Fight For Me

Fight For Me

A Chapter by MiMi

There they were...standing before me. HAPPY.


The next few days were hectic. Renee had to work but the rest of the A-list took me out. We went everywhere. Walking along the street of New York or driving it didn't matter. But then one day as we walked down the street by the Hot Topic Renee was working at, Adam's phone vibrated. The caller ID reading Renee. I watched as Adam mouthed what Renee had sent, "Shield MiMi. Incoming." Then he pushed me towards Fiona, who pulled me into her arms with a knowing look from Adam. Apparently she understood something I didn't. Not five seconds later did Jason and Ari walk out of Hot Topic and in our path. The tears flooded my vision and a hard sob caught in my throat as I burried my face in Fiona's shoudler. I saw Adam walk up to Ari wth Blake in tow. Blake walked up to Jason, his shoulders pushed back. Adam took Ari aside and began talking to her calmly. She had a smug look on her face as if she had planned everything all along. Blake was trying to talk to Jason. That's what I kept my focus on.

Watching them talk was not my favorite thing to do. I buried my face deeper into Fiona's shoulder as my sobs grew harder and harder. Soon they began to shake my entire body and even hers as well. She stroked my hair soothingly, green eyes fixed on Adam and Blake. "Shhhh, it'll be okay, Dollface," she cooed using her own nickname for me. But I knew the truth. It wouldn't be okay. Not even close. I tried to read the words they were saying but I couldn't read their lips. Looking down, I saw that Blake's fists were clenching and unclenching. Not a good sign. Direction my attention back to their mouths I watched Blake's jaw clench. Things were about to get ugly. And fast.

Blake punched Jason with all of his strength as his knuckles collided with Jason's jaw. I heard the sickening crack as his nose broke. Jason had a very angelic face. But now his nose was broken. He had crossed a line ad Blake would make sure he paid for it. Whatever it was. Blake raised his fist again for another blow. Another sickening crack and Jason's jaw was broken as well. Before he could literally beat Jason dead, Adam glanced over just in time to see Blake raising his fist again. Adran over to him, grabbing his wrist just in time. He dragged Blake back to us without turning back. I didn't even know if I wanted to hear what Jason had said to piss Blake off that bad. He took me from Fiona, wrapping his arm around my waist protectively. At that moment, I was thankful for them. A huge wave of guilt hit me then. They care so much for me. They love me for me and never once asked me why I was back all of a sudden. They're my real friends and I abandoned them. Just like Jason and Ari abandoned me. I was no better than them.

© 2010 MiMi

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Added on June 5, 2010
Last Updated on June 5, 2010
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