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Red Strings of Fate

Red Strings of Fate

A Story by ♪Barklight♪

points of light in the night sky,
the tips of the needels that thread these strings together, conecting this univers?
tuggs from all directions. 
threaded through my heart and soul, ending in a loop around the little finger on my left hand.
connecting me to all those  i am one day destined to meet.
vibrations like guitar chords and piano strings dancing with every step i take,
the shaking in my soul is no accident,
picking up the songs of a thousand hearts.
who is it that needs my help?
who is it i will see again someday?
who is it i need to find?
who is it that will find me?
and who belongs to this special string?
the crimson red one whos song sings the loudest?
only fate knows the answer,
and only i can find it.

© 2018 ♪Barklight♪

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let me sing

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago


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1 Review
Added on June 7, 2013
Last Updated on April 4, 2018



Somewhere in a sweet little place with a beautiful soul beside me and a cup of tea, someday., A time rift

Hey, Barklight here. This is an account I havn't been on in years, can't remember why. It's nice to see everyone around again n look back on some of the memories so I guess I'll try cleaning the old .. more..