The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion

A Poem by Immortal

Isn't it interesting my dear
How a smile, a grin
from ear to ear
Can make everyone look away.

They come and they scrutinize
they examine and delve
and determine the size
Without ever knowing what is within.
In a way, it is like a sun
they take it for granted 
and accept it when the day is done
But how little they know about it.

Interesting, how no one cares to dig
to excavate and examine
and realize how big
It all really is. 

Not that they care of course.
They take it as it is, and leave it be
Not worrying that the source
may not be as big as they hoped it would be.

I look out, from within the hollow, empty halls
of the Last Bastion at the land beyond
the cheerful land that is kept out by these thick walls. 
No one is allowed in. 

My Bastion is big and it is strong.
Meant to last a thousand years past any other. 
The walls are thick and the hallways long,
made of rock and steel and Iron.

A final question is made
by myself to myself
In the wings that provide shade.
A question that I shall ponder for a thousand years past any other?

Where is the key. Where is the coal. Where is the heat. Where is the beat. 
This Last Bastion has no Heart.

© 2010 Immortal

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Added on June 7, 2010
Last Updated on June 7, 2010



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