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Chapter Twenty- Betrayal

Chapter Twenty- Betrayal

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Twenty of the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Twenty

Angel woke up and rolled onto her side.  The night air could be seen through the window.  
How long have I been asleep?  Kai!  What if he’s already gone?
She jumped out of bed and ran out of her room without thinking.  Her bare feet made soft thumps on the hardwood floor as she ran to Kai’s room.  In front of his door, she stopped and tried to catch her breath.  
What if I’m too late?  I know he’ll have to leave because of me.  What am I supposed to tell him?  I don’t want him to go.  We can figure something out to stop the binding from breaking.  He shouldn’t have to do it alone.  
She grabbed the door handle and threw open the door.  Kai was standing without a shirt on.  His back was too her when she stepped in and stopped.  The black tattoo had faded since she saw it last.  He turned and faced her with his mouth slightly opened.  
She returned the stare and felt her checks get warm.  
“You’re still here.”  She whispered and gave a deep breath of relief.  
“How…?”  he started to ask when she shook her head and closed the door behind her.    
“I overheard on accident.  Kai, you can’t leave.”  Angel stated firmly as her hands clenched into fists.  “There has to be something that we can do together to help you.”
“Oh Angel, why are you even trying?”  he asked and walked up to her.  
“I have too.  What will we do without you?”  she asked as her voice broke.  “You hold this group together, and…”  She bit her lip and looked away as tears filled her eyes.  “You said you would wait.  You said that you would never stop protecting me.”
“Don’t you see?  That’s exactly what I’m doing.  I’m trying to protect you from myself.”  He took another step closer until she could feel his breath on her head.  “I don’t want to hurt you.  You saw what Youkai was capable of.  What I was capable of.”
“You changed back.  You didn’t hurt me.”  The tears fell more freely, but she didn’t try to stop them.
“I was barely able too, but it will get harder each time.”  He put a hand on her head.  She shook her head and glared up at him.  
“It sounds like you’re just giving up!”  Her voice echoed in the room and Kai winced.  At the same time the power went out.  They both caught their breaths and went silent.  Then, a loud explosion went off in the direction of the main building.  Kai grabbed his shirt, threw it on, and they both ran out of the room.
As they got downstairs, Liz and Skyler were waiting for them.  Skyler was tying back her hair and looking around while biting her lip.  Liz just stood there and tapped her foot.
“Finally, you’ve arrived.  Demons are attacking the main building.  We were coming to get you.”  Liz stated as Skyler’s eyes landed on Kai and frowned.  
“Where’s Bryan?”  she asked.  
“I thought he would be with you.”  Kai replied as they started running towards the main building.  
“No, he said he was going to go talk to you about an hour ago.”  She replied.  “I hope he’s all right.”  
Light flashed from a nearby explosion, and the silhouette of a figure stood in front of them.  Skyler let out a sigh of relief and froze when she saw his face.  His skin was pale, sweat glistened off his cheeks, and his hair was messy.  His stared at them wildly then took a step forward.  
“We need to go to the back.  Ender wants us behind the school in case a second round attacks.  He said that we have to protect the kids no matter what.”  His voice was hoarse as he walked past them.  
“Alright, well if that’s our orders.”  Skyler replied and followed him.  Liz shrugged and followed.  Angel started to walk then stopped in mid step.  She glanced over at Kai.  His eyes were narrowed as he watched Bryan’s back.  
“What’s wrong?”  she whispered.  
He blinked and looked at her.  With a shake of his head, he started to follow Bryan.  Angel frowned and did the same.  They got to the back entrance and stopped on the grass field.  Bryan stood in front with his back still turned to the rest.  Rain start to drizzle as the wind picked up.  
“I guess we just…”  Skyler started when five black forms appeared around Bryan.  “Bryan, watch out!”  She took a step forward when Kai, suddenly, grabbed her arm.  
“Skyler, look.”  Kai stated.  Bryan was shaking slightly as his voice became louder.  The figures turned into four lower demons and a female demon.
Bryan’s voice got louder as his laughter cut through the night air.  
“I don’t get it.”  Skyler whispered.
“Bryan betrayed us.”  Kai replied as he pulled her behind him.  She didn’t fight him.  Just shook her head and covered her mouth with her hands.  
“It’s not true.”  She replied as Bryan turned his head and looked at her.  His smile stretched across his face.
“Oh, but it is.”  Bryan replied and turned around to face them.  “I’ve always been working for Lord Akuma.  Now, enough with this talk.  It’s time to bring you back to where you belong.”  He held out his hand as a red blade appeared.  
Skyler backed up and fell to her knees.  Angel gulped as the demons started moving forward.  Liz and Kai got ready to fight.  
“There’s no point in trying to fight us.  You won’t win.  You’re very much…”  he moved the blade into position.  “…alone.”  Lightning struck the sky as Kai cursed and looked at Angel.  
“No, they’re not.”  A voice said as two more figures appeared in front of them from the darkness.  Angel gasped when Ryoki and Dark Spirit appeared.
“What are you doing?”  Bryan asked as his smile faded.  
“Something I should have done a long time ago.”  Ryoki replied as dark energy formed in his hands.  He and Spirit jumped forward as the demons attack.  Kai looked back at Angel for a moment before joining the fight.  Liz ran towards the remaining demon with lightning circling her.   The female demon stood back and smirked.  She lifted her hand and a large black book appeared in it.
“She’s the second general!”  Spirit shouted.
Angel remembered what Spirit had said about the second general, fell next to Skyler, and grabbed her shoulders.  
“We have to fight!”  she shouted as Skyler stared at her with silent tears falling down her face.  “I know it’s hard, but we have too!”  
Kai was thrown and landed next to them.  His arm was cut and dripped with blood.  Slowly, he got back up and ran towards the demon.  
“I can’t.”  Skyler whispered.  
“Angel, look out!”  Kai shouted.  Black energy was circling Angel and Skyler.  She looked up and saw the female demon chanting behind everyone.  
I have to do something!
She closed her eyes and tried to feel the energy.  
Please, work!
When nothing happened, she opened her eyes in time to see Liz get thrown into the air.  She landed in front of Angel and groaned.  
“Liz!”  Angel moved to her.  “Are you okay?”  
Kai backed up and kneeled next to them.  “We have to make a run for it.”  He whispered hurriedly.  “I can’t defeat a higher demon on my own.”  
“Watch out!”  Ryoki shouted as the black energy circle Kai and Liz until all four of them were trapped in the energy.  “Spirit, hold them back!”  he shouted at Spirit and ran over.  Kai tried to stand when chains came from the ground and held him down.  
“What’s happening?”  Angel cried out as she tried to pull the chains off of her.  “I’m trapped!”
Liz struggled and looked at Kai.  Her eyes were wild and wide.  Finally the chains grabbed Skyler and held her down.  The dark energy ran up the chains and hit them.  
Everyone screamed in pain and collapsed to the muddy ground.  Angel tried to reach for Kai and Liz when the black energy formed a circle around them and started making a sphere.  
We’re about to be trapped, and I can’t do anything!  My body is getting tired!  Help, Kai!  
  The last thing she saw as her eyes started to close was Ryoki standing in front of them with his arms out.  He was holding back the energy, and it was cutting into his skin.  Dark Spirit was caught fighting with the four lesser demons.  Ryoki looked back at her with fear in his eyes.  
“Remember who you are.”  He stated as her vision went black, and she went unconscious.
Angel opened her eyes and blinked.  Light filled the night sky as fire raised high from the burning town down the hill.  
Where am I?
She started walking forward towards the town and started feeling the heat.  As she got closer, something on the ground caught her attention.  A body was lying face down with light blue hair spread out.  Angel’s heart began beating hard as she ran to the body and dropped to her knees next to it.
“Skyler!  Skyler!”  Angel grabbed and turned her over.  She gasped and felt her throat tighten.  The sightless stare from Skyler caused Angel to back away and cover her mouth.  
“No, Skyler.”  She gulped hard and shook her head.  
“Don’t touch her!”  A voice cried out from further inside the town.  Angel stood up and took a deep breath.  
She started to shakily run towards the voice until she saw a group of people.  A demon was holding Liz in the air by her throat while another demon had Kai on the ground.  The demon with Liz laughed as his claws extended.  Liz gasped and went limp.  Blood ran down her neck and mixed with her blond hair.  
“No!”  Angel cried out.  
“Angel, run!”  Kai shouted as two pair of hands grabbed her arms from behind and forced her to her knees.  
Angel opened her mouth when another demon appeared and stood next to Kai.  Her stomach dropped as she began to tremble.  Akuma smirked and looked over at Kai.  
Without a word, Akuma reached out and grabbed Kai’s face.  Kai screamed in sudden agony as black energy surrounded him.  Then, he fell limp as the demon released him.  He hit the ground and didn’t move.  
Akuma turned his eyes to Angel and began walking over to her.  
I’m going to die.  It can’t end like this.  
“Tell me, Spirit, was this worth dying for?  It’s over.”  He got closer and reached out his clawed hand until it covered her face.
“No.”  Angel whispered.  “It’s not over.”  Akuma froze as Angel thought about what Ryoki said to her.  “I haven’t given up yet.”  Pink light surrounded her, and Akuma disappeared.  Soon the town and everyone in it did as well until Angel stood in a dark room with only a mirror in front of her.  Light from the mirror gave off a light blue glow.  Angel walked to it and saw a seven year old version of her from the castle.
“I’m scared.”  The younger version said.
“I am too.”  Angel replied and smiled.  “It’s okay to be afraid because,”  She smiled.  “You’re not alone.”  As she said the words, Kai, Skyler, Liz, Ender, Ryo, Anna, her mother, and all the students from the school stood around her and nodded.  
“Don’t forget me.”  The younger version said.
“How can I?  You’re a part of me.  I understand that this is who I am.  I am Spirit.”  She reached forward and touched the mirror.  The blue light turned pink and covered her as she closed her eyes.   
Angel snapped open her eyes as pink light surrounded her.  The chains shattered and her eyes met eyes Ryoki.  He was on a knee with blood coming from the many cuts across his arms, legs, and face.  He looked over his shoulder and nodded.
The circle had closed in and Ryoki was trying to keep it from shutting everyone inside.  
Angel crawled over to Kai and touched him.  The pink light that surrounded her engulfed him and, after a moment, the light around him turned into a dark blue.  The chains shattered and he slowly opened his eyes.
“What happened?”  he asked and looked at her.  “I suddenly saw you reaching out to me.”
“We can talk later.  I need to wake Liz and Skyler.”  Angel replied and touched Liz next.  It took longer before the light around Liz turned yellow.  The chains gone.  She opened her eyes and tears fell down her face.  
Angel smiled and touched Skyler last.  For a moment, Angel didn’t think it would work then, slowly, the light around Skyler turned light blue, and the chains vanished as it had done before.  She opened her eyes and looked at Angel.
“I’m sorry.”  She whispered.  “I can fight now.”
Angel nodded and looked at Ryoki.  “Let’s end this fight.”
Everyone nodded as the four different colors filled the circle.  Cracks formed and it shattered.  The four lights ran into the sky and struck down into the four lesser demons.  Ryoki fell to the ground.  Bryan backed up and looked at the female demon.  
The female demon was staring at them with wide eyes.  She clutched the book to her chest and snarled at them.  
Spirit took a step back and watched them.
He can’t attack her.  I understand.  Thank you Spirit for helping us.
Angel glared at the demon.  “You have to be defeated.  You’ve done nothing but cause harm and suffering.  I cannot stand by and allow that anymore.  Your time is up.”  She grabbed Kai’s hand.  He grabbed Liz’s hand.  Skyler grabbed Angel’s free hand.  There powers mixed and surrounded them.  
“You can’t destroy me!”  she cried out and opened her book.  
“Alone we can’t, but together we are unstoppable!”  The power shot out and struck the book.  It burst into flames and withered away.  The demon screamed as fire engulfed her as well.  She backed up and fell to the ground until all that remained was ash that blew away in the wind.  
Bryan looked at the burn mark and smoke and back at the others when a figure appeared between them.  
“What will you do now, Bryan?”  Kai asked.  
“This isn’t over.”  He said as black energy circled him, and he disappeared.  Skyler took a deep breath and gulped back tears.  Liz laughed and flipped her hair.
“So you’re free?”  Liz asked Spirit.
“No, she’s dead but the spell isn’t broken like I thought.  Until I have my name back I cannot be free.  Yet, I feel like I’ve gotten closer.”  He said.
“We will find your name.”  Angel said and walked over to Ryoki to give him a hand.
“Thank you for saving us.”  She said.  He reached for her hand, but Kai stepped between them.  
“Kai, back off.  He saved our lives.”  Angel stated firmly.  
“He’s still one of them.”  Kai retorted and glared down at Ryoki.  
“So are you.”  Ryoki replied.  
“True, but I’m not a liar.”  Kai gave a nasty smirk.  
“What are you talking about?”  Angel asked as Spirit came over and helped Ryoki stand.  
“Why not show her who you really are?  I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough.”  Kai stated.  Ryoki glared at him.  “If you really want to join us then you have to be honest.”
“Kai, this is ridicules.  I already know who he is.”  Angel stated.  Kai and Ryoki stared at Angel.
“Oh this will be interesting.  What do you know?”  
“His name is Ryoki.  He’s the first born child of Akuma which makes him your brother.  Also, he saved our lives, and he’s caring.  He didn’t have a choice when it came to Akuma.”  
Ryoki frowned and looked back at Kai as Kai started laughing a hollow laugh and pointed at Ryoki.
“You think he’s caring!  He tried to kill me!”  
“I didn’t have a choice!”  Ryoki replied suddenly.  “At the time I was trapped by Akuma.  I had to know his plan to protect her!  He had to believe I was with him so he would show me his plan!  Now I know them, so I’m free to leave!”  he took a shaky step towards Kai.  
Kai stopped laughing and narrowed his eyes.  “So why would you risk your life to protect just her?”  his voice was harsh and low.  Angel stared at Ryoki with the only sound being the raindrops that hit the mud puddles.  
Ryoki slowly looked at Angel and frowned.  
“Please, you must understand.”  He looked at Kai and set his jaw.  “I did it because…”  Suddenly, his features began to change.  His muddy black hair became short.  His ears turned to human, and his eyes went from crimson to the soft dark color that caused Angel to gasped and cover her mouth with her hands.  Her eyes filled with tears as Ryo faced her.  
“…I love her.”  

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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Added on June 8, 2016
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Brittanie Bardwell
Brittanie Bardwell


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