The Dragon's Tale

The Dragon's Tale

A Poem by Baz

The story of Sir Percy and the Dragon...

There are those knights who look for fights
And act the fearless knave
Who roam the land with sword in hand
And count themselves as brave

But even those who freely chose
To live out on the trail
Are not that spry so as to try
To catch a dragon's tail

Now dragon tails are made of scales
As everyone's aware
But did you know what else can grow
Upon the beast back there?

The tail has spikes and when it strikes
There's none who can prevail
For none so struck have had the luck
To live to tell the tale
So when, one day, Sir Percy May
The brave and fearless knight
Had come to rest by a dragon's nest
To bed down for the night

He did not know his greatest foe
Had built her nest nearby
And so he slept, 'til the dragon crept
And Percy she did spy

Sir Percy snored 'til the dragon roared
And leapt out from the briar
Her teeth were bared, her nostrils flared
She blew a ball of fire!

Sir Percy leapt from where he slept
Awoken from a dream
Then he saw the beast, and to say the least
Poor Percy let a scream!

The dragon bent and ate his tent
And what is even worse
The mighty dragon ate his wagon
Then gobbled up his horse!

The 'brave' Sir Percy begged for mercy
Feeling small and frail
But the dragon laughed and with great craft
She bashed him with her tail!

The fearless knight, was sent in flight
Across the moor and then
Poor Percy May, I'm sad to say
Was never seen again...


© 2011 Baz

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Excellent! I absolutely love this! I'm still laughing, Mr Dahl mark 2! My little un's gonna love this mate, take caer, spence

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very well written. The rhymes are great as is the meter which can be difficult when telling a story. You always do a professional job in your writing and this is no exception. I give it 100.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Hey... this is a very well done, light-hearted verse. Good meter, good rhyme, tight story line. Really a nice job and entertaining.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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