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Chapter Eighteen- Youkai

Chapter Eighteen- Youkai

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Eighteen from the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Eighteen

Angel limped down the hallway and stopped to look around a corner.  She stopped at every door and looked through the hole to see if the others were in there.  
This is taking too long!
She leaned against the wall and took a breath.  
Though, I can’t go alone to save Kai!  What if Akuma’s there?  No, I have to be smart about this.
She licked her lips and started down a new hallway.  As she got down the hallway, she heard someone walking towards her.  She quickly turned around and heard another set of footsteps from behind her.  
Oh no, what do I do?
She backed into a door and felt her heart beat race.  She looked at the keys and faced the door behind her.  
Which key is it?
She fumbled and tried three separate keys that didn’t work.  Whoever was coming to her was getting closer.  She tried the fourth key and caught her breath as the key went in and turned with a click.  Quickly, she opened the door, went in, and slowly closed it while leaving only a crack opened without much sound.  
That was close.  
“Angel?”  someone whispered behind her.  Angel turned around and smiled when she saw Skyler sitting in the corner with one arm up in defense.  “Oh, it is you.”  Her voice was hoarse as Angel walked over to her and pulled out the blade.  “How?”
“Spirit saved me.  We have to hurry.  I’ll explain everything later, but right now we have to get to the bottom of the castle to rescue Kai.”  Angel replied in a whisper and finished cutting the rope that bound Skyler’s feet.  Afterwards, she worked on her wrists then helped her stand up.
Angel took a moment to look over Skyler.  Her long blue hair was down, and she appeared to have lost weight.  Her face was dirty, but there weren’t any visible injuries.
I wonder how I look.
“Are you injured?”  Angel asked as she walked over to the door and stood on her toes to see out the hole.
“No, thank you for saving me.”  Skyler said and walked over.  
“It looks clear now.  Let’s go.”  Angel stated and looked back at Skyler.  “Ready?”
She nodded, and they opened the door slowly.  After a moment of silence, they left the room and closed the door.  
“We have to check all the rooms for the others.”  Angel whispered and went to the room across the hallway.  Skyler went to the one next door and looked.  They moved on to the other doors one at a time.  As they reached the end of that hallway, Skyler gasped then covered her mouth.  Angel walked over to her quickly and looked through the hole.  
Inside was a body on the ground and motionless.  Long blond hair flared out around the body.   Liz!
Angel started inserting keys until one turned and clicked.  They opened the door and slid inside.  Once they closed the door the same way, they went over to the body and knelled down.  
Angel pulled back the hair over the face and sighed relief.  It was Liz, and she was just unconscious.  Angel began shaking her, and, slowly, Liz opened her eyes.  Suddenly, she jerked away with wild eyes and covered her face with her tied hands.   
“Liz, it’s us; Angel and Skyler.”  Angel said as she gently touched Liz’s hand.  Liz lowered her hands and blinked at them.  Then tears filled her eyes, and she fell into Angel’s arms.
Angel gave Skyler the blade to work on the ropes around Liz’s legs while she comforted her.
“Liz, I know this is sudden, but we have to get out of here right now.  Kai’s in danger, and we have to keep fighting.  I’m sorry, but it’s not over yet.”  Angel whispered and patted Liz’s head.   Liz sniffled and looked up at Angel.  After her legs were free, Skyler worked on Liz’s wrists until the ropes tore apart.  
“I was so afraid.  Thank you.”  Liz stood up with the help of Skyler and took a deep breath.  “Okay, I’m ready.”  
Angel smiled for a moment and walked back to the door.  After looking through the hole and waiting, she slowly opened the door and motioned for them to move.  They left the room and started checking rooms again when a voice behind them caused them all to jump and turn around.
“It’s amazing you haven’t been caught.”  
Skyler’s eyes filled up with tears as she reached for the speaker.  
Angel sighed and took a deep breath to calm her heart.
“How did you get free?”  Angel asked as Bryan came closer.  He held out his hand as the katana appeared.  
“Can’t take away something that I create.”  He stated and went over to Skyler.  “Are you okay?”  She nodded and wiped away her tears.  
“I’m sorry, I’m good now.  Let’s go.”  She replied.  Bryan nodded and looked at Angel.
“What were you doing?”  
“Well I was looking for you, but now we have to find Kai.  He’s at the bottom of the castle.”  Angel replied and started moving in a direction.
“How do you know it’s that way?”  Bryan asked as he followed Angel with Skyler and Liz. "Shouldn't we find the other fragments?"  
“I just know.”  Angel replied. "Spirit is trapped here by magic and the other one isn't in the castle."
It’s almost like something is pulling me in this direction.  Could it be Kai?
They walked down a set of stairs and down three more hallways when Angel stopped and listened.  Talking could be heard around the corner.
Angel took a deep breath and carefully looked around the corner.  Standing there were two demons.  They were talking in low voices and standing in front of a set of large metal double doors.  Angel moved back and looked at the others.  She put up two fingers and frowned.  They walked back the way they came and stopped.
“What do we do?”  Angel whispered and bit her lip.  
“Obviously, we have to fight.”  Bryan replied and gripped the katana harder.  
“Bryan’s right, but I don’t think we all fight.  Angel, we will distract them, and you will run past them.  Kai’s running out of time, and you’re supposed to be the one to save him.”  Skyler stated.  
“Me?”  Angel blinked and looked at the three in front of her.  
“Something pulled you too him, so obviously you are the one that has to do it.  As soon as we defeat the demons, we will be right behind you.”
“It won’t take long.”  Liz stated and gave a smirk.
Angel gulped and nodded slowly.
I have to get to Kai.  They’re right.  He may not have any time left.
“Let’s show them what fragments can do.”  Bryan stated.  “On my mark, we charge them.  Angel will run behind and through them once we have started fighting.  Ready?”  
Everyone nodded.
“Go!”  They ran back down the hallway and turned.  Bryan leaped forward and went head to head with the demons.  Skyler covered defense, and Liz attacked from a distance.  Angel ran behind them, took a deep breath, and ran past them.  She felt the energy from the attacks but didn’t look back.
Please be okay everyone!  Kai, I’m coming!
She got to the doors and didn’t slow down.  Her hands hit the doors, and she pushed them all with all her strength.  They slammed open, and she ran inside the room.  Inside was a large black marble room with bright white lights on the walls.  Five people turned and faced her when she entered and caused her stop in her tracks.
Two of them were humans; Professor Tohma and Professor Erika.  Then Angel looked to her left and saw the girl that had fed her from before.  To her right, there was the demon that had helped her before, and the large demon that had been guarding Akuma’s door.
Then a light came on in the back of the room, and Angel gasped.  Kai was being held up by black chains.  His arms were above his head and tied to the ceiling.  He was shirtless and didn’t move.  Then, she sighed when she heard him breath.
He’s still okay.  Thank goodness.
“It’s Spirit!”  Professor Tohma exclaimed and took a step towards her.  
Oh yea, I have to get through them first.
“Let me take care of the escapee, you finish the experiment with Youkai.”  The large demon said with a smile that reached ear to ear.  He started walking towards her.
She looked around and met eyes with the demon that had helped her.  His eyes were wide as he looked from her to the demon.  Finally, he made up his mind, ran in front of the demon, faced him, and blocked his path.
“I will handle Spirit.”  The smaller demon said.  
“Get out of my way, Ryoki.  I’ve seen your performance with her.”  The larger demon pushed past the smaller demon and kept walking.  
Ryoki?  What should I do?  Come on power, I need you!
“I’m higher rank than you, Kato.”  He stated suddenly with narrowed eyes.  Kato stopped and glared at Ryoki.  
“And?”  he lifted a hand and punched Ryoki in a sudden movement.  Kato laughed and kept walking.  Ryoki landed on the ground and groaned.  
Meanwhile, Tohma and Erika called out and backed away from Kai.
“It’s ready!”  Tohma said and looked at Kato.  
“Do it.”  Kato said and stopped in front of Angel.  She backed up to the door and looked around.  
Erika nodded and pulled a lever.  
“No, Kai!”  Angel exclaimed, ignored Kato, tried to run past him, and felt a hand wrap around her throat and slam her back into the door.  
Black energy came up from the ground around Kai.  Suddenly, he snapped open his eyes and started screaming in agony.  The room filled up with energy as the light started circling Kai’s body.
Angel coughed and got up slowly.  
Kato laughed and threw a punch.  Angel closed her eyes and tried to cover her face.  When nothing happened, she opened her eyes and saw Ryoki standing in front of her.  His clawed hand was wrapped around Kato’s hand.  
“You willingly defy Lord Akuma’s third general?”  Kato asked as he swung his other hand and hit Ryoki across the face.  Ryoki fell back into Angel and both landed on the ground.
“Are you okay?”  Angel asked.  “You have to get back up!”
Ryoki groaned and looked up at Kato.  “I’m sorry I’m not stronger.  I’ll attack him so you can run past and get to Youkai.”  He whispered and got back up to fight again.  Angel watched him with wide eyes then turned back to Kai.  
Ryoki leaped forward and tackled Kato.  They engaged and Angel began to crawl away when the doors opened and Bryan, Skyler, and Liz ran in.  
“Did we miss the fight?”  Bryan asked and immediately went to attack Kato with Liz.  Skyler helped with support.
Angel got up and looked away from them.
She ran past the others, Tohma and Erika, and straight to Kai who had stopped screaming.  As she got closer, her heart skipped a beat at what she saw.  Kai’s appearance was beginning to change.  His eyes had turned crimson, his ears began to point, claws grew on his hands, and his hair grew down to his legs.  He closed his eyes when the light began to fade.  
“Kai, no!  Don’t go away!”  she shouted when four shouts behind her sounded.  She glanced back when Bryan, Skyler, and Ryoki were thrown off Kato.  
Kato turned and started running to her.  She took a deep breath, faced him, and held her arms out.  
“You will not take him away from me!”  she shouted as energy began surrounding her.  
Kato laughed and reached for her.  Her power lashed out and cut into his arm, but he didn’t slow down.  Angel gasped and tried to step back when she tripped and landed on her butt.  The surprise caused her to lose concentration as her power disappeared and Kato reached her.  He picked her up by the throat and laughed.  
Suddenly, the black energy that had surrounded Kai filled the room.  Everyone stopped and looked at Kai.  
Angel’s hair blew around her as she tried to breathe.  Kato dropped her and snarled.  She coughed and looked behind her at Kai.   
The chains holding his arms snapped and fell to the ground.  He landed on his feet and stood up straight.  Then the energy erupted from around him as he opened his eyes and glared at Kato.  Tohma and Erika backed away and ran out of the room.  Bryan and Skyler stayed on the floor and watched.  Liz tried to get to the wall, and Ryoki stood up and started moving towards Angel.  
What happened to him?  I-I’m terrified!
“What you have done is unforgivable!  You dare touch her!  You dare hurt what’s mine!”  Kai shouted suddenly and jumped forward at Kato.  
Kato jumped forward and met Kai.  They moved fast with claws out and energy attacks flying around them.  Angel stared at them with her mouth open and eyes wide until someone grabbed her shoulders and started pulling her away.  She looked back at Ryoki but didn’t resist him.
“We have to get out of this room!”  Ryoki shouted over the strong wind and power in the room.  
“No!”  Angel replied and watched the fight.  “We have to help him!”
“Angel!”  Skyler and Bryan crawled over to them and looked at Kai.  “It’s not safe here!”
“Where’s Liz?”  Bryan shouted.  Angel tore her eyes away and looked over at the wall.  Liz was leaning against a wall and trying to protect the human girl.  
Angel looked back at Kai and shook her head.  “I’m not leaving him!”
Kai and Kato parted and landed on the floor.  Neither one was showing any sign of exhaustion or pain.  Kato reached back and pulled the claymore from his back.  He snarled at Kai.  
“Do you think that because you’re the master’s son you can defeat me?”  Kato asked with his claymore ready.  Kai didn’t reply but jumped forward instead.  Kato swung the blade, the room went silent, and no one moved.  
Kato blinked and coughed up blood.  Kai was right in front of him with a clawed hand going through his chest.  The claymore dropped to the ground, and the sound echoed in the room.  Kai smirked and pulled back his arm.  Kato looked at Kai then fell to his knees.  
“I can’t believe a half demon beat me.”  He stated and fell on his stomach without another movement or sound.  
Kai smirked and turned to face Angel.  As he started walking towards her, Ryoki got up and stood in front of her.  
Kai isn’t himself!  What should I do?  
Kai lunged at Ryoki at the same time Angel stood up and ran past Ryoki.
“KAI!”  she cried out and tackled Kai.  Her arms wrapped around him and gripped him as tight as she could.  “Come back, Kai!  It’s okay!  Come back!”
“Angel!”  Ryoki shouted.  Bryan and Skyler got up, took a step forward, but stopped.  
Liz stood in front of the girl and looked over at them.
The energy started to fade as Kai stared past her for a moment then closed his eyes.  His arms reached around her and embraced her.  Slowly, his features began to return to normal.  
“Angel.”  His voice was rough and quiet.  Angel jerked away from him and looked at his face.
“You’re back.”  Tears filled her eyes, and she put her face in his chest.  “I’m so relieved.  I thought we lost you.”  Kai smirked and put a hand on her head.  
“That’s not possible.  I told you I would wait.  I meant the words I said.”  He looked around until his eyes landed on Ryoki.  “There’s still a demon to take care of.”  He released her and started walking towards Ryoki when Angel got in his way.  
“Wait, he’s good.  He saved me!”  Angel exclaimed.  Ryoki looked past her at Kai and waited.   He didn’t try to defend himself.
“Why?”  Kai asked as his eyes narrowed.  
“We all have our own reasons for the things we do.”  Ryoki replied, turned, and walked out of the room without another word.  
I hope I get to thank him someday.
“Wait!”  Liz shouted.  Everyone looked over at them.  Liz had a tight grip on the girl’s wrist.  
“I have to go.”  The girl replied monotony and tried to pull away.
“Why?  I’ll help you.”  
“Liz, let her go.”  Bryan said.  “She’s not…alive anymore.”
Liz released her wrist, and the girl pulled away.  She turned and walked out of the room without looking back.  Liz feels to her knees and started crying.  
“Um, what just happened?”  Kai whispered as the doors slammed open again and everyone jumped.  Kai immediately pulled Angel behind him and got ready.  Bryan did the same with Skyler.  
“Well I hope I didn’t miss the party.”  A man said.  He walked with four other human boys behind him.  His hair was light auburn in the front and dark brown in the back with dark brown eyes to match.  He wore a cloak with a hood and held a long staff with a curve at the top.  The four boys behind him wore the same school uniforms that were black.
“Is that?”  Bryan asked as his katana disappeared.
“Well I suppose I should introduce myself.  My name is Ender, and I’m here to take you out of here.  Help them get up and let’s move before some other unwelcomed guests arrive.”  The boys ran past him and towards Angel and the others.  
“Can you walk?”  a boy asked when he reached Angel and Kai.  
“Yes, we’re fine.”  Kai replied and started walking with Angel next to him.  Bryan and Skyler followed behind when another boy came to them.  Ender frowned and walked over to Liz.
He helped her stand.
“Are you alright?”  He said as he released her into another boy’s arms.  She nodded and didn’t look at him.
“Alright, let’s get out of here.  There’s a helicopter waiting for my call.  Once we reach the top, we’ll take it.”  He stated and walked towards the doors.
“What about Akuma?”  Angel asked.  Ender laughed and glanced over his shoulder.  
“He can’t harm me, and, by default, anything I’m in.  It would be in his best interest to let me get off of his castle.”  He said and looked forward.  They climbed the castle without encountering a single demon.
This feels too easy.  The Akuma I met wouldn’t just let four fragments walk away even if Ender was here.  What is he planning?
They reached the final set of stairs and climbed them slowly.  When the door opened, wind came in from the night air outside.  Everyone walked to the top of the castle and waited.  After two minutes, a helicopter appeared and dropped down a ladder.  
One by one they climbed up the ladder until Ender was the last one to get in.  As the door shut and the helicopter began to take off, Angel looked out the window and felt her stomach drop.  Sitting on the edge of the castle was Akuma with Ryoki and Spirit on either side of him.  He smiled, but did nothing as they flew away until the castle was out of sight.
Angel looked around the helicopter.  Everyone was exhausted and looked awful.  Skyler was sleeping on Bryan’s arms.   He watched outside the window.  Liz had cried herself to sleep.  Ender was also watching outside.  The four boys said nothing and sat in the back, and Kai had put his head back on the seat and closed his eyes.
Somehow we managed to survive.  Though I feel like it was too easy.  I was terrified the entire time, but I’m happy now that everyone made it out.  Don’t worry Spirit and Ryoki, I’ll find a way to free you from Akuma one day.  Just watch Akuma, we will defeat you one day.
With that final thought, Angel closed her eyes and drifted off to a deep sleep.    


© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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Added on June 8, 2016
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