A Chapter by MiMi

What happens when all you've loved and known disappears?

In the time that passed, Jason did break it off with Mallory. But things never went back to normal. They got worse. Soon, my best friend seemed like a complete stranger. Just another face in the crowd. I never went to his house for an hour everyday after school. Never spent the night to avoid my family. But the thing was that it wasn't even just Jason anymore, Ari was a stranger too. My two best friends, that ones I thought I could rely on now gone. Each day I tried to blow it off, tell myself it didn't matter, that I don't care. Truth be told; I cared more that I could stand. Every night, I cried myself to sleep and woke up screaming. Whether it be them or something else I don't know. I just died inside. I was no longer MiMi Straight. I was just a lifeless shell of what I once was. Every day I would wake up and get dresses and go to school. Just going through the motions. It seemed to be over when I walked out of school and saw his black, hummer sitting in the usual spot it would be waiting for me in after school. But that all changed when Ari ran passed me, ramming into my shoulder and knocking me into the nearby brick wall as she climbed into Jason's hummer. After that...they sped off. Peeling out of the parking lot and leaving me there leaning against the wall, holding my shoulder. Climbing into my 1958, orange VW Rabbit I named Butch, I slammed the door. I slammed the heel of the palm of my hand into the grip on Butch's steering wheel, so frustrated with myself for letting this happen. What happened to us? We used to be inseprable and now...I don't even know. I wanted to blame everything on Mallory but I couldn't anymore. Mallor wasn't even an option anymore. Hell, she was completely out of the picture. So, I hung my head, making my hair fall in my face to hide the tears that were now falling down my cheeks. I promised myself I would never cry in public and yet there I was. Time passed and everyone waked out the front doors of the high school and into the parking lot. They walked right passed me, into their cars and drove off to wherever they were going.

© 2010 MiMi

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Pay no attention to grammar or spelling errors.

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Added on April 29, 2010
Last Updated on April 29, 2010
Tags: alone, friends, school, motions, car, away, tears, depression, home



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