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See for yourself..Wonderland isn't the same.


Moon woke up to find herself locked in small cage with little room to do anything. To her left was a young boy with flaming red hair. He was standing with his back turned towards her, grabbing the thick iron bars that kept them inside the small cage. Moon looked around the small space they had left. Finally, she laid her hand gently on his shoulder, which startled him. Her expression did not waver.

“Who are you?” the boy demanded of her, prepared for a fight just as much as she was. Touching him was making her tattoo of a crescent moon on the back of her left shoulder throb. She decided it was a sign that her was one of them like she was, a Child of the Moon. By the looks of him, she made the estimate that he couldn’t have been more than nine, maybe ten, years old. Which meant that he had no idea of what any of this meant.

“My name’s Moon,” she told him, “I’m here to help, I guess.”

Guessing was all she could do. The boy stared at her. His expression questioning.

“You guess?”

Moon laughed despite the situation they were in, “I suppose that wasn’t the right phrase.”

The boy kept his gaze on her, not moving. His green eyes were wide with wonder and yet scared of what might happen if they were to stay there.

“I can’t explain much right now, all I can tell you is that we need to get out of here. I’m in exactly the same position you are,” she said taking the cage in whole. She began to pull the thick bars in opposite directions, bending the bars as so they could fit through them.

“What’s your name?” she demanded trying to make it so she didn’t sound as harsh.

“Phoenix,” he said firmly.

“Well, Phoenix,” she began, “you go first.”

After they passed through the gap Moon made in the bar cage, she led them through several rooms that they had to sneak through to get passed guards who were guarding every possible entrance and

exit. She learned that he was nine, and had absolutely no idea what he was or what that meant to the people who brought them there. Once, out of the room they were in she began to briefly explain what had been explained to her at eleven.

“You have a ‘birth mark’ of a crescent moon, right?” He withdrew from her a little. Clearly scared of her now, “Don’t worry, I have one too. It’s not a ‘birth mark’ it’s a tattoo. That defines us as a sort of werewolf I guess.”

“A werewolf?”

“We’re called Children of the Moon. We can change into a wolf as long as our moon phase is shining on us. We’re important to these people, Phoenix. Very important,” she began to explain.

“But why?”

“We have what they don’t have. Affinities,” she finished.

Phoenix followed her silently for about a half hour, taking all this information in as they sneaked around corners trying to hide from whoever might be looking for them just in case someone noticed that they had escaped from their cage.

“Where are we going?” he finally asked her.

“To find the Resistance. I’ve only heard of it once but where there’s an evil organization, there’s bound to be a resistance after it, right?”

Finally, after five hours of sneaking around the building they were being kept in, Moon and Phoenix found themselves outside. Moon looked up at the dark sky to find that it was night. The moon was full and shown brightly down on the grass field they found themselves in. Moon closed her eyes and absorbed the moonlight, spreading her arms out as to get as much out of it as she could.

“I’m going to change, once I do, I want you to get on my back and hold on as tight as you can, okay?” she said turning her head to look at Phoenix. He nodded in agreement.

“So, this is your moon phase?” he asked her as the moonlight enveloped her in its light.

She was now a bright, shining form. Her human form began to shift and change into that of a wolf. Finally, she emerged from the light a small, but ride able, pure white wolf with crystal blue eyes. Doing as he was told, Phoenix silently got on the newly transformed Moon and wrapped his arms tightly around her neck. As soon as that was done, Moon ran off into the grassland.

Xavier, being the tallest of the four Hatters walked to the room of which the twins had brought the two captured. The room was dark and damp with the water damage Wonderland had dealt with the year before. Xavier walked over to the crank that would turn on the lights in the giant room and began to turn it. Once the lights were on, Xavier strolled up to the diminutive little cage that the captured were being held in. But once there, Xavier found that no one was there. They had somehow gotten out. They had escaped. Once the boss got ear of this somebody’s head would roll for this. That somebody would no doubt be him.

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