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What are YOU afraid of?


Normal people have normal fears. They're afriad of things like; heights or spiders or the dark. But me on the other hand, well, I have always been terrified of carnival rides. Not carnival rides in genral. I'm afraid of them breaking down on me. With everyone I know, knowing this you'd think that they wouldn't have the balls to even suggest going to one. Then again, that's people who actually don't have a problem with me. Mallory, is not one of those people. As such, just as I turned on the water in Jason's bathroom to take a shower I heard her shrill voice. "Oh. My god," she began, "I had the best idea ever!" I could feel Ari's irritation growing by the second, she hated her just as much as I did. Without looking, I knew that Ari was laying on her stomach on Jason's bed, and he was sitting at the foot of his bed, head tilted back but know facing Mallory. "I was thinking, since the Fair is in town," oh sweet lord, I hoped that by some blind curtesy she wouldn't dare speak the words I dreaded come out of her mouth. Unfortunatley, I should have known better. "We should all go to the carnival!" She screamed. At that moment, my heart pounded with the power of a thousand beating drums. I stormed out of the shower, naked once again, with shampoo in my dark hair. "No, no, no, no, f*****g no. I am scared shitless of the rides and you f*****g know it, Mallory," I screamed at her, eyes narrowed. I can successfully say that if look could kill, she would be dead and burried right now.

Needless to say, we ended up going. Me and Ari standing on the sidelines, forced into holding every damn prize Jason won for her. That included everything from a gian, stuffed tiger to a itty-bitty, stuffed frog. Our arms could not carry anymore s**t. We watched as they went on every single ride known to mankind and some even know to monkeys. Finally, after riding the Zipper for the tenth time in a row, Jason came up to us. Arm wrapped tightly around that skinny little waist of hers. "Having fun?" I asked, trying to sound as happy as I could. Jason looked at me with the knowing gaze he has when he knows I'm faking. "MiMi come on," he said, pleadingly, "why don't you ride the Scrambler with me, at least once?" My jaw dropped. How could he ask me that? He knows I'm terrified of them. "Yeah," Mallory popped in, "come on, Mi," she pleaded. Since when in the f**k did she shorten my name? Did I even tell her she had the right to? F**k no, I didn't. "Jason," I looked at him my eyes unmoving, "you know I hate carnival rides." I wasn't going to budge on this. No way in hell was I getting on that death trap. Then he pulled my weakness on me; the puppy eyes. "Jas, no. Jason Heath Worthington, f**k that up the a*s, sideways." "With a monkey's banana?" Ari offered. I shook my head, "Worse," I said, "A f*****g broken, rusty spork."

I never could win against Jason. With that said, I went on the ride that would surely end my life with him. The conductor buckled us in and shut the door that would "secure" us inside the ride. That was the moment the ride began and my life flashed before my eyes. My heart pounded faster and faster, I began to hypervenalate. "You spineless, b*****d," I finally gathered enough courage to say, "She talked you into this so I would die, didn't she," it sounded like a question, but it wasn't. "Wait, what? No, she didn't. Why would you even think that?" He asked me as we passed a tree that I was sure would hit us. Tears began to stream down my pale cheeks with fear and I began to feel lightheaded from lack of air. "She't she," I said between gasps for air. I didn't even have to say it because the moment we whizzed past the gates, I saw the smirk on her face and I already knew the truth. It was just confirmed.

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Added on March 25, 2010
Last Updated on March 26, 2010
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