you miss them?”  Angel asked while giving a small frown.
“Sometimes, but I’m used to it.”  Anna shrugged and stood up.  “Here’s our stop.”  They followed as the train came to a stop, and the doors opened.  They got off and started walking up the street.  
“How far is the beach?”  Angel asked while looking around.  
“Not far at all.”  Anna replied.  About ten minutes later, the street came to a sandy area with a sign over it.”
“Anicon Beach!”  Angel exclaimed while reading the sign.  
“Yep, this is it.”  Anna walked through.  The others followed until they reached the water.  “We should set up here.”  
Ryo helped Angel get the blanket out and spread it.  Angel looked around with a huge grin and wide eyes.
“What are they doing over there?”  She asked Ryo and pointed to a few small kids.
“They’re making a sand castle.”  Ryo replied with a chuckle.  “Do you want to make a sand castle?”  Angel blinked and turned to him.  
“Yes!   How do we make one?”  she asked quickly.  
“I’ll show you.”  Ryo smiled, pated her head, and walked over to the kids.  After a moment, he returned with a pale.  “They said we could borrow it.”  He stated and walked to the water.  After filling it up, he came back and dumped it into the sand.    
Anna smiled and turned to Kai.  
“Let’s go swimming.”  She took off her skirt, shirt, and shoes and grabbed his hand.  He slowly pulled his eyes away from Angel.  When he looked at Anna, he smiled.  
“You look great.”  He stated and took off his shoes and socks.  
“Thank you.”  Anna answered and pulled him into the water.  
Angel glanced over at Anna and smiled even more.  
I’m happy for her.  She looks really happy.  
“Alright, so you take the wet sand and put it into the pale.”  Ryo stated.  Angel returned her attention to him and leaned forward.  
“Why does it have to be wet?”  she asked as she scooped up the wet sand with him and put it into the pale.  
“It won’t stay together if it’s not wet.”  He stated.  “Okay, now that we have it all in, we flatten it, and flip it upside down.  Do you want to do it?”  Angel nodded vigorously and ran her hand over the sand.  Then, she grabbed the pale and flipped it upside down.  
“Now what?”  she asked.  
“You pick up the pale.”  He replied and put his hands over hers.  She felt her cheeks get warm and heart race.  Together, they lifted the pale.  
“I did it!”  Angel exclaimed as she saw the little sand mound in the shape of the pale.  “Oh, but it’s missing something.”  She got up and looked around.  Finally, she saw what she wanted, picked it up, and came back over.  She took the leaf and placed it on top of the castle.  
“Now it’s perfect.”  He said.  “Want to go into the water now?”  
Angel blinked and looked at the water.  Slowly, she took off her shirt, shorts, and shoes.  They walked to it until their feet were being splashed by the water.  
“Um, Ryo.  I have a problem.”  She said and looked at her feet.  
“What?”  he asked and watched her.
She looked up at him with big eyes and bit her lip.  “I don’t know how to swim.”  He paused for a moment then started laughing.  “It’s not really funny.”  Angel puffed her cheeks and looked away.
“No, I’m not laughing at you.  It’s just the way you looked was adorable.  Trust me, it’s not a problem.  It won’t be deep enough for you to go under.  If that point comes, I’ll just hold you.”  He replied and took her hand.  “Do you trust me?”  
Angel nodded and gripped his hand.  “Promise not to let go?”
“That is something I can always promise.”  He replied and started moving forward into the water.  Angel followed and looked around her.  The ocean was a clear blue.  She ran her fingers on top of it and smiled.  
I never thought I would ever get to go to the beach.  This is wonderful!
They walked until the water was chest level and stopped.  Angel jumped when something touched her leg.  
Ryo laughed and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear.  “It’s just a fish.”  He stated.  She laughed and looked down.  Below, she could see small fishes swimming around them.  
“Angel, let’s play!”  Anna and Kai swam over to them.  
Angel nodded but didn’t let go of Ryo.  
“What’s wrong?”  Kai asked when Angel looked at her hand and back at Anna.  
“I can’t swim.”  Angel mumbled.  
“Oh, don’t worry.  You won’t go under here.”  Anna stated.  
Angel nodded and slowly released Ryo.  When she didn’t go under, she laughed and looked between Ryo to Anna.  
Anna giggled and splashed Angel.  
Angel blinked and laughed with a return splash.  
Kai and Ryo joined in for a while.  It was getting close to noon, when Kai poked Anna.  
“I think it’s about time we ate.”  He stated.  Anna nodded and looked over at Angel.  
“Ready to eat?”  
Angel nodded and everyone made their way back to shore.  To her surprise, the sand castle was still here.  She dried off her hands, pulled out of camera, and took a picture.  Then she turned and began taking pictures of everyone.  
After a few shots, she went to the blanket and pulled out the food.  Everyone sat down and began eating.  
“Your mom really is a great cook.”  Anna stated with a mouthful.  
“Thanks.”  Angel took a bite and looked over at the volleyball courts.  “Can we try that next?”   “Sure.”  Anna replied.  Kai finished the sandwich and looked at Ryo.  
“Say Ryo, how good of a swimmer are you?”  he asked.  Ryo looked at him and tilted his head.  
“Good enough.”  He replied after swallowing.  
“Want to race?”  Kai asked with a smirk.  
What is Kai up too?  
“For what?”  Ryo asked.  
“How about whoever wins has to do one thing that the winner tells him to do.”  
“Anything?”  Ryo asked with raised eyebrows.  
“Ryo, you don’t have to accept.”  Angel whispered.  
“I think I would like to see them race.  It’ll be fun.”  Anna stated.  
“Yes, anything.”  Kai stood up.  Ryo followed him and glanced at Angel.  
“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”  He stated.  
“What makes you so sure of that?”  Kai asked.
“I won’t lose.”  Ryo replied and started walking towards the water.  Kai frowned and followed him.  
“You know what?”  Anna said as she, too, stood up.  “I think you have made Ryo into a more confident guy.”  
Angel followed them with her eyes and swallowed the last bite of her sandwich.  “I think he was already like that.  Now, he just expresses it more.”
“Boys.”  They laughed and walked to the shore line.  Ryo and Kai were almost out of sight.  
“Can you guys hear me?”  Anna shouted.  
Kai raised a hand and gave thumbs up.  
“Alright, on your mark, go!”  Anna’s voice rang out as both boys dived into the water and began swimming.  
“I wonder what they are swimming to.”  Angel asked as she watched them.  Ryo and Kai were about even until Ryo pushed forward and passed him.  They swam fast until they reached the shore line.
“I think to us.”  Anna stated with a smirk.  
Ryo jumped out of the water first, ran to Angel, and embraced her.  She tripped on her feet and they fell to the ground.  Kai got out of the water and sighed.  
“Are you alright?”  Ryo asked as he leaned over her.  “I didn’t mean to knock you over.”  He got off of her, stood up, and helped her stand.
“I’m fine.”  Angel laughed.  Ryo turned to Kai and smirked.  
“Fine, what do I have to do?”  Kai asked as he stood next to Anna.  
“Kiss Anna.”  Ryo replied.  For a moment, the air went still.  
This time, it won’t bother me.  I’m happy Ryo picked something nice for Kai.
Kai narrowed his eyes at Ryo for a split moment before turning to Anna and leaning over her.
“Are you okay with this?”  he asked.  She nodded and closed her eyes.  He bent down and kissed her on the lips.  After a moment, he separated and looked at Ryo.  
He glared at Ryo then glanced at Angel.  She smiled and looked over at the courts.
“So, let’s finish our lunch then go play volleyball.”  Angel declared and walked back to the blanket.  They finished lunch, attempted volleyball, took more pictures, and sat on the beach as the sun began setting.  
Ryo sat next to Angel and handed her a sparkler.  
“I bought them at the stand.”  He said.
“I have a question.”  She asked as she took it.  She looked around and saw Kai and Anna at the stand.  “Why did you make that your demand for Kai?”
“I figured I would be nice.”  He replied.  “Don’t worry so much about it.  Let’s just enjoy our time.”  Angel nodded and leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder.  
“I’ve had a lot of fun today.”  She replied.  
“As did I.”  
Kai and Anna returned and sat down next to them.  The sun set and fireworks began.  Everyone lit their sparkles and watched them.  
“It’s beautiful!”  Angel exclaimed as her sparkler shot up different colors.  “Thank you for a wonderful day, every one.”  
“Well when you return, we can have many more of these days.”  Anna stated.  
“There’s still so much you have yet to do.”  Kai add on.
“We can do it together.”  Ryo whispered.  Angel looked at him and smiled.  
As the day came to an end, they packed up, and walked back to the train.  Angel held onto Ryo’s hand and looked up at the clear night sky.  
When we return, we will definitely have to have more days like today.  
She thought and got onto the train with a camera full of pictures and memories that will never be forgotten.    

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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